Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dialog with Hans on the Green Function

Dialog with Hans on the Green Function

L. Edgar Otto    June 23, 2013

On the viXra thread   Why I Like String Theory:

Hans, I am at a disadvantage in working out the applications of the calculus but I think I follow the spirit of it looking up the Greens function... do such differentials ground what is physical in the reality (surely this is where the idea of space and its dimensional values enter these kinds of equations) and this the "unreasonableness of mathematics some say corresponds to physics"?  Surely our ideas of symmetry as thermodynamics are deeper than that of our standard symmetries including the separation and what seems the old link between the complex spaces and the structural we see partial integration.  I see why you as I tend to see physics as still a wide open terrain even in steps and why you approach from a simpler level of physical structure.  But in a sense is our view of such things (including the Higgs as viewed to any limit of power that Mike just commented on.

In that we strive to bring unity as a model of the universe so the idea of supersymmetry vanishes, it the physical (natural) reality of it as well as our current limits of perceptions; at the frontier or face of such ideals what trace or diagonal of information that describes changes and ground of physical states corresponds exactly to the higher volumes as structural products.  Only the temporal sequences may raise questions of illusion or division into infinitesimal limits or divergences.  This evidently is a problem in the power of the calculus itself as a modeling tool to which we probe the universe and in a partial view we fancy a system of gain or loss of holographic information in the breaking of such regions of space- perhaps in deeper ideas of entanglement including wormholes or their mouths as such a region as you suggest and I hold true in the "quasic" view- a view that also strives to explain and wonder at why the universe has such irregularity when it could be simply crystalline.  In that case the identity of objects between each other certainly may simplify to your Hilbert program.  But is this all?

I saw a great photo from accuweather of the most clear of lakes to which the reflection on the bottom is mirrored on the surface and tried to express or modify it as more than simple limits of what we may contain or be limited to in a plane drawing.  I added the rows representing necessity or chance, order or freedom by three levels or flavors of particles in the simple half coincidental golden ratio of five objects.  Now, looking into the center of it we find a fourth region with only an ideal limit beyond potential infinity in the projection or the boundary of the photo itself is also a limit of the depth of field two ways as we imagine being at once inside or outside of it.

I will post it on my blog so you may see it- it is a little crude and free hand and uses Paint because I wanted to be close to the logic of such drawing...control the steps of it :-)

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