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Lampions IV Wellspring of New Metaphysics

Lampions IV Wellspring of New Metaphysics

I note this blog post by Kea? today and made this comment:


But if we resolve everything to matrices- from the quantum view is this not a discrete rather than a continuous wave physics?

For me, although it has been a long first intuition, I see particle exchange say between two nucleons as that literal duality say between a cube (hypercube) and a octahedron (8-cell).

I think we need some new metaphysics- a few deeper ideas than any of the old philosophers imagined.

But I shall return with comments when I follow your links and terms here.

The PeSla

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So on some level of abstract physics the issue of what is behind coincidences, the synchronicity of it all, or the seeming accident of it all, is the question of interest to physicists where such intelligible numbers match the dimensionless constants and so on. The issue, even in the Buddhist tenets, is one of the nature of cause and of uniqueness.

Buddhism in a sense is a scientific philosophy that is a counter to the ideas of Hinduism- yet both consider the ideas of reincarnation and movement with purpose to some higher form of enlightenment or liberation.

The Hindus. as in western philosophy, religions, have what the Buddhists call the peach pit core of a self- they say rather an onion in which the self or soul is a place to find emptiness. Of course different schools would claim both things are to be found and they make subtle distinctions when it comes to real and false perceptions. It is not clear the explanation for nirvana is enough for us mortals to understand- as metaphysics we may need better and new models if we are to apply it to physics. The "middle way" would say it an error to regard the proton materially for example as a peach pit. In Rowlands, his mentioning of a metaphysical principle used in his book, the meson and all not meson as vacuum I feel close to this philosophical principle of late Buddhism.

In my last lampion post I discussed the aggregate of particles (of which I tried to apply them to things like atoms and not just to the mental aspects of observation.) I mention that in terms of karma (energy) with purpose (that is the world not absurd) that over time and causality, responsibility in the will perhaps, that the same model of aggregates can apply to time also. Parts may be contiguous in time as well as space if, as even in the string theories, we show some directionality as to what touches what or will be caused or is caused by what (if indeed cause and effect are closely looked at as to if it means anything to say they are simultaneous.

But it is clear that these concepts, within one or many lives (or the one to one, many to many, many to one and so on...) we are not talking about a deeper metaphysics than what is intelligible and phenomenal in the background- it is in fact not a deep metaphysics of the singularity. But within its range, as if an interval that does not necessarily map a part of itself to infinity, an organic model really, a Zeno like interval of "distance" we keep open the possibility of absolutes and evolving teleology to residual properties past the gestalt fixing or existent past fact of some structure of which we may feel its properties objective.

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Refutation of External Objects (Cittamatra):

I quote:

"Because it is the basis [of all faults]. eliminating this [conception of a self of phenomena] reverses thorough conceptuality, i.e., the one hundred [eight conceptions of subject and object], etc.

Because it is the basis of all faults, when one eliminates the conception of a self of phenomena, it is said that one reverses through conceptuality, i.e., the one hundred eight conceptions of subject and object, twenty-two through obscurations, eleven assumptions of bad states, sixteen conceptions of self, etc. "

I find it amazing, even in my own Christian culture, how much time people take to go to a spiritual place to study philosophy? I mean so much of it is more of a study than a healing faith or fellowship. We do have the desire to learn I suppose.

I also find the complexity of such systems, Hindu and Buddhist and many others where they list certain things like numbers of heavens and hells and so on... Yet it also amazes me that these earlier thinkers came close or hit right on certain numbers that are important to modern physics, even string theories- 192 the important number for Plato, or in Egypt and Babylon the all important and sacred 240 which in 1964 was proven to be the number of eight dimensional spheres closed packed around a single one. Perhaps there is something in our human minds that intuitively makes sense of some numbers and their relationships to which we try to map or categorize notions in that intelligible format.

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Sometimes we can explore simple structures, as to how we have evolved to see or imagine a surface or plane and have results which show what the algebra would.

The unity of geometry and algebra goes deeper than our ideas of e to the i pi.

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