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Quasic Gravity Creative Workshop

Toward A Quasic Gravity Creative Science & Philosophy Workshop
What are the Differnces in the Theoretical Notions of Motl and Pitkanen for Unity in Physics as if A Theory of Everything? (Part 1).

Today Lubos and Matti have back to back posts (I need to read Lubos in more detail but I do see that he refers to an article of which I have to find again and I vaguely recall that this said the opposite of string theory's predictions for the idea. I shall get back here on that.) For me btw, I see multi-sheeted geometry as not that much different than the ideas of M and brane theory- The ideas of what gravity is for example I find even more absurd by the claims of things like super-gravity and how some limit the higher geometry of information theory. In fact the problems we seem to have and care about in our time of fertility in creativity is in fact this question of identity of configurations and families- a problem of philosophy to which blind love and lust keeps our common sense tribal and gives us false hope that the spirit of science can really be a universal thing. Those with higher care apparently should not expect the institutions and traditions of this world to be efficient and reasonable. They in turn will work ill in the world by neglect of what is possible- and will spawn violence by those who are marginalized yet can see them as they do not hide imposing ill on their fellows. But if we do not have a clear sense of organization of space and time- how can we hope to have a clear order and just society?

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Thomas said the new results also give experimental insight into predictions made using string theory, the mathematical construct uniting the classical world of gravity with quantum physics. String theorists have provided a lower bound for the ratio of the viscosity or fluid flow to the entropy, or disorder, in a strongly-interacting system. The new experiments measured both properties in the Fermi gas and showed that the gas minimum is between four and five times the string theorists' lower bound.

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From Lubo today: (The post, if we disregard the ranting on certain crackpot theorists, seems well written and informative- yet the over all effect seems to me to establish a hodgepodge of ideas that show us the understanding of one of us is incoherent. This is odd when Lubos does eventually appeal to the surprising simplicity of theory that apples to the physics. What is simpler than geometry? And while we are at it- black holes? With the barrage of obscure physics publications let us not forget the popular ones- ones in fact that suggest there can be white black relations of such holes inside wormholes inside larger and what I suggested as creative, black hole like entities. String theory should be generalized I suspect if it is to apply to such physics ultimately. At least is should have more refined notions.)

The omnipresence of very low-viscosity fluids in the observable world is one of the amazing victories of string theory. The value of the minimum viscosity seems to follow a universal formula that can be derived from quantum gravity - i.e. from string theory.

Viscosity in Strongly Interacting Quantum Field Theories from Black Hole Physics (PDF)
The paper defines all the concepts you need and derives the lower bound from the properties of a black hole in a higher-dimensional anti De Sitter space. The systems whose properties are captured by the stringy black hole picture are some of the dirtiest examples of "low-energy experimental physics" while the calculated bound resulted from some of the most formal investigations of "quantum gravity according to string theory".

Another fact contradicting the myths is that gases don't have a particularly low viscosity because the viscosity may be written as the product of the mean free path and the average molecular speed; the mean free path is very long for gases, so the viscosity isn't really low. Moreover, the entropy density of gases is pretty low so the viscosity-to-entropy ratio actually comes out very large for the gases.

* * * Note: As philosophy, and some physics, seems to be the refinement of terms let us form a section (most likely in in a new domain for arts and sciences next year) to clarify subtle points by popular and professional use of them or agreed use of them collectively (and quasi-contiguously) such as Lubos pointing out the difference in the perfect and super fluids- then to analyze the logic under the notions of such usage in a designed logic system. Can such analyzes in a scientific sense foresee directions and evolution of ideas for breakthrough research?

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Thanks for the article. I am still posting sometimes on the other bloggers and if you do not mind I would like to hash out these differences of everyone's perceptions. pesla.blogspot com.

I am not a fan of Kaluza-Klein theory but some concept of it applies.

Maxwell's ideas had a residual flux of sorts- are you discussing this?

I cannot say I understand exactly what gravity, supergravity and the like are- especially when one considers information structures.

ThePeSla who is a fan and especially agrees with section 3 above. How does gravity fit into this?

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