Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Quest for Simplicity

L. Edgar Otto
The mind of man is the brain of God. We seek the indescribable simplicity in the search for physical unity close to feeling it certainty. Footprints in snow season, all sizes, wheels, and paws going in both directions. My walk with the emanations everywhere, from nothing at some acorn fall, theophany as variable as thought, walking to the coffee shop, now only yet forever, my isolated soul in a sea of compassion.
Ed O'Brien Footprints in the Sand with Temps around 75-80 Degrees down here'ski. Please stay warm, & I'll see Ya'all in a week. Ed.
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L. Edgar Otto Yes, I had that thought too- used to the snow it can seem like sand sitting on a beach by the river in winter. It takes considerable wisdom to know if one is too cold. As long as my Florida Orange Juice didn't freeze with the river I felt as snug as a polar bear. So, that is where the sunshine went this last couple of weeks, with you:-)
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Ed O'Brien It's been gorgeous, but I'm just now getting some alertness and awareness back to be able to enjoy and acknowledge the Warmth & Sun!!! Ain't Melatonin and other trace Hormones Wonderful little buggers??!!

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Footprints in the Sand:
Re: Early Universe Was a Liquid.

Post by Lincoln on November 26th, 2010, 7:45 am

The gist is following. Protons and neutrons are neutral objects as concerns the strong nuclear force. If a quark zoomed by one of them, it wouldn't see it. So if you collide lead nuclei together and knock a quark out of a pair of protons and/or neutrons, this quark would scoot out of the collision unmolested and form a jet of particles. However, if you melt the nuclei so that the quarks inside the protons and neutrons are free to wander around, then this same quark will bounce into many quarks and slow down. If the medium of free quarks is dense enough, deep enough, and energetic enough, the quark will bounce around enough to not escape at all. This is the effect that has been observed.

A little explanation can be found in:

(type "quenching" in the search box.)

Re: Early Universe Was a Liquid.

Postby Lincoln on November 27th, 2010, 8:27 am

There is usually both experimental and theoretical Nobels for a discovery. See, for example, the Nobel's thus far for electroweak unification, discovery of antimatter, to a lesser extent neutrinos, quantum, etc.

I'm not nearly as confident as you seem to be that SUSY will require a lepton collider. The ILC will be a 0.5 or 1.0 TeV machine. The LHC is already a 7 TeV machine, eventually going to 14 TeV. I predict that SUSY will (or won't) be discovered at the LHC. But it won't be discovered at the ILC.

Disentangling extra dimensions and supersymmetry isn't all that hard experimentally.

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Footprints in the Snow:

We leave our footprints in the snow, become trackers seeking evidence heads bowed of activity and being setting trap lines. I walked to the coffee shop today and almost took a low resolution of the footprints along the path.

Tired the prophets and philosophers cannot understand as once they knew the masses needed metaphor as much as the fundamentals. Who am I to unify the metaphors that lurk in creation and physics through the ages as if a metaphor of God? The same old struggles and conclusions, deductions that the parallel worlds for all the consequence of believing in them are not unintelligible.

The contemplation on God, personal and ever more distant- the philosophers and more humane of the Prophets, Holy Plotinus who dwelt briefly in epiphany rare, and the directions each generation sees in its era of the history, fate and will, theophany that go in so many directions, sometimes retrograde, sometimes slash and burn the known others on the way to crusade the snowmen insist on the slave trade to Byzantium before they who subdued the chosen feel in conquest the right to be the darlings of the Old tribal and nameless God. What am I that I can see my own paths of reason and that the maze and labyrinth has been tread then thousand times before and reached as if individual and original the same conclusions? What point then the dialog and divisiveness between us in such matters?

I do not understand, what I imagine is understandable- all my words simple and yet on the frontier at times- algebra... why does the divine proportion have a negative inverse so that and it has a product of minus one? Are such negations real and as real as fluid and spinning things as we play with the quadratic signs in simpler space? Have some decided the hypothesis is rather: the brain of man is the mind of God? Can it be this a matter of debate as to if we can have at some real point the fourth root of minus sixteen? What points of creativity if that means anything scientific at relativistic origins or ongoing perpetual quantum emanations are concentric rings we paint on today's maps made by microscopes and telescopes? But it is beyond genius to be aware of our errors no matter how we feel standing naked before the waged for Heaven so give up the quest by reason, or naked before the Terror some feel, alienated from some walking on their feet just to know they exist in the action, or in search of their heart's desire with purpose.

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On the Sidewalk the Snow Eventually Evaporates:

This afternoon just read Lubos posts and comments on this blog:
I posted on this website today reaching it through Lubos:
BTW Ulla posted there also (nice pics of your grand kids, I too will become a grandpa and I too had a break over the holidays from all this speculative cosmology, thanks)

I have mixed feeling about the depth of this initial data and our interpretations of it from a philosophic viewpoint.

For one thing I feel Penrose is very solid in his cosmology and research and no one can call themselves a theoretical physicist who has not at least tried to understand his unique views. This was a brave speculation and one that if I make an analogy does not see the universe as a simple atom, inflating or cyclic or otherwise- but more like an atom with shells.

On the other hand we can take say a map of Mars and I believe because of the pocks and craters imagine on even a global scale that we see faces there. Try it.

But would we say the gods spoke the world into existence as gibberish? That something creative like black holes or beginning states of entropy have a definite place of origin looking back or that itself an illusion of perspective- circular because we look from the outside? Or is it that in a more general universe the laws of physics reach further than we have imagined, emanations averaged over the multiverse that does not make us special in all of seen creation on this planet as some now think?

Whatever the underlying truths, Penrose has offered us another falsifiable candidate along with inflation and the brane cycling model for cosmology. Perhaps every center beyond singularity is such a model and it goes far with our reasoning power beyond simple inflation or big bang ex nihilo debate in metaphysics. There are no black holes in one sense only black planes as such models argue over what is linear and what is circular as we work our equations around the same insights.

The PeSla

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And from this blog a mention of Penrose today: (and our perceptions as animals)

Oh, these adults are so serious about their psychological medications, and antidotes that they appear to some as a very long scroll of garlic hung round the neck, to ward off the uncertainty of perception, that to them is a bedrock of reality, whereas in reality. it is simply...not.
Perhaps the individual in a strange sense of evolution in my own rather admittedly "different" sense of the paranormal comes from Gurdjieff as well as Krishnamurti, as well as David Bohmn and Rodger Penrose , all of these individuals as fractals of the dance of the self and non-self I have noted, and yet none, much like the limits of my perception, can take the measure of the whole, and when paranormalists attempt to do so, I think their personal exposure limits come to the fore, wherein they have seen or have investigated so many strange events, that their self critical facilities are worn away like a rock in a rushing stream, so much so that, to them they begin a strange underpinning that anything is possible, if it is in human terms.

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