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Contingency and Contiguity

Contingency and Contiguity (not to mention the recent philosophers by which I too have addressed linguistic issues and the great logical one of possible worlds in this age of discussion of the idea of multiverse. How have I chosen these universal thoughts looking from within at some frontier? Clearly the details of structure of the vacuum, as if the conclusion that is where our memory exists beyond the material and mental on the surface of things, is the grounding of deep metaphysics of what is real (short perhaps of some Heaven) that there can be an answer to some questions even the Buddah dismissed and this too is rational or intelligible to some point. Let us appeal also to the great point of Peirce- "by experience and experiment I mean the same thing." when it comes to the confusion or sorting out, especially in terms of modal logic, what is mental or physical and our stance on just how valuable is the metaphysics. Alas, for me the beginning of these writings in philosophychatforum emphasized Stereonometry as the next level or books of Aristotle (who still is with us in the world, with the Sunni world especially)- but such stereonometry is really the structures of the void.

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Earlier footnote,
December 6, 2010 :

I'm not ready to post next thoughts of which I had few last night- so I will temporary post something here- science daily links all relevant and on a day that such articles seem to me connected. My thoughts were mostly on the superiority of Metaphysics in our age despite its status among the physicists and social reductionists... The next post will be called Contingency and Contiguity. I may also include things toward the novel- a Mr. Peanut logo and how my father and mother met.

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You Were No Angel 4 :
Sleepy Home with Eve on Leave

Love that takes a long, long time and love at first sight. How often does the hero encounter a whif of young lass in the promise and fires of youth? Not that he thinks there is more than some vague attraction hidden under the desires that beckon him under her rag doll figure. She responds as well with a smile, a suspension of disbelief in the narrative stated at the beginning of a simple lyrical song that repeats a bit in the chorus, a spiritual thing potentially not based on lies, for no one has written the book of love when you get right down to thinking about it. He leaves her to her dreams and sense of belonging- and that is the best way to end a song, to leave something romantic and mysterious that our hearts in couriosity may figure out.

Who knows or even really cares what the future holds as Sleepy comes home on leave awhile from the Pacific war, still with a glorious head of hair and she looking like a red lipsticked actress in the flesh fallen out his own movie star, Monroe from the silver screen. He rests his rifle over his knees and feels he is a man with nobel purpose to save the world from its evils of conflict and scarcity. He thinks that she will do, maybe this is the trophie and reason he is fighting for, she may not be as far along in her grasp of the world, including its evils, in her philosophy- but this does not mean that in her own feminine ways she is not equal- even superior, just a differnce that drives the world in its outward appearences that as with the sunflowers or the arms of galaxies their spirials entwine, evolve, move with the possibilities of love awed looking skyward but mercifully private and the only island universe they know.

Sleepy was not amazed at seeing the earth from space- nor amazed more in the years to come at the caldron of starbirth from the Hubble photos. Yet, without it being said he and Eve knew deep down that in the swirl of their reels of their life movie and the soundtrack of their dreams that new stars were on the horizon. This as if a universal law that they did not need to look for simpler ones, nor question that their love was self-centered and self-causing, for in the accident of place and birth they knew love a gift, an uncaused cause.

It would be a long run before the evil hearted one intervened, and Eugene shed no tears for her even that she had licked the wounds of his father sleepy when their family died in his arms- for those who work and live a lie are the ones who wind up alone and bedridden in the end with their body failing and sick of sugar, just as their hearts failed in its parts and treatment of people- and Eugene did not know of such a one now part of some past states of his life who in her pain- she who hates her womb so much it bled both night and day- no one was even there to pull her plug.

We cannot know how things may turn out. How a chance encounter in the dark becomes a foundation of a deeper love and trust between lovers. The grass greener and yet what monsters may await us on the other side of the mountains as we hold hands thru the maze and tunnels of love. Nothing says there is perfection, that all will be smooth and easy- but do not doubt that passion cannot be a permament revolution provided our spirit tries, looks deeply into the soul of another even in the dim light of nothingness and lowered expectations, settling for less we imagine- for someone whom if we were not wounded in love would never look at in a thousand years nor give the time of day. All is fair in love and war they say- they who are alarmists to make shallow drama of the lie. Eugene thought he should have listened when Abagail said "Go away, I am not good enough for you." But that was another life, and in that life he prayed and thought he had the answer and the prophesy of all the stars to come to them. Love itself is that worthy of such a prayer and when the new lady smiled at him in the grocery store he was too battle scared to think of her as but a rag doll that knew no better- nor would he insist on the dancing and unrequited neighbor of her dreams that they meet- for she knew herself better than he, and not all people were worthy yet of prayers to themself if in their core they were wise enough and strong enough and true enough to be made of and survive long by love.

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Note on the post after this from Lubos and the degrees of freedom:

Not that people show so much stupidity, Lubos. But that our hearts are rather prone to a high degree of self deception which can seem reasonably intelligent. With what can you guarentee the necessity of some some necessary concept? Are you so sure we can imagine the infinite as not a unity or even a zero of degrees of freedom? Why are we limited to the natural base ln- could there not be a better and evolving physics? The issue is not so much about evolving consecutive things- nor is it about continuous things only- it is the contingency of things which between those is the contiguity of things- a whole new type of degrees of freedom. Why in your ideas of what fields mean over history is there in a sense the finite (and meaning in the binary bases as well) and why do people seem to see such things?

Let us hope the great promise with more freedom in the Czech republic finds new degrees of wisdom beyond the limitations of our past.

From the sight

I take this quote in regards to how we have leeway to view digital bases:

"The brain is a computing machine connected with a spirit. Consciousness is connected with one unity. A machine is composed of parts. The active intellect works on the passive intellect which somehow shadows what the former is doing and helps us as a medium. I don’t think the brain came in the Darwinian manner. In fact, it is disprovable. Simple mechanism can’t yield the brain. I think the basic elements of the universe are simple. Life force is a primitive element of the universe and it obeys certain laws of action. These laws are not simple, and they are not mechanical. "
-Godel, Originator of The Uncertainty Principle [I assume Godel making commentary on it]

In this article: why did they have to say this- I would not have needed to:

"It's important to emphasize that, even though this sounds a bit like astrology, it is not: it's seasonal biology!" McMahon added

I notice on philosophychatforum that the young "scientist" is no longer moderator of metaphysics (merged with epistimology!) but those who will not allow some sort of rational ideas are not the friends of metaphysics either- we are stupid not to at least realize this in ourself. Or maybe we think our rationalism has no underlying basis of some assumed biased philosophic agenda. Liebniz had a wider view of the digital and descrete, of language, of metaphysics, and I will not assume he was stupid to have these concerns- or he thought we just a computation of some sorts -Kepler, Einstein, Godel... perhaps one day even in their work we see as solid, they too will be called mystics. What was thought one philosophy of freedom was the opposite really- and one philosophy of method or science only useful like religion where it solves todays politics or philosophic concerns. There is more than one galaxy even when we do not need it to describle the laws of physics and the entropy, my young Einstein.

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