Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Inhabitable Social Gravity and Terra Firma Planets

Inhabitable Social Gravity and Terra Firma Planets

L. Edgar Otto                                      June 25, 2013

I recall thinking about the globe of the earth as a youth in the dawning of the space age that the land masses seemed to fit together and I imagined the absurd idea the continents shifted or floated over time which made it easy to accept the idea when the theory of plate tectonics came out a little later...why is it we doubt some things or get set in our understanding of them? What magic is it that the undercurrents of our intuitions in our developing models of the world evokes confidence and skepticism in the social gravity that stands on yet divides our universe into physical and subjective space?

In our great abstractions we touch in experiments and models and metaphor from a God's eye view of the expected unification of the physics - in particular in our day the unification as an appeal to what is concrete and what is fancy as the dynamics of string and of the more looping variety of our models we should take that intellectual leap we need to consider wider views.

It is quite an inevitable and powerful model to redefine the information inside a creative object like black holes as connected in a multiplicity of worm holes, more quantum like to that which is outside it on which presumably they consume the external momentum or have entangled information that shows where its goes yet standing on the only agreed physical mechanism, magnetism.

One theoreticians idea of the land over the seas seems to be another's paranormal intuition and that more experienced than many admit to consider to explain as science is another s myth of the loss land masses from the shifting of abstract dynamics of scale, shrinking or expanding earths, hollow earths, shadow earths on the other side of our year orbit as the anomalies of the pendulum swings to and the alignment of the planets, the once moon from somewhere external crashing to add its minerals to the mix.

Beneath some unreachable absolute zero the mirror makes real that in our firm ground we stand on what to the other side of such mirrors is after all to them their own myths of Atlantis.

The existence or wormholes, instantaneous or not, in multiplicity or solution to where does the information go? is a question a mind can ask thinking on the math and physics of black holes - but we still have to take the higher structural and dimensional view of what happens at and deeper than the evasive naked singularities in that they themselves have such mirror images as we adjust the energy scales as a similar dynamic system of such ideas of super-entanglement mutually invisible.

I find it natural therefore being proud of the early intuitions and thus a little bored in the quest and the familiarity of such abstractions to imagine the more standard ideas of space and time of the looping and structural space varieties as para-natural rather than just mystically paranormal as science.  Thus the analogs at the singularity of such multiple connections and entanglements exist in standard string space as to what can be concrete and firm or fanciful only in the real- nature is despite how we try to fit it in our understanding as if of our incomplete dreams.

I have spent a lot of times and many attempts to form a candle company so to have the materials to mold and study space by wax,  one attempt I called Raw Flug for it was about the time of the Gulf War.  It operated in the night shift with open creativity of design in contrast to the other shifts of Bright Acres candles.

Where our current physics needs to find such common ground and expanded designs and logic is this deeper understanding of what we are,. how it fits together, and how we think,  For the ultimate ideas of the string theory and the more usual field or guage physics can often meet if not be one place as natural physics and philosophy.

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This link from Bruce is worth considering from this wider abstract viewpoint.  I assume the reader is aware of the more standard links in arXiv and viXra concerning this as standard science as well where the role in many dimensions is creative as with Pitkanen and so on where that hidden but better defined is makes whole paradigms of alternative and new creative physics...new methods should address and predict the limits and restraints of physical scale and scaled experiments...  Did not one young man among us make excessive positrons and now that others have rivaled the larger colliders?  Of course we have not found a way to more than imagine we can do this on the scale of atoms on the cheap so that is still unconstrained imagination.

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Wednesday June 26, 2013    posted as a status on facebook:

God is that place whose center in the universe is close to the mystery hidden just past our one universe's creation as nowhere, yet in a multiverse circumference the super-symmetry is everywhere.

We exist in the thin atmosphere and its fogs and storms of weather each in the balances of the real and shadow that can be but half the view; that can unify yet isolate forever the paths we happen to believe or choose that falls upon us in space and time allotted us as if half passionate circumstance.

This is true of what is inside or by wormhole tunnels connecting the inside or outside (and that more freedom as to the information or its destiny) including the structured singularity that joins the dances of entanglement into ourselves or each other while the reel and music plays, builds past and future beyond the curtain rise or fall, encores and fades.

True this for the smallest motes of particles, independence or attractions of the light.  In this many way social gravity also in our minds and dreams.

I, Edgar, carved these runes to find it vague still but beautiful.  As well I dreamed this last night so with a better ax of obsidian stone tried again in finding something new to follow the grain time set down in ancient wood.

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