Friday, June 28, 2013

Brain Power (a note for Phil Gibbs viXra topic)

Brain Power  (a note for Phil Gibbs viXra topic)

L. Edgar Otto     June 28, 2013

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Joel  there seems to be a number of things a human can do at once such as how many numbers memorized... say so many as if a pattern, a low number.  But there is a case where a radioman could send and receive 9 incoming and 9 outgoing Morse code messages at the same time.  Is this human intelligence any more than the rain man in recognizing say 60 base patterns more efficiently- that perhaps  a better intelligence or just a more general filing system as Feynman discusses in the video link Vladimir posted above on heuristics.

I was disappointed in that Feynman lecture save maybe for historical reasons- it makes me glad I did not get caught up in that last century of what is technology and physics- but the cost of this is that I find it hard to suspend belief that would make science fiction more enjoyable.  I expected Feynman would address it from a quantum viewpoint, not a matrix of a filing system of choice between a red and blue binary pill.  What is quantum theory but the bra and ket as a way to generate functions.  Still what is between it that some desire to keep an almost religious or cultural mystery is the c in bra(c)ket.

Now, Phil  your  brain power article and your own testimony of experience in using computers to solve a problem inside the the game of this programming thus apply it to say particle physics raises deep and parallel questions that are current to our day such as what is the use of all the data if big brother does not know how to use it or what can be kept secret with a purpose.

Lately the frontier is to map the brain but would that simulation turn our as such an artificial intelligence you ask?  Consider this from my view I did not know you could use the computers the way you described the way to view such filing systems and methods hauntingly similar as information processing goes than my own which is to say the patterns we need to find are a little more universal than from his view imagines.  His Tee shirt says a lot about structure but so much is lost as is gained in the translation to simplicity so we may fear ourselves in fearing the machines.

Now the values you sought for with your computer time come up with matrices in matrices which in the cloud view of quantum theory certainly suggests all the non-linearity as fuzziness to sort thru- but the numbers you find say as QCD are more general in pattern than simple reduced binary systems (regardless of imaginary number modeling which as you stated finds "chiral symmetry breaking".  So what if we then see the pattern of your results finding ten fold symmetry as in groups of say 5 dimensions...  The brain model to simulate would at least include the DNA and as we know it too is multilevel in the reading and not a simple genome nor isolated from its environment.  Where is the memory? Why do we need time in a static natural filing system?  Could we replicate the brain without it being in fact indistinguishable from a flesh and blood brain?

Lately we can transmit ten fold channels in fiber optics if we spin the light in them in transit... the symmetry of  the double helix comes to mind.  In a sense this level of complexity where biology meets the cosmic code does seem to say machines think and the universe could have a moral code within as dumb or insane matter on the outside.

The next generation of physic will be quite an amazing place, as Feynman said a knife can be used for good or ill.  I like what Kierkegaard said:  To the corkscrew the knife is crooked... the ultimate source is deeper than just the substance gained by moving files around as if it (intelligence defined) will emerge from our inadequate ideas of what is economics and democracy.

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