Friday, April 9, 2010

Physics, Metaphysics, Stereonometry - (Aristotle)

I got a reply from Peter Rowlands but am not sure email is appropriate to post without permission. I feel quite honored because of the quality of the work even if we do not know the person. Since I tried on the philosophychatforum blog to recreate the evolution of science in speculation, to imagine from the ancient Greeks to the present day, as if Aristotle with his physics then metaphysics and what could be lost in the next book of the series, Stereonometry. Then again little of work survives the burnings and landfill. I post today with not much profoundly new to say save the picture of the Brown Dwarf nearby star which seems to draw ones eyes into it by the colors from all directions. I am a nearby brown dwarf compared to the giants but did not know how close the mountaintop nor how light the load and gentle the learning curve. Today on new scientist one can still find the articles I referred to which in a sense, involving quasars and matrices can be some sort of geometrical evidence of intelligible information from cosmology.
Hey, sciencechatforum especially those with biochemistry that see it all as just a string of chemicals that only make sense in a context and on but one level of effects and not an integrated whole- how can you look at these formulas of Rowlands and claim there is a dialog about something and not his doing something about that something! I am sorry I did not see at first the deep thoughts of some who had something scientific to say that looked new agey- I mean, that is hard to distinguish also as to the sensibility of its own inner laws and truths of fiction.
So all you who closed your minds as to a viable philosophy of science and discouraged some friends who wondered how I could understand them and they could not- :-P~~~~~~~ But it does not matter anymore. Well, maybe as you say Kepler's was a falsifiable system, you guys are falsified and have to catch up with Rowlands, in fact you in this matter of the metaphysics of mind are caught in your own black hole and brown dwarf of reasoning and belief. Let us praise again the brilliance that has come from England with the likes of Penrose and Newton and Conway and Coxeter and so on...

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