Friday, June 21, 2013

Self-Referential Comment to the viXra Dialog

Self-Referential Comment to the viXra Dialog

L. Edgar Otto says:
June 20, 2013 at 8:18 pm

carlmott… I think I understand, read between the lines of what appears that you say… yes, we can look with benefit down to lower dimensions (including zero and null polytope roughly dimension -1… Dirac used the more two valued than the 4 valued system but knew of both… Hans considers such mathematical limitations and cites Baez on hypercomplex numbers (now in space alone what happens after 8 dimensions where the hypersphere fills the hypercube volume? what happens at nine dimensions? From our lower adjacent dimensional view the difference appears again.

Hans there is more to consider in the general reality than Hilbert and other such general spaces to which the mere diagonal dimensions taking time to expand do not capture the structural logic of the brane idea. If we can have biquaterions why not bioctonions… a neutral spin idea or value as a scalar if indeed it is a finite stepping stone (and yes Robert a general absolute structural continuity to which stings embedded is a fractal idea in the taking of natural time SR GR and QM as subspaces that may embed some string ideas.)

Hans, not sure if it is more than a statement of the problem but the key idea is in that first book link of yours which is the question in a neutral scalar particle defined as one and not directed path of many can be generally linear and thus the fifth view you suggest as Majorana-like. Why are there only 8 and not nine interger stepping gluons but for these reasons… at the exotic group of 8 dimensions where is the relativity if there is no distinction between intrinsic curvatures and flatland? Well, even Dirac mentioned new possibilities for some future QCD in the wider atom theory and the problems of how we measure the scales of quarks and so on. There is at singularity a region which is the initial one that contains these cancellations wherein on the face of it how can we say the Higgs is scalar then prove it can be seen or reasoned out without higher operational and symmetry concepts? How can we prove this to the satisfaction of all the theoreticians involved? Yet this region is a unit singularity that begins to project down levels including what we cannot be directly certain we can think about as an existing thought.

Now, before that one paper or link by decades if we can think in the embarrassing observation the universe is flat I found it a simple matter to covert 4 fold and 8 fold binary spaces of any base actually where the scalar neutral numbers do not depend on the base change (there is nothing to distinguish them but some abstract thought that raises our general comprehension.

If we are just chemicals, that is quantum creatures, the of course we are comfortable as being bilaterally symmetric…yet this could be biquaterion symmetric… or on a grounding level at the boundary of a jump if time is the stance as to what is the natural and real… are we not at least quadroquaternion or bioctonion in your sense? Now to see this merely rotate the cubic objects with your six hands! Wonder perhaps which is the inside or outside or even the divided Klein bottles. Your matrices, and a few by marni shepphard a couple of years ago were on the right path but these are not complete in the logic of how they apply (I miss that brilliant lady)… if there are particles in particles even at rest then why not the same for such matrices Jordan-like?

See the new black hole pictures (and Leo understand this creative symmetry idea as well Matti the deeper p-adic structure as if a finite fractal creativity or source. We can be seen as a tori as well if we turn the universe inside out… and so on to even more interesting and logical topology where the only restraints we need is our self-referential loops and what there is in nature despite our sense of what is reality.

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Note:   New Scientist has something highly relevant to the TGD blog of Matti Pitkanen

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