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Beyond the Post Modern Physics Theory Wars

It may be that we know what side our bread is buttered on and so in ignorance or deliberately defend ideas that we might suspect if we looked deeper those with no good reason to keep faith in. Maybe in a sense it is a culture as well as a class war, those who have college and a formal credential and those who do not. The question is if in our hands the falcon of expanding knowledge of technology and the foundations of theory and experiment are about to take flight to some endless or final frontier. My eyes begin to see the world from the falcon's viewpoint as I struggle to address the subject itself considering all inputs of data and reason that I may perceive. Physics can be a lonely place and a creative place. It is a political place evidently of harsh kampf and mandated impositions of the vague word democracy. How do we know what is given? What of measure is ultimately not dethroned? What other than our raw instincts is justice? I speak to you as one without such education nor bread and butter. A fool for the spiraling flight and mission and the science and philosophy for its own sake always soon to come down to earth if we strive for honesty in our visions.

We creative scientists may speak almost the same words and have a lot to say about the world and science, claim what is ancient and sacred or make it a charge of postmodernism (feminism Lubos?) Is the metatron cube not that of Plato? Is the I ching not a binary system we take to have mathematical and not just uses of divination? Who among our saints of science has not had mystical theories or purposes we would rather not mention- Newton, Kepler, Eddington, Tesla and so on. How can we not try to understand that aspect of our human mind if we refuse to look at it and discuss it rationally if it can be- why do we believe what we do?

I will post a little less for awhile as I toughly read Peter Rowlands book at the point of uncanny agreement of significant models (especially of the nature of the genome code). I also see no problem with a four fold spacetime model and more as part of the picture. I find a pattern in the reasoning that is reasoning, gravity I felt an independent thing to other forces, and that can be quantized on that higher level I suspect (would it benefit anyone to debate this on the next level and how many physics are there? Surely we can continue making links and things clear, survey the field with doubt as well as acceptance of all inputs.) I find in the general reasoning a lot of Ken Wilbur's rather zen like holon structures but then I have seen the wisdom at least of the beginning of those tenets- it seems the followers or some guru are the ones to go beyond in dogma to apply more than the author modestly meant.

Oddly, and as I said an uncanny experience to be a part of this shift of time which I see in part going beyond the post modern era indeed if not the post alphanumeric age, that which I uniquely or collectively have encountered or become quantangled with in the consciousness of others. What is a fermion against the sea of Diracian negative filled vacuum space but in the consciousness form of quantum theory but the ideas of galatomic and his ecotoms or rrushius and his chaos? Or if we recall pointloop who left our forum saying this was not how he wanted to spend his retirement fighting other who apparently refused to discuss or understand, the ideas of a discrete arrow of time around the space coordinates- certainly chirality and parity need much deeper treatment in all our spaces, complex, phase or otherwise. Yes, we need a better word than dimensionality as I has planed to use it. Well, we can already see that some who scoff at certain ideas seem to know that they are a threat to their worldview and assertions, especially of zero point ideas and of the varieties as Rowlands carefully mentions of the Casmir forces (are they not the inverse forth power, is that not a metabolism analog of sorts?)

* * * (more later here perhaps as the train of thought was interrupted) I want to make it explicit again that I see the human bilaterally symmetric organism not just as an integrated continuum on various levels say the subatomic in an intelligible system but as a flanged (by this I do not mean shadow polytope nor compactified dimensions)
and n-dimensional. Ideas of both black holes and string theories apply- but I did not know how radical these ideas would seem nor that others think about them.
* * *

I must say, for honesty's sake, that some of the things early on which I could find no literature about so for awhile wrote them off to some sort of sci fi dream, that the idea of quarks and anti-quarks came in a dream as well the reasoned need for certain nodes in a crystal like universe I independently called Quasic, so Quasars. This is quite a claim I imagine but as the world looks more and more like my little mole hill of reasoning growing to the only volcano game in town, I understand we have a shared dream and can decide what is valid or not and why.

* * *

The House of Two seemed like a mythical law of nature in time as well as space when I found myself living again in a place I swore I never would again- or encounters with people second time around- that is until I broke out of the shell of the event horizons and the binding force of ghosts and light.

Yes, the role of the factor 2, the action with real or virtual reaction, Peter Rowlands, is a foundational if not fundamental realization but maybe not just from the nature of three space so limited and fundamental as that seems, so down pat, so making sense of the values to generate the nest of Plato's solids. In the physical construction of things because of the footnote of a small angle I assume the author knows one cannot Euclideanly put five tetrahedra together making the 10 faced deltaheron and its symmetries- so much the geometry seems magical and bewitches us. What then of these irrational values? What then of the brilliant argument that we need no second level but that it is given in the formalism of Dirac?

There is room for the non-linear and other explanations for three space and the three generations among all of Gods possible choices of strings and so on.

It is suggestive that we have four left over codons of the 64 of Dirac's algebra but is this a decisive and world view transforming communication of the final foundation of the physics? It is interesting that there are 84 hexagrams of the I ching but only 60 of them correspond to the days in the year one day per line. Four are excluded that represent the seasons and together they have 24 + 360 = 384 which is the rotations of the hypercube and twice Plato's sacred alternative group number. Where the ancient Chinese far ahead of us or the tenfold wings some accident say of the number of our fingers and toes? Quaternion algebra is not quite enough, and let us realize also that after the properties of algebra are exhausted as octonians and at zero a sixth null dihedron of the five has its place as if a more deeper particle that is a nil creator of a null vacuum- the universe as we see it as a whole at zero nee infinity that between them in a symmetry well beyond the plateau of string theories and measure- we find, inductively, at least commutativity again.

As vaporous and abstract as these ideas perhaps from the bottom up in ladders of Conway like abstraction- maybe there is a true metaphysics after all far beyond our quaint and difficult physical interpretations of the nothingness as generative. I have in a way placed what you have, Peter Rowlands, more in the center or between rather than some fermion singularity view of itself and the rest of the universe.

As far as a coordinate of time or mass or whatever it does not "know" what dimension or what space it is in, so to speak. Non-linearity begets linearity as well as is generated by it- but as Berkely said- if we have such ghosts of departed quantities, those in his day, who will scoff as some things of a religious nature if one can believe such things?

The Pesla

* * *

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