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On the Intelligibility of the Standard Model

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Love is that which is an all encompassing distant nowhere, and whose single heart of nothingness is everywhere.

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If you were a contestant on Jeopardy, what brief life story would you tell Alex about?

L. Edgar Otto On leave from the Air Force in Great Yarmouth stranded after a Chicago Blues band promotion gig, walking on the beach by the North Sea on a cold morning, noticing the stones and shells with holes as the sea life rather sparce that place and time of year, I became interested in cosmic geometry and wrote an equation, alas, in the sand.

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Has an article coincidentally with my post for today.

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On the Intelligibility of the Standard Model

*1 my very first conception of the OMNIUM as a model of the general universe involved systems from infinitely long ago slowly taking on more structure until we reach a center or fulcrum and then the loss of structure until infinitely far away. We can see this as if we are here - an anthropic idea really if that makes a difference as a fulcrum of time, of some measure from an event in history, or from one's own ego perspective.

*2 but it now seems unclear to me, once these (poron, Zeno) structures come to be, that other global state possibilities may not continue in future time- even transcend the ontological nature and physics of this reality as if it perpendicular to everything as seems the absolute vacuum itself. Certainly, both ideas can be in effect as part of reality.

*3 clearly, even if the standard model proves less than adequate to describe the ultimate nature of particle physics, and even at this writing there are still deep unresolved speculations, it is useful for the above OMNIC model. In this sense the four fine structure constants (see Rowlands) and the ration that could be exact mass values, may be intimately associated with a "linear" Zeno distance of the classical radius of an electron and a presumed fixed Planck scale and light velocity interval. Thus where the distance is "external" and the dimensionless constants vary over time it indirectly works outside the observed phenomenal universal Zeno fixed quasi-established distance.

*4 we cannot expect praise and recognition from one notion anymore than from a detailed system of notions. Attainment of facts universally observed, vanishing as does the uniqueness in the obtaining is the norm of creative possibilities.

*5 the very question for the details of the standard model which in this theory may be empirically unverifiable on all scales and the math to describe things like quark or lepton mixing acts itself like this theory even beyond ideas of zero or infinity where they incur notions of vanishing.

*6 what are our cosmological models but reflections of our own organic structures (for ill or good as an earthling centered analogy). Inflation, even eternal inflation are like ideas of cancer in one organism or statements of rapid infant growth and growth spurts. The big bang is a notion also of conception. Loop ideas, chicken and egg. Recently this (my early Omnic) theory that fulcrum in embryonic development where most species at a certain time look the same has reached a more general understanding of the ontogeny and phylogeny of cell integration and differentiation.

*7 of course, string like theory, and add-on's after the fact proposals of matrix multiplication or cosmological constants, or even empirical mass values, the groups in particular, that after conception where an organism becomes and individual to be further differentiated into tissues, bones, nerves... rather than be divided into so many clones or twins- begins in mammals at 2^5, and the differentiation begins most likely beyond 2^8 cells.

*8 Ulla's question, a concern I've come back too many times - this (quantum? quasic? TGD?) new revolution in genetics, biology -for example the division of mind into multi-consciousnesses (personality numbers different in males and females as any kinetic-potential virality) may symbolically be mirrored in the topology and string group ideas of identity and individual total structure of chromosome number- each a copy or personality in itself - this, a little more complex than braids and chirality, majorana or not, massless or not, neutrino like systems. Although these describe dynamic growth over an OMNIUM. life and thought is in fact the reachin for and dealing with the question of unity of an organism as much as what can be its transcendent final state as in religion, if there are any such unique and different states.

*9 we may not admit "divine intervention or sustaining" along this newly defined arrow concept of time, but we may have such ideas to avail ourselves with in engagement to further creativity in the OMNIUM, to control our evolving and knowing of knowledge ourselves. God, as teacher and author, and the best of teachers expects his students (children) to surpass him (at least in these mundane earthly ways of physis.)

*10 as a technical footnote, in the rather fixed and real part of change over time in the OMNIUM, in matters of pairs of particles be one of the pair a vacuum and so on (see Rowlands) and if in a sense we regard some sort of perpendicularity as a vacuum, anti-matter, dark matter state and so on trying to find words that can communicate facts in our notions we may be justly proud of in the comprehending, that these also seem to be variations in discrete units like charge.

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I am not sure what the dream means. It was rather an animation and occasionally the planets would get out of phase or order and crash into each other in the center of the torus hole. But the interesting thing was also that the orbit, a figure 8 in relation to the torus, an O, were linked only in the sense of Borromean rings are so linked- this particular notion that of Whitehead. But is that not a useful way to think about the logic of variable conservations or not of three interlocked but bound rings? It was not as much a deep contemplative dream as perhaps a fascination with any such video as entertainment. But the animation was in space- perhaps it came from hot pepper cheese- or maybe reading that in a sense there are only particle pairs if we count the vacuum, and that leptons are in a sense free quarks. I begin to see this standard model as nothing more than a generalization of gravity itself as a force or particle concept. I am lucky my father taught me the difference between waves and particles, as a child, when my answer at first was they are obvious corpuscles- and of course the combination as duality, four dimensional possibilities due to the time, when mars was near, and Einstein had just died.

I also find two straws to make an edge (see photo last blogpost) are strong and have interesting but opposite global properties to the issue of fixed points and lines and space with friction or not, degrees of freedom and so on...

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Certainly the adapting to oxygen changed the world's climate.

These analogies to elements that replace other elements down the periodic table are after all the right clues to set up research experiments. Replacing Zn by Cd then Hg is important, or the health effects of Iodine and Cholorine replacement.

What if we replaced all the water by heavy water- if the organism lived it would be heavier and larger- isotopes make quite a difference.

BTW I am waiting for you take on the idea of the contribution of dust in the atmosphere (see science daily yesterday) in relation to climate, with new mathematical modeling.

Oh, well, she is not my type- brains is not the whole picture- but thanks for the puzzles post. sex, money, theories- guess two out of three ain't bad.

The PeSla
BTW I refer to this link again on dust in atmosphere :
[ ]

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Science Daily today has two related methane and metal molecular symmetry articles- Chemistry is alive and well...

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I still prefer to call the so-called dark matter the idea of opaque matter- but in what sense would someone want to modify Newton's or any other theory of gravity in light of these posts of poron or Zeno like ideas- Why should the halo of a galaxy be elliptical? From outside of such other space sphere (and from geometry the idea of a disc) is to be expected. Then again modification of even the Euclidean geometry or relativity as in Whitehead is but a theoretical stepping stone- and on the Einstein rings and bending of light as a prediction 1917, let us not forget his ideas of what we see thru the sphere of a star also! Certainly, the nature of topology- especially Euclidean, has to be explored further than currently done with cosmology and particle physics.[informal comments on various other articles recently- as and so forth...]

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I am not sure if it has relevance to your CKM matrix applications... But I saw a pattern between Conway's Matrix and perhaps non-standard uses of these decay ideas.
Please see today's post and scroll to the last photo entry.

The PeSla

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Interesting that with four generations so to speak, as in the dream, if they orbit figure 8 around a torus- that torus of genus 1 connects three objects to three other objects without crossing over lines. I assume that information can be compressed into a linear mode for some higher dimensions but it is tricky to do without the simpler idea of starting with a two space plane. Of course I am not talking about complex space here necessarily, and the fourth black and white k and w generation would be mixed further in the notation with new letter group like wk or rk kg ... for the same number as if we considered uu dd ss cc tt bb kk ww... for some interesting new variations of ways to braid in four and greater space. I wonder now if TGD uses this term braid the same way- my suggestion of it was various coordinates between different quasic space planes for a literal "teleoscoping" braid.
[let us style them "dreads"] but certainly there is an analog in particles and space to such principles say in DNA.]

From one point of view- in the ultimate randomness of momenta angles quantumly, we really should not think non-linearly as there are no gray groups if we reduce things down to the symmetries of things.

If we label the subcells of a hypercuble it equals 81, which of course can be broken down to 3 sets of 27 point labels just as a hypercube of 16 can be broken down into two cubes of 8 label points. What my illustrations above suggest is that we are working with the full set of hypercube subcells but the others are opaque in the application of such matrices...


Dequasic theory: the difference in the mixed angle mass between particle generations I imagine ud to sc is 1/4 and sc to tb is 1/16 they say then it follows that ud to tb is 64... now ud to gen2 gen3 gen4 gen5... goes 4 64 256 1024 and so on sc to tb is 16 and ud to tb or sc to wk is 64.

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