Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Utility of Dimensionfree Constants

The Utility of Dimensionfree Constants

*1 The difference between subjecticity and objecticity (two types of information as in the last blogpost) is in its quasi-certainty a grounding (among others) for the substance of consciousness and its expression, for it contains useful meaning and information between both states of code reading. This is also the question of surface to volume analog differences in the geometry of natural dimensions as affecting ergonomic measurement. These of course can be the finer structure of shells.

*1b That the creative view of "quasar like objects" may not be observable when they are no longer part of a galaxy system is evidence of light let from the vacuum. (see recent articles on one such strange object).

*2 While looping (a feedback) via permutation-combination interplay in itself relative to existing or not in states does little to explain this possibility of meaning and information exhaustive conjugate systems- self-awareness amplifies the accelerated expansion as if a transcending looping relative to the concrete ground of existing extremes at a distance in the membrane shell hierarchy.

*3 The Quasi-free Principle of Plinthons:

A Plinthon as quasic pixel universe may contain a real or virtual idea or symbol and its parallels of its sub-parts in ascent or depth may or may not themselves be so parallel.

These may or may not shift from frames of implication and validity (for example a do-first node in an integrated path) or at some quasic basal level locked in independent loops, or such loops act as independent nodes for higher shells of quasi system stability.

These pixel ordered or self-referential nodes ground shell shielding of both matter as electric or magnetic in sign as if a positive absolute value of mirror matter.

*4 But the geometry globally is progressive as arithmetically intelligible and space totality wise intelligible. Notions in one view make computation as i or +/- 1 are averaged in the dimension-free space and is easier.

Nature tries too to simplify its i and +/- 1 signs in equations expressed.

*5 The creation field difference in opaque and lucid objects correspond or not via this double process of subjecticity or objecticity dimension-free (or -full or -less) encoding.

*6 Thus the scandal of other consciousness's in existentialism is solved somewhat. But this for our human experience (that can ask what of such a notion for God?)

*7 Lastly, Graphenome (graphene + genome) as an abstract mathematical and possibly a concrete entity in the string, in time, or on a sphere of 120 regions and mirrors- the 15 (and a 0 vibration for 16 as in the post of chatter box for a spacer on the mirror surface infinitesimal level) such that as if four bases determine the codon to be read we have the 120 + 120 + (16 - 8) = 248 of a positive Uranoidal quason symmetry. Thus each graphenon may be any of the 15 conway units (chl,oja,fem in my notation which can relate in space representation to 24 + 3 or 27 units (think soma cube). This as an ordering and symmetry idea for a reading as a DNA overcode by which we may also read them hidden in the 3 codon of 64 in formulation. (and so on positive and intelligibly.) Note the article in the science magazines that suggest a super graphene possible an atom thick but with the diamond lattice structure.

* * *

In the illustration above there is one such unit of graphenons--- CHL and all in a positive mirror along the genome string (of which the flipping to mirrors may have some effects on the direction reading for some products for an organism) But the information shown by this repeating is not useful information other than the existence of the geometric structure itself and its beading possibilities- in which case there could be a utility of binary subsystems relating to what does not have such useful information to that which may- a dimensionfree utility or quasi-utility of hierarchical information-meaning systems.

How large is the geometrical-stringy-genomic universe? Does it extend beyond cardinality and quasicity?

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  1. Pregenomes could in fact be something alike. Blue (dark) is paired with red (past) strings. The area and the volume is both counted.

    Look at the double split exp. with photons/phonons. Matter condensation is a mirror phenomen?

    It is good to be creative and playful too sometimes. Maybe I must read that Rowland book? His muon-pic may be quite realistic. Nowadays many theories seem to conjugate in a beautiful way. Maybe the unification is not just a dream?

  2. Hi Ulla,

    Just saw this comment. Thanks. I referred to you in my last post on this mirror idea. Perpendicularity and so on...

    It was a long time dream for some of us- even when the evidence was against it.

    Rowland is mostly Dirac's stuff save in the critical area of biology- I am still trying to understand some of it and it too is conjugate beauty- your posts are very informative.

    Thank you.