Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anthos - On the Wider Logic of Flowering Physics

Anthos -  On the Wider Logic of Flowering Physics

L. Edgar Otto    Thursday, 13 June, 2013

The independent discovery or extending of logic beyond Non-Euclidean geometries, beginning with Gauss thru Riemann to others said to sprout like the violets, independently, seems part of the greater trend in mathematical physics to which we read directly or perhaps from some general ubiquity within our thoughts our growing symbolic anthology.

So too the classification of crystals in the era ripe for what seems independent work in isolation and now inspired by new physics (how can anyone who comprehends the abstract reach of string theory not eventually consider deeper things even with the most unique language  I see Lubos is coming along as if the flower arrangement as he is prone to do and build a firewall against developments outside himself not seen nor influenced by others in this variable sea of new space considering the axiom that the laws of the universe are not uniform at least in our local patch of time and space in the cosmos where some evidence exists as observable there is more to count than the three standard and number of neutrinos?)

Of course such deep and subtle variability proposed for things like the fine structure constant could apply to shared conceptual space as well in the Young Frankenstein beer bubble chain reaction raspberry conception of a quasi-universe.

One that sees for now the striking idea of the Big Bang slowly fade into some sort of potential infinity if not rare isolated stability as the promise of one universal ubiquitous law again.  Yet is this not the case in the earlier debate of the count of protons sprouting close to the sea of singularity in the steady state universe?  Do we not in Western religious faiths condemn the sorcery and necromancy, the distinction from living spirits that broken souls redeemed perhaps by some future state to come that they are surely dead and in to transition, limbo, purgatory until some end?  How many archangels can dance on a pinhead to which our lives and he universe itself is the pin cushion, put together in what seems a shifting crystal lattice finding pins in a haystack?

Our doubts of what is concrete with a sense ultimate uncertainty of our individual event horizons and reference frames play this game of imaginary or evil voices to sort out this side of that core focus of singularity to the periphery of the simple sphere breath holds at a distance and makes a cosmic censor of our minds invisible to empty grounding not so far away in space and time at all.  Yet in these theories that suggest hidden things like dark matter and multiverse is not the simple paradox solved in time travel that the clones of a Shakespeare and his echos in parallel places requires somewhere an original Shakespeare...the illusion of some remote end or beginning of creation is compelling to our psyches even unto in such a variable world full of voids and distortions, illusions if not reasoned out what can be seen, that despite the immensity we may be more alone than on the face of it we reasonably should conclude.

We should for the sake of the design of space itself, the universe or for those who imagine a creator god, suspect any assumption or restrictions of free but necessary laws if these haunt us with dark scenarios of where our worlds may go into depressing disastrous ends telling us little more than what as living beings we know of the reason or purpose we seek wisdom and still are not wise enough to know this in the brief span and focus of our personal lifetime.  Such myths do not last while in some evolving, perhaps higher  form these dreams and nightmare scenarios like the universe its mimes in symbols and matter dance with close and nearly parallel as if everlasting unmoving so persists and gives us the almost resolution that cycles more than about we wise monkey's keeps our cyclic models on trucking, rocking.

Element 112 is named for he who would launch a scientific revolution but for the masses some centering erased in our clockwork models, far from the first extension of names for the planets and scientists more modern along the way- but whom in just the superficial view knows the simplicity and the details of his contribution buried in the legend that grows and grows apart, unwinding epicycles as if buried in some final law of physics that cannot tolerate a vacuum and abhors as much as in religious certainty blemishes on order and imperfection trickling down to us from the past or in the natural symbolic forms mystical or mathematical some have intuitively applied in neutral sleeping spirit to total theories of our modeled forms still in the higher struggle to select and survive.

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