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Social Gravity Consequences of Our Polytopal Consciousness Model

Social Gravity Consequences of Our Polytopal Consciousness Model
and Openness or Privacy in Internet Private Intellectual Property

L. Edgar Otto    June 10,  2013

It seems clear to me that we have to be more aware of the powerful changes around us for things deep in the background, as with all concepts of hidden symmetry that on one level can convert dual things like waves and particles or matter.  I have to think about this more but it does widen my perspective to have at least this more general theory as to what is, what can be, and what we believe.  As in the hidden effects of things like modifying food or our genome or the economy of states and corporations, it is important we understand the technology as mechanism that as usual science is a two edged sword that cannot always foresee things in the dark of our tinkering.  Not all of it is bad... but openness in and of itself does not guarantee that those promising this are those who on the face of it are the protectors of the internet or property.  The virtual world  comes home to this question of what we are but on a heretofore hidden higher level.

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When some things can be cancelled as in the series sum -1+1-1+1... alternately as zero or one depending on how you look at it we can cloak information over time what is 1 or 0 half the time... this is the genius of Newton in extending Pascal's triangle to negative values... and it is intimate also to ideas such as of Dirac that a negative vacuum may be filled up despite in measurement we may extend things as if complex numbers or not in the foundational quasi-absolute equations.   (this was a stray physics thought I had last night...but brought it more together- if indeed the distinctions are more universal than simply Euclidean or Non-Euclidean aspects of topological description... I also see the obvious in how people behave in specific genome or hormone situations with certainty even with the usual differences between generations of which the divide seems to be growing lately- certainly the crimes of the actual behavior do not carry the penalties of those of our perceived intent many times over...  But this sort of thing that nullifies local laws or brings them into the determinism of a higher system cannot stand as merely a unified world order, mathematically.

This rings a bell on science daily today with me- but we all know or feel this I imagine.

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 Mentioned in side chat in passing to Marcus:

my status today is trying to say that I find my mind in a good place as physics catches up to my intuitions from long ago but it is a spooky time travel like experience of which it is good to know it may not last  but in our time we should enjoy the scene like the friends we knew back when even if they have changed

and as a comment to this post of June 11-12 2013 :

Walking thru town, my usual rounds, I am struck as if I could have foreseen that what is talked about of the universe more and more fits my outrageous early thoughts now long time familiar friends- and they grow closer to that vision wherever like the poems it may come from. I have traveled over time but if I could have jumped to now from then I would be so surprised how natural the vision fits and for awhile can bask in its light... how very wonderful our depths of body and mind, how very wide the promise that if we have sense at all we would not desire to risk or waste it for lesser realities of our dreams. Knowledge is the thru power and openness the safest ground... not the anguish of paper thin credentials or empty social rewards we imagine as education.

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Today also Leo Vuyk shared and commented on this science daily article in relation to what seems a natural intuition shared by the deeper theoreticians and my footnote to this comment he made to the link:

Dark Matter black holes (located outside the galaxy) also produce hydrogen gas according to Quantum FFF theory.

L. Edgar Otto Star formation appears to slow down, in the one universe a general direction to which we may imagine galaxy formation intimate with the structures of black hole formation over time... or perhaps a steady state universe where in Hoyle's creation field planets same in content at some radius from a star in the depths of space new protons arise to compensate expansion...I think also of the new forms of ice that reference void or hollow regions where in the rigidity protons may move around.

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