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Divisions of the Codon Compass

[By way of review so the explanation is not that hard to seach out- the illustration above uses four colors for the GUAT in a chain code. The compass (I call that because a phyisical circle made of such codons or amino acids on a different scale can be oriented to say one particular codon) suggests many interesting properties of how we read such information. I know there are ways to generate such chain codes but this one, not sure is unique, I dedeuced from "quasic" grids. It can be read in both directions. But the main reason I post this explanation is to let those interested in the possible biology applications to read the pegs every other peg in threes to get all 64 and only the 64 codon combinations. Otherwise it seems rather random. Now if something as intelligible as arithmetic behaves so why not some arrangement of material particles also at the ground of things intelligible? Why, for example, did the makers of the I Ching not extend it to 256 of 8 lines and beyond? Here we begin to put a more modern face, the group ideas, strings or whatever, to what was intuitive in human wisdom at the dawn of the alpha-numeric age.]

Divisions of the Codon Compass

Of course the idea of the parts and whole issue and the looked for transition from from classical and modern physics can assume a field in which the idea of force is really an aggregate of momentum effects (Rowlands). He adds that at some level the description would be an uncertainty as a quantum cloud. Rather than ask how or why the world reduces to a cloud of uncertainty, the question of how things remain rather fixed and computable, rational, not clearly answered seems as much a mystery.

A* Intelligibility, the simple arithmetic of the codon compass chain code of 64 elements, the codons or amino acids by three and five raises questions as would any such even divisions of n-adic coordinate space.

B* From the quasic view compared with string or TGD formalism, n-adic quasic space is the concrete and fundamental one of these three.

C* The remaining 60 codon triplets are divisible by 3, 4, and 5 significantly into spatial modes or vector concrete and real algebras as equivalent views. Thus 60/4 = 15 and 60/5 - 12 ( part of Dirac for 5 or ten space algebraic systems).

D* Motils observation of 29/31 in the algebra of the puzzle post suggests since a shift of an integer unit is involved a link to questions of pairs of consecutive primes.

E* We can imagine "folding" or protein conformal issues as connections (see Pitkanen) as if wormhole or tunnel and braid like objects between them.

F* The fractal eka-codon and field on the same Planck scale levels can be NP-hard or not (that is quasi-NP-hard) on logically (super-)imposed hierarchical levels and within the same field level.

G* The variation in quasic space also involves (from Motil's observation) angle considerations (in higher n-adic and quasic space if we assume field depth) beyond thous integrally transcendental and are thus "sophisticated" rather than explained by simpler space relations.

Gb* Let us observe that the velocity of light as a measure is set at a convention rather than an exact empirical measure. Let us consider that pi as a pure number does not change in the sense that pi of the sum of angles in a triangle can be imagined to change. But as Motil was concerned with the irrationality of 1/2 the square root of three- the area of an equilateral triangle compared with its side of e would have the height = pi approximately with an error of about two thousandths.

H* Subspace Planck photons between these n-ality, n-adic, n-dimensional quasic field spaces may add, detract, or replicate from such a field unity (even and mind or coherence of an organism as a whole and this explains the variation of energy-like structural effects (chirality and rotation) and scales standard models seem to preclude. "Dark photons in a physical sense may seem inherently "creative".

I* Braiding discretely can be a property of abstract quasic teleoscoping in the particle context as well the aggregate of the spin of the field itself. If in the Lie algebra we require partial handed groups in a system to explain particles the issue is more general and deeper than such mechanisms to realize or impose mass.

* * *

On Science Daily today: (So the creative view and general unity of such vacuum effects slowly eating the momentum of the data on all scales :-)) L.O.

"Evidence is growing black holes play role in galaxy formation"

"Black holes more active in the past"



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