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The Teleoscope (Information, Entropy and Gravity) Theory)

Theory of the Telescope L. Edgar Otto 11-08-10

Over a decade since my manuscript Instruction and Being which left off with a theory I could not quite recall how I made it. I called it a teleOscope. I did find a more complicated way to achieve its principles. But now, with wider knowledge, and so much more from the scientists of our time explored, I imagine some of the weaknesses of the theory I have come to understand as possible explanations for what many propose as vague rather than mathematical principles. For example the looping strings and gravity, or gravity and entropy (as I am about to post this of what I have written last night I notice a very good post and insights on the fundamentals at Matti Pitkanin's blogspot:

For anyone who has perused this blog and tried to understand take special note of the ideas I am presenting here for I have found them most difficult to realize the implications more than the usual esoteric physics/metaphysics. In the reading between the lines is the mechanism of concern on the rings or lines of the encoding and decoding of information of the purposeful teleoscope. From the religious metaphor while there are possible models for intelligence and memory in design so thus within and outside time some intervention possible the ultimate state of the changing and laws of the universe are non-necessary in faiths of philosophy and science for matters of causality. In particular the difference in space structures of holograms and fractals across dimensions is a good grounding for much of the physics and foundations of its mathematical tools. In the sense that by this sort of holographic theory gravity is paradoxically an illusion- here from the confusion of permutations and combination's taken casually the illusion exists for fractal models too as the teleoscope will demonstrate for finite space group arithmetic. I note that all the virtual loops as in the quantum theory here also have a basis- not that some principles such as asymptotic freedom, in QXD or any other principles for such quantum-x theories which are taken in a sense as a foundation. Where gravity is in connected loops as a principle of branes and strings (that too a crude concept still to be explored) these fall out of the process as if gravity but more and a better generalization as if a gear work in its complexity to graph and predict the tides in any variable region of the seas.

The Trinity is said to be a great mystery, so too the triplication of particles (of which in a sense nature returns to oneness again in its teleoscoping) so too the three dimensions or three particle generations where space grows and changes in complexity that the proton is triplicate and three in one, immortal matter also the mystery.


*a A sequence of symbols any two adjacent can be a linear representation of a planar quasic depth and span.

*b The sequence as a number does not represent powers of bases intrinsically.

*c There is an accentuation (possibly to be further defined in relation to consciousness) at the binary point of quasic fields meeting in depth and span (which is a function that also can map all to all, none to none, one to one, many to one or one to many, in an intelligible manner) such that what is preceded by x can be followed by z (or other things) for a casual direction, not just zero and successors for an axiom as the only axiom.

[Working with the teleoscope trying to classify music themes (that is a sort of subjective useful information) was about the same time in 1974 that it dawned on me the hidden over-structure of the gene code. For the first teleoscope was four bases]

*d A logical mechanism that over an interval grounds causality and time.

*e A fractal into linear quasic and natural dimension difference (depth is span somewhere and in any micro region the laws can vary in sub-space or move uniformly together)which is perhaps a ground for the hologramic like effects.

*f A focusing of unique paths of information as useful.

*g The alpha x beta code of quasic axes is not just the factored half code in ways that the bits or signals (quantanglement, Penrose) in signal transmission can halve or double.

*h This is the 8D-4D formalism (or octonian-quaterion difference) that describes particles and their decay products.

*i Just as there is in a sense a shifting zero as a place holder but which does not begin at an origin (rather like Mayan zero, or the joker in the Tarrot cards)the structural field in depth and span shifts (under the generation tri-structure as a concrete shift- I do not mean that) we have a shifting of the infinity sign (if not transfinite values and transcendental measure of them otherwise)

*j Ultimate causality and information in matter of possibility and evidence is quasi-casually mechanically independent of and not necessarily (that is the shifting of the unity value, shiftings one, as creative cause.

*k The rings, radial or cylendrical, of teleoscoping space has ordered permutations fractally as the square of the quasic field space or square roots of such in functions.

*l Loops and gears in tide prediction machines is a generalization of linear or non-linear gravity and gravity-like ideas, that deal with sub-quasic space and not just the comprehensive compass of loop ideas or equivalence relativistic ideas as the design of gravity and creative field materialization's in general space. In general the sub-quasic shifting one fields explain entropy, time direction, decoherence and systems, and the asymmetry with reasonable conservation laws averaged over quasic states (perhaps this generalizes Pitkanen's sheet space and ties it more into stringy theory) of space itself and its sea of particles.

* * *

I add a better illustration for this post- perhaps build the dials of a telescope in which I use the 256 units in idempotent rings and so label some particular sequence of the original 64 units all of the notes KLMN a four base. It is as simple as the interface between the rings self draw a given theme or line if once labeled or told to do so. (however I recall some difficulty in that I needed to quasize the linear alpha and beta as well as the field itself quasized. This must be done without unclear or losing information- and the origin of a sequence or tone in a sense begins at one selected tone the the rest follow as if musical transposing. Need I add that the expression of the genome is also a teleoscoping process?

* * *

Later this afternoon: facebook status:

L. Edgar Otto
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L. Edgar Otto Well, time for a new project- what could be next? Yet, this time reaching the blank page I feel I have had a full and complete run. Shall we share dreams?

However, I thought I would add a little more to this page and notion after going back home. But to make a demonstration dial teleoscope (symbols Ts or as in the Russian ts with a horizontal stroke and two rising, also with three rising as in the Russian letter shch I recall? and with 4 strokes for the Chinese symbols for "the dishes" a four space salute to Pitakens geometric sheet theory though these are not as closely related as the symbols.) required a better working area to divide the circle into the number of binary parts to explore. But thinking about it I got some further insights (and a question as to was it needed to quasize the linear parts, that is KLMN becomes KMNL or with this confusing notation just be for the arts sake?

But I could use the 4x4 quasic grid at each place in the ts notation on the wheel which might be useful as already the what follows what is intrinsic to a two space or pixel picture, this in order to put more information on the dial of which the lines between the pixels collate the thematic tone information.

I, we, should not be lazy as to not try to look a little deeper beyond the joy of our first and fresh discoveries in our explorations and presentations- of course I may do a better job of communicating specific cases (in fact for an actual 12 tone system of music I toyed with back then I may now find one adequate thinking in the 12 natural dimensions.)

*m In a sense, in the quantanglement sense of Penrose in particular, we may describe teleoscoping as a quasi-majorana information system.

*n In a lower quasi-level Ts metaphor of what follows > the operation may exceed the accentuated alphanumeric ordering if the right sequences relate and apply.

*o We may distinguish 24 labels... in fact make use of the 24 on a ridgid A4 group rotation cube- for we can have sequences such as i sigma tau alpha for those rotations and reflections (not counting inversion for it is the same design).

*p Parallels by shift of the quasi-initial home tone may exist by base name (key chord name) shift as labels, reversals, frequency differences, or the generational shift over a quasic space.

*q The structure of what is "preceded by-is followed by: coheres from some existential (Zeno like) abstract motion point or decoheres.

*r The difference in the alpha or beta axes as a Ts linear space and of the product
of alpha x beta quasic plane may establish general differences over indefinite regions or modes of evolution over quasi-continuous quasi-casual logical space.

*s In a sense the idea of a constraint, and not simply in the same quasic level of a theory of compactification of natural dimensions nor their symmetry breaking is what I call "flagelation" and I supect Lubos the consistency or Pitaken the constraints- and other theorists with related ideas like this.

*t I note also that the fractal general reading of a theme or code can exchange on the nodes as if a point and not a stringy shift, or a self looping point for a sense of concrete materiality also- such that the laws of information reduction on the binary level of substitution into say the binary expansion of the golden section will preserve the teleoscoping general trends as well the fractal like nature of this number.

*u Again, the direction of the coherence as an averaging measure and its relation to ideas of whatever degrees of freedom in our dimensional concepts in some Euclidean or not shape of space may by a non-necessary relation historically to the sub-spaces of these entry or exits of preceded by- followed by is a difference in any parallel difference of quasic and natural dimensions that establishes being in the middle of things or expansion, and so on by the relative subspaces- in holography this is realized also up to some idea of minimums- not a vanishing as the most probable case of location of a transcendental point on a number line. Relative to what is this difference in the fractal and holographic any sense of direction or motion? But to emphasize this relaxed or "casual" directionality I usually label the x precedes y precedes z , x-y-z as y-z-x or y-x-z for perhaps useful variation- and this vaguely corresponds to early bra(c)ket formulation, but not to be confused as quantum theory postulates in itself.

*v Yet despite these variations and relevance's one may infer an overall sense of the unity of the universe maybe over such a movable clef even say of Cantorian relations which is intelligible enough to suggest we have covered much of a theory of everything- yet in a way it was a priori in vague scope all along in this generational organic conception anyway and not some total new states of universe.

*w (interruption... possible minor lost last thought here) These usually come back and who knows where they go- just as writing symbols at random and looking back over them some of their patterns unconsciously repeat with a frequency or not.

*x To put a tree of "bloopers or snowplex of them" together by accelerating numbers of branches so to fill all of mental space by brute calculation it is inevitable that the rings of them precipitate out like snowflakes and leave void in the space. If we find a simple formula that describes this that applies to a zillion cases it is not clear that establishing this formula is not a loop that precludes the enquiry into unnecessarily restricted spaces in some orientation relative to our consciousness or its reception to things as if a real engagement to matter that we may make a gap of such not useful void that precludes progress and over variation in our theories which should have been explored- for mind is in some ways much more general a concept in some time and places than these same laws of the cosmos itself.


  1. It is difficult to get the overall idea about what teleoscope is with one reading. In any case the idea seems to be that some kind of discreteness at fundamental level is realized. Does this mean that space-time is discrete or that only conscious experience is discrete by its finite measurement resolution is not quite clear to me. Aa a physicist with enormous respect on Poincare symmetry ;-) I regard the latter option as more attractive.

    Cognitive representations are certainly discrete and a fascinating problem of consciousness theories is to understand what might be the universal rules for the formation of these representations. Are there some universal codes and does genetic code represent such a code?

    One could also consider the possibility that the basic laws of physics could have the inherent property that they imply discreteness or finiteness in some sense. System would in some sense form representation of itself: this would mean self referentiality. For instance, if the number of solutions of field equations with given boundary conditions could be finite and if these representation provide a representation for the geometry of the "space-time sheet" only a finite amount of information analogous to what happens discretization would be represented physically.

    As a matter fact, the "generalized eigen modes of Chern-Simons operator" (must sound rather esoteric;-)) are actually localized to the strands of braid at 3-D light-like orbits of partonic 2-surface. Universe would be kind of topological quantum computer.

    Partonic 2-surfaces would be effectively replaced by collections of points. There is however a continuum of selections of these braids. A wave function in the space of choices of braids would give information about entire 2-surface. One might think that a quantum superposition of different choices of discrete subsets of a continuous set is the best realization for the notion of continuum that our quantum consciousness is able to achieve.

  2. Matti,

    Thank you for the comment. I find it very clear and interesting and on the frontier of our enquiry. I need to look up some of the technical terms before I can reply in detail.

    Some sort of computer and some sort of dealing with any discreteness at the fundamental level- clearly you understand the issues- I might add artfully too- not all math is only for the priesthood in its beauty but our birthright even if some original thinkers are isolated and lonely in their efforts outside of time's braids.

    The PeSla

  3. Esoteric physic was quite a good term :). The meaning of esoteric is exactly a secret language for a special group of people. But this kind of math is certainly mostly for the priesthood of physicists :)

    And I saw you had realized who/what is God. That means also the information, which could be seen as some kind of entropy. This new picture with asymptotic degrees of freedoms maybe could be something like that?

    Outside of times braids - sounds so poetically, maybe I do loan it some day. I like it.

  4. Matti,

    I am surprised when googling some of the terms in your comment you have the book on amazon. I think I would have been too shy to talk to you if I had known (as our technical language is so different- I more like Klein's than Lie Groups)

    "One might think that a quantum superposition of different choices of discrete subsets of a continuous set is the best realization for the notion of continuum"

    For now my reply can only be philosophical at perhaps the metaphysical foundations...more a look at arithmetic. Ulla's question strikes me as an important one on the "new picture- asymptotic degrees of freedom"

    I am not comfortable with some quantum ideas we now accept. But I agree and thing we are at least superconducting at room temperature quantum like supercomputer that can in theory but limited access directly other such consciousnesses.

    But I do not think things can just be points but rather a point string. Has it been decided in some ultimate notion that the quantum cat can be alive and dead at the same time? As I posted this thought in the next post- that is more than superposition in the world- for God as quantum cat nowhere yet everywhere as if we establish a theory without proof by induction for the finite and infinite?

    One must admire Dirac for his argument from philosophy in some stances.

    I do know some of the terms but have speculated a little deeper- beyond zero vectors. Beyond Hilbert or Configuration space- but certainly those ideas of space as the logical design of relativity still stand (maybe not all there is).

    note to Ulla: Shannon talked of entropy in language in the sense information and meaning are conjugate (and he made practical use of the idea too)

    I could draw braids literally with this new notation- but as in the chromosome do we imagine over some length the ends are bounded some way or another in its degrees of freedom?

    Thank you comments as it helps show where I need to make myself clearer and convey the thoughts better.

    I do sense of what I understand of your work it is very beautiful. I am not clear on what is original as all of it is to me now.

    I would ask how you are concerned with the three or four or even five space groundings?

    Esoteric? Well, if ten Newtonian dimensions are equivalent to four of the Einsteinian- most of us already have a problem with four!

    The PeSla

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  6. And then they say that the four are only illusions...

    The term dimension is so diffuse to me, meaning different things in math and physics, (take E8) even constants are talked of as dimensions. Dimensionful constants. Esoteric language, oh yeah :)