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Consciousness as Focused Systems

Consciousness as Focused Systems

L. Edgar Otto    June 08, 2013

Consider this for the context of a physical system on science daily today:  Have we not worked on this viewpoint in our multidimensional informational mathematical physics topology all my alternative physics friends?  QED and kudos to you.

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*1    A comment posted on the state of Pitkanen's visison June 2013  and other things posted only as comments that contain relevant theories will be also posted here as reference (due to difficulties and changes of systems and more presence in the social networks to which communications do not always connect.)

I think it is clear in general that we have a sense of unity that begins to describe consciousness as some kind of structural system.  And it is complex and dynamic. I do not think of it as just an emerging phenomenon- emerging to what and to where?  But I am concerned with things more foundational than the quantum regime and depth of physical reality as uniqueness.

The shared principle of converging evolving toward the best or ideal among systems (such as life in a solar system or galaxy arising in some local chance configuration) as a unifying self referential system is pretty much an understood principle in one form or another in our physics in some parallel form (for yes conscious is at least a system and one moreover from my view and experience seems almost a model I can hold in my hand and understand in the abstract viewing)

The other principle you suggest here is the supersymmetry 101 as in the simple Don Lincoln's video on it from Fermi lab... or what I called the four way dialectic... four space in a sense but that only the beginning beyond say octonions in physics as I understand such higher abstract realms is that which p-adic spaces touch and explore.

Application of such systems say to things like "water memory" of we can touch or imagine them seem half distant in a vague context of such certainties we feel and feel as uniquely our own and stand toward as a center of awareness convinced of our theories of everything.

In this sense the phenomenon of the conscious system as physics we here address and explore as if half material or potential as energetic,    an abstract theory of nothingness- is of the same model description as of the Higgs.

Where do you think TGD may go or lead us from here?  I am sure your vision is sound and strong, in it secure enough to stand on its own outside of challenges of others and the main stream.  But how or by what mechanism (of things just outside experiment) can we convey the consciousness of this description as a phenomenon if someone else has to be in the phenomenon of awareness or consciousness of it?

In these deeper realms I come across papers on line and recently that do not seem to form simple ideas say of transfinite number embedded spaces in our consciousness like structures that
generalizes things to the other levels of differentiation (save the number of curves in a plane or brane on the second level). Our consciousness is wider in such abstractions and principles hidden in abstraction...

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