Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quasic State Shift Structural Flavors Successive Real or Virtual over Omnic Time

Quasic State Shift Structural Flavors
Successive Real or Virtual over Omnic Time

L. Edgar Otto     22 June, 2013

On the face of it Pitkanen's idea of the doubling of the Earth's radius to explain the discontinuity in geological history or my idea of parallel evolving states of atoms as in iridium seeming external (thus asteroids etc...) in origin, both to explain mass extinctions or the explosion of diverse life  as if a given while there is let no solid explanation where the processes build or accrue over time, seems absurd and fantastic and with truth enough that while stuck in a particular hidden dark step or frame many speculations may sound reasonable so to attempt a theory of facts we can say is real only in what we touch or the touching is real elsewhere in the manyworld multiverse.

What makes it more complicated than we imagine, although we are creatures also of theory as well as perception it that the very structure and evolving of our brain and mind may go thru similar stages as to what is at the present state concrete in touch or prediction in virtual hidden spaces and that this state may shift as well from what we may feel comfortable with as a centered reality- the contemplation of which if understood may at first disorient us, self referential change us at the core until we rise to higher generalization of indefinite potential extent.

In our Lime Tree Bowers of metaphysical metaphor as to what is the more general theory from the intuitionist sense mathematically (no way yet in principle to tell what is the reality to be found or not behind the mirrors of beautiful minded theoreticians in all of us) I remind the old more relativistic guard toward the utility of strings in the debate that Weyl insisted the intuitionist had something worthwhile to contribute although the mass of an atom in consideration of its history as another idea considered spooky by Einstein as with all speculation down from a higher understanding Weyl's ideas seem to now have application.

What does it mean when some say there is only one monopole in the universe at a time we can make physical electronics as at least one pipe to convey away the magnetism in the sense Dirac suggested it - or as in the science fiction of Rudy Rucker three states where the hero eats successively the single quarks of three generations to find himself in a shifted new reality as tangible in the world?

The contemporary problem with physics that some see as chaos is that we need a more unified perceptual view with the unified physics to determine beyond a strict flow or sequence that is also a unifying theory across this skeleton of measure or illusion of shifting state generations.  Without it we can still evolve yet in that situation what is pure fantasy as well as what hold as pure fact can be used as tool to persuade so to direct people toward some theory of social gravity and mental health, to control the individuals as well the species collectively for what seems to me arbitrary, not seen even by the controllers with good intentions or not and risky consequences that can risk the board of the survival game.  Is there such a unity or not also an issue that at the quantum level is not forbidden... as Feynman said  what he cannot create ( imagine? ) is  ( unreal?  )  he does  not understand- all this limited by our quantum methods in our symbol systems until we find better ways to express our imagination as general design where sound in our logic systems.

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"What I cannot create, I do not understand." - Richard Feynman

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