Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Gathering of Dreams ( Form and Function Universe )

A Gathering of Dreams  ( Form and Function Universe )

L. Edgar Otto    June 1, 2013

In a sense the writing of a poem project on my new poetry domain  dreamikins.blogspot  com concerns a view of things that mulled over in my actual dreams led to this general concept with the idea of just where in the theoreticians I encounter on line lately their concepts fit in as if by their fruits we can know them- what part or wrinkle of a theory of everything.  Most consider the source of things as if a process, say fractal or multiversal inflation big bang like or contained with some relation to cycles.  Indeed the paper that first and formally linked the idea of black holes and dark matter to explore as a principle.  But for my part the realization after the frame of my quasic structure that applied to gene code reading understood in the next level that string theory as well as the ideas of black holes apply to organic models in an organic way.  Is Kant not relevant again considering the internet and its phenomena?  After the stars above and their laws is it just mystical to discuss or admire the moral laws within?  But of course as the universe moves thru the paradoxes of its tunnels of green garden like crossing here and now or in the ideal point parallels do at infinity, philosophy as a method is not that easily falsified.

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