Thursday, June 6, 2013

Structure is Motion, Consciousness Focusing of Command

Structure is Motion, Consciousness Focusing of Command   

L. Edgar Otto  [note VIXRA visitors... the link to simple water drop video in the previous post along with relevant content that raises issues in this one...]

06 June, 2013

*In Measurement Anti-teleology is not always Teleology and
point viewed dimension systems indicate the direction toward but is not the substance of consciousness which finds itself in the decision focusing as reaction or command.

*Physics is not as rigid in concepts to divide phenomena equally in the reduction to concepts like symmetry or curvature over transfinite dimensions and divisions.  In this sense, and in teleology infinite sets may cancel out half the time but this is beyond the classical questions of structure left behind from what quantum theory cannot completely address.

*We do not rigidly trade the concept of awareness as illusion with the concept of mass, motion or time as illusion- the quasic physics is an inherent unity but the unity expected by today's physics, quantum and qlassical, is that which can be the only thing left, along with the contradictions as if the rigidity of both physics are balanced and everything.

*The next level of generalization exceeds even that to which the issues of quantum-gravity finds excessively narrow in scope.  Many questions vanish completely if ask in the wider and deeper light of new physics as do earlier naive assumptions about the design and awareness in such matters.

*The surface of a given in the main certainty of that contained itself a disks or surface as if sunspots where physics as matter resolves its balances and signs...the earth to a great extent as weather and more is as much a unified and seeming living and aware system as any of its local changes in the wind or waves...  He who by scale alone or count of stars and galaxies, of the unrestrained idea of multiverses, cannot with scientific honesty say we are not the center of the universe in the sense of natural design phenomena to which our consciousness may transcend our first impressions of dimensions, operations, groups or machines.

*But no social totality such as a state or corporation or cult of individuality as if with the strength of the gods, can claim unity with unique and global value as a center of a social gravity for long.

*Teleological differences in physics is trivial, yet the difference between anti-teleology and ateleology is everything.  The Teleomnium transcends these questions of free will and determinism.  But can conscious things?

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