Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Super-Contiguous Universe

The Super-Contiguous Universe

I had only one thought and no relevant physics dreams last night, on the way to the coffee shop. The question again over similar properties of some subgroup of individuals- that question of identity and memory of an individual soul or universe (as if I am discussing here a relation somewhere not necessarily touching between things either in time or space- that unlike the vague contiguous philosophic and social question here- we ask as if a universal- are the disconnected regions in space and time fixed from some sort of view.

With respect to time this issue seems critical- It is a matter of the utmost bias to declare a law or principle of physics like the sum of path integrals the more general description of the universe in the sense it is said to have the unity of this law. The useful principle of the sum of past histories in quantum theory as that of path integrals assumes the model of realty it intends to prove by that principle. This is not to say that such quantum ideas are not part of the bigger picture.

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