Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Godhead as Yada Yada Yada Physics

Godhead as Yada Yada Yada Physics

While the alphanumeric age, the Platonic conception as a point of philosophy as well as issues of mind and matter; the One worked out as far as making sense of what said we cannot describe so describe, work out the sciences of dust as well as heart as if the great panoramic vision of St. Origen long ago reached the apex as he gazed with Plotinus eyes into some future beyond the poetic energy of light from the first moment set in a sea of scenes skipping stones and tangled history and bitter sweet the revelation and the emptiness divined the sense of self and souls.

Transparency, it is hard for me not to see our current golden age of cosmology in its outline the same design of the world and our thought as a metaphor to religious ideas and he various struggles of concepts through history between them. Energy before it was a poetic word was some aspect from the gods- and pair production was after all the yada, female aspect of even the first warrior single god in succession leaving some ark after the great initial flood in Pieces of the pagans... until reduced to earthly states from the great nothingness to that of the small, we cannot decide if our prophets are mortal or gods- if we are holy or merely speck of melting snow like the so called highest One we gazing upon ourselves.

How do you not know this? That you can see deeply into another heart, feel the wounds in progress as they bleed their stigmatic skin? Dance, follow and be free in your fates more than the mere shifting of time? Find your finite self capable of self sacrifice for it is not possible that the light in our hearts vanishes even if it must walk the earth again or return with longing to melt into some Skyfather or emptiness- my soul is your soul to that extent- and a million lives at once- and into this kingdom to find the gates of Heaven we suffer and overcome a million lies on which our lot has fallen and curbed the joy of childhood.

Alas we are mortal, shoveling snow in a snowstorm against the wind for now anyway. It is not clear the next age is the long abused term "new paradigm" for science for that is a vague and confused question in the here and now and real of physics- for we cannot be dethroned into mere vanished ecstasy nor such places otherworldly- the paradigm is rather the comprehensive contemplations of this variegated way we will see better the world- and not from our own age of exodus and wilderness, of the cost to keep the eternal flame when our temples and great cities are crumbled and vanished, left to the feral cats and vermin, and the rock breaking roots of jungle vines- We will not fall into becoming an idol, nor lose ourselves thereby, not in our house of reason turn the Godhead into a fossil.

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