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Connectiket and Consecubra

Connectiket and Consecubra

Well, once working in Long Island a few of us decided to visit Bob Dylan in Woodstock. The first time we tried it we got lost on the Connecticut turnpikes that cost money even on the way back so we had to abandon the project for that weekend.
Eventually, we made it to his house and found him most friendly. It was in fact the day that Woodstock was happening- really fifty miles away from where he lived. So the concert in his honor was one he did not make it to either- we thought it would cost way too much to go to it anyway.

Well, not much happening with me during the 22" snowstorm (not seen here since 1890). But I had another minor thought and dream- something to do with that turnpike really, how we can get lost in the patterns and equations. And some of this comes from reading a couple of my fellow bloggers and links when you get right down to what passes for physics equations. Why all the restrictions that are repeated as if we lay persons cannot or have not read and understood the way things are? I was not asking for clarification but that some take a look at what seems to me a new direction for physics- or at least a suggestion that what was explained and done well in fact will seem as best obsolete- at worst and arrogance and myth.

The hyloscope is really a superior idea to questions as to if or not in one dimension some of this physics and metaphysics can explain things- and do so clearly. For there is no necessary condition that things are so linear- nor that where they are linear that these do not act together or fall under the same principles in a concert of direction and abstract motion.

There can be several operation definitions where these wind up sharing the same or near quasic region or space- the exclusion principle needs be only a quasi-principle on this middle level of statistics and the continuities in the multiverse-universe.

So what is a configuration or pattern, a connectiKET or configureKET or contiguKET can act together as if each possible path and direction is a shard configuration of a multiplicity of particles. Yes we can image the dark matter as the past of sorts or antimatter or filled vacua states and so on- but the principle is the same of the fundamental metaphysics: Things change, things persist the same. The BraKet notations of quantum theory apply to a quasic finite configuration of particles in the asymmetry and thus a direction can be interpreted or physically be consecutive as well as continuous in a distinctly defined evolving spaces.

In the virtual looking glass particles (of which we better start with quartic "pairs") these go in the same universe-real and complex direction. In the real we may say that there are properties such as gravity where things attract- but in the virtual space this may not be the case- dark matter may be attractive or neutral also and its alternative sign of space may be much wider in principle than the transfinite of realized matter in a quasic and natural field. Moreover the ratio of such assumed values is scaleless intrinsically and dimensionless and only perceived as a measure by the grasp of the quasic field concepts that transcend in notions the infinite and nothingness.

But this raises other metaphysical questions- such as can consciousness access itself- that is some operation :c: at some existential or local point that can be aware it is consciousness. But this is one of several possible operations and interpretations. Clearly with the connectiket concept we understand how we can define the quantum world in terms of pure consciousness. But does such consciousness need to be aware in that to some degree it is the front of the directionality in relation to memory thus the past? Can we in fact have a collective of matter and energy in a configuration that while alive, as with an organism, it can be said to be an intelligent design and fully aware?

So the deep question and biased philosophy in our time is the one of the way we may define not just the consciousness but the personality. (After all in the analysis of this reason some see quantum theory as consciousness I have shown that the concept of a Deity may be of a qualatatively different or higher substance than what we experience in many dimensions and physics and states of multiverse as human.) There seems to be a neurological (still vague to instrumentation) horizon by which about one percent of us have not fully developed the brain to be considered within the norm of what is real or what is hallucination. (It is not wise nor true to say our beliefs are relative and only as good as the state of beliefs in such people- for if that is true then certainly the doctors should have the intellect enough to imagine they are in error and not must go for the drugs or covering the symptoms.)

Thus we may at a certain quantum leap of intellect study the graphs and forms of a personality continuum. This, universally in animals that seem to sleep, may also be that borderline in the mind between awake and dreaming. In an analogy to the event horizons in cosmology we have the structures (not entirely holographic in connections of the nerves nor fractal where the DNA chemistry aligns).

If we reduce the notion of god to universe and reduce the intelligence of his personality we could say- we are God's dream. Not all dreams make sense or are not nightmares. But it is not so much the content of dreams but the process of their recovery- of which in the main there are physical mechanisms that mask the dreams in sleep. If then there is a dream horizon on a higher scale and mechanism across the universe of at least intelligible physics as creative physics then we have a direction of sorts at least in the short view of how things evolve and progress and do so with rational or predictable mechanisms.

Let us not forget the psi-plasm as if a spinning of one unique mind where the consciousness it not lost if the velocity goes beneath that of light. But such ideas are in very old books perhaps forgotten as was metaphysics in our universities for so long. By those terms we ask what happens when such plasma exceeds light speed. Just like radio antannae the mechanism of transmission is possible- but it needs not be so in terms of energy alone- there needs to be no distance in the action at a distance of such fields! These we all can empirically experience if we can discern what is real or not in the intuitive voices and reasoning we acknowledge.

In the illustration above we have a sphere of glass with irregular bubbles in it- but can you tell that if you had a few perfect bubbles (crystal balls of different colors) that the reflections you would see in them would look irregular like that?

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