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The Blind Clock Maker

The Blind Clock Maker

L. Edgar Otto   Saturday, 15 June, 2013

If there are no necessary realities (as some sane ground for an open philosophy of science) then There is No Quantum World either... see Lubos excellent but filled with almost higher primate empathy for the views and uncertainty in others.

The classical world persists as if we are still fighting the plague and inheritance from the dark ages from one side or the other of an inverted but equivalent view of enlightenment and reformation from the long dead power of the church condemning the conspiracies of uncertainties of there sole European power awakened by the earlier Jihad Christian crusades so to find science and wisdom from the other end of reductionist monotheism in the peoples of the book all the way to the National Socialist cults  -now mind you such ongoing movements do have persistence at the core of history even if the mirrors of thinking seem a division of perceptions as part of a quantum world as social and biological schizophrenia as real or myth- as in the underworld throughout Europe... under the streets of Prague and say the truth or myths of Hitler's hoards of stolen gold or doomsday devices - these hidden dimensions of history covered up and crumbling beneath our cities buildt on swamps (Berlin, Mexico...) or in ancient craters forming the landscape as if water found in the shadows of Mercury so near the sun, what after all are powers of their day long gone or should be in the new unification and understand of science in our hopeful debates.

The holy grail of unified physics (note excellent History channel perspective I have found on television lately but even this as with all things should be seen as disinformation like our ideas of what energy we may find from some vibrating vacuum zero state or so dismiss it.) cannot ask which in the democracy or authoritarian or shadow guild worlds can come together as Christian or pagan as what is the ground for a non necessary reality of conflicting laws of power among peoples and states save the sense a unity of physics may be possible.

As old as Aegypt the creative forces awaken to our stances toward esoteric symbolism of sun worship or dark stars that we in the directed asymmetric motion hear as well the voices of the creator and his words or his angels of classical broken symmetries to which we cannot just leave the string theory as evidence nor be just half the face of understanding classical ideas of Adam at the height of the tree of life in Cabalism, Gnosticism, Sufism and so on by any other despotic or humanist faith up to quantum mysticism.

The reductionist compression as if the architecture of pyramids only to awaken thru the tension resolved by the flying buttress shows the engineers, soldiers, slaves, and all who built and designed the hidden chambers that point to histories current or recurring north stars are to be buried with their creation after completion that secrets are buried with them.

How do we discern what is myth - was Newton a crackpot to spend time on the Temple of Solomon, he enraptured by the sense of the importance in classical three space of the surrealistic approximation, and as even his laws of gravity an ideal for such approximations that we see the disturbance covered up unto death by the Pythagorean priesthood of the ratio of the square root of two nature's first classical secret
if we can rise to more general surreal calculus generalization so to incorporate in wider new physics unity what from our centered structure dispassionately at zero we see as science in the world this grail of variable but uniform multiverse and many world finger counts and evolving potential infinities?

How much have we abused the idea of a Blind Watchmaker as with Dawkins in the many layers of the genome and its culture bearing codes!  We self-referential ourselves as such selectors, quantum jumpers, time travelers, time binders and creators erecting civilization on the technology reached in the ideals of our clocks or melting clocks seeking resolution somewhere distant or connected in systems of singularity!

Is it fact or myth then or some truth in the deeper sense of treason's and tradition's that he who made the great Czech clock was blinded after he made it that one could not be made again... can the Deity make a Stradivarius with Stradivari or against even our creators we rise from difficult times and faiths to sacrifice unto martyrdom our selves and others in an all or nothing stance if lost then doomsday as what may be noble in new myths for each of us existentially we too half blind like Woden awaiting the twilight of the gods?

* * * * *
Quantum Mechanics should not be reduced in conception to ghosts in a machine that is the reality of the world either with or without some higher entity to save the play.  What the experiment cited and kudos to the attempt to do it despite the ideas it not remotely possible, in the cartoon on Lubos page discussed, is that we need a wider look, inter-dimensional and inter-group as our geometrical basis as to what is motion itself that can be understood in a new unified physics and expanded mathematics.  String theory does not address this unification or it cannot be shown in that fuzzy world of left over vibrations between the rationalism and the empiricism in the ways paradoxically imagined or models dismissed by Lubos at some zero grounding- nor should we dismiss the relativity with such new yet concrete reference frames to which the wider quantum laws do apply but not just as a unnameable unity as mystery.  Einstein knew better than to suggest this as if a fact of the extent of his wisdom.  And where fractal ideas as if a new creative relation to physical geometry are said to not be useful in the search for say new sources or explanation of energy beyond he classical ideas of wave forms in this cloudy realm supposed in speculation and limits of imagination we limit ourselves again to dismiss it without understanding.

But in the theme of this post wondering how we get thru life thinking second hand about such things as if a conspiracy of credible but nonnecessarily truth in soul's freedom can seem a dark star evil to another in the name of gods or science... and that is the source of human conflicts in the reality and uncertainty of models of our Will.  So many quantities of departed ghosts or ghosts that only make what remains and so little comprehension of the frontiers, the front where time and action count until we break the shell and learn to fly... but even an indifferent universe for those caught in one side of this mirror of mass belief inversion to the exclusion or destruction of others, perhaps all is necessary in the general quantum saying it is not forbidden... even if what is said rare in exotic phenomena turns out to be just as well the general grounding case equally less than what our minds are capable of in our evolving understanding.

* * * * *

There can be no progress toward a better stable and predictable world if it does not arise from an atmosphere of free interaction in the cosmic or social gravity where smaller and worthy groups and individuals have a chance to grow beyond the arbitrary shifts of 4 or more chaotic powers unto a unified method or theory.  fb status june 15

Aditya Kalapatapu Haven't you just described the world we are moving in?

L. Edgar Otto It is a little more subtle than that...more like the results of mutations arising as in chaos theory which with even three powers the predictability and stability of a global or part system is only 50-50. But are we seeing more freedom in the world? After the LHC nothing really was discovered new in the possible of what may be expected of the new "Higgs" at that limit for a total theory we have to think wider of a particle at least five fold. Ramanujan is a higher step on the way to a workable stable world as was our symbol of genius we say was Einstein. The deep question is indeed what it means to be moving in space or time... thanks for this comment!

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