Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Social Implications of Hidden Polymorph Biological Physics

The Social Implications of Hidden Polymorph Biological Physics - Of Viruses and Venom

L. Edgar Otto     06 June, 2013

From a structural viewpoint the mechanisms of the range of changes we vaguely define as cancer, where I have related it to a more static vision of equivalent viewings of the same informational generational physics, is generalized in the context of the more dynamic aspects of quasic theory.

In the social gravity of the situation it occurs to me that the century old paradigm of medicine, as drug emphasized, may not realize dangers in assuming only the surface phenomena and symptoms of things - nor without such knowledge will we be able to undo the toxic harm we have done to ourselves and our world.  I imagine further that in what Nixon said 40 years ago was the moral equivalent of war, that if it is known without regard to the lives of the people these issues of toxicity, accumulating it seems, it is a trade off that shows little respect for the few unfortunate people.  So some cost risk excuse seeming reasonable in blind studies for the good of the greatest number, no right to privacy by our states under stress and conflict with the powers of global wealth in and for itself, the first victim of attempts to enlighten the people will be the suppression of the truly new science.

From the quasifinite view - We cannot think outside the box when the concept of a box is not a clear concept.

Essentially, we apply the disc or sphere phenomenon as that difference in the balances or development of morphogenic like tissue fields (conceived as Leonic in my 1965 speculations) of which the focusing of the how and non local information escaping say a tumor across hidden mirror spaces within the unity of an organism recognizes its place in the body chemistry globally and at a distance.

Heretofore, I supposed that between quasic generations as in the particle generations that a fully balanced and functional but different arrangement of cells is possible but occasionally may develop differently as if the proper unity in a differentiation- that or as metastasis is like the spiraling jets of natures structures starts as in star formation, new birth process over time of say stars, germ cells, and the speculation perhaps on "baby universes".  After the questionable hearing of the talk show last night and that theory of 1910 of the placenta as if a mirror to the fetus I awakened with this thought- and while most of my writing or comments have been done lately in real time and on line I took the time to come back to the blog to update this.  It was an obvious step more to the general idea in our more general alternative physics.

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This delightful simple video shows something like the spherical harmonics in a developing hierarchical system of actions and reactions... how far does it go?  I did not know things did this while I did know one more drop in slow motion comes out of a water drop splashing.   Now, in any terms of physics what are the formulas that would have predicted or described such a phenomenon?

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