Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quasiholon Quasivirtual Distances

Quasiholon Quasivirtual Distances

There was not much on my mind last night save a couple of ideas with an other look at the quasic grid and numbers. I chose the 11th Fibonacci number and related inverses, 11 in a sense a conceptual limit and the digits sum to the number two- a number as the sum of F numbers, 89 much like the analogous perhaps significance of 136. But these so called filled negative vacuum limits depend on the initial place of counting generation as to if they are 10, 11, or 12 dimensional (that is 12+4 = 16 see Rowlands and Dirac).

I also had a passing thought or feeling that pull or push we in the space age ride the light or fire of rocket ships- or perhaps the space behind them in free fall...Two types of scientists.

I left for the coffee shop in the gentle rain forgetting it was open and hour later and took a walk- to use the computer one needs to buy something and I did want a cigarette. I saw a seagull in the grass in the distance eating something and I was curious to get a closer look at what he was eating and at him he seemingly larger than usual. By his bag of fast food I found a crumpled up ten dollar bill. Oddly if any of this blog evokes general interest it was all pasted here from the Racy Delene coffee shop and breakfast place ironically called the Nucleus.

I shared a cigarette with a lady once a weatherman in the air force abandoned with two children and looking for cigarettes on the street and having a vertebrae problem and I talked about homeless veterans and mothers at that and this state.

There was another small idea I forgot but it may come back and I will post it here.

* * *

Later in the coffee shop and nucleus cafe as it is raining I thought I might post this response to a kind communication from Peter Rowlands here:


Thank you for the reply. I have things on the blog which assume a familiarity with long beginning and I just wanted to get it down and really only address a few friends with which i had some earlier dialog. Sorry I put it all in my own terms and so informally. I think that is what you meant by coming into a middle of a conversation. On the other hand in reading your book sharing with me so many of the same foundational concerns it feels like talking to an old friend I had not seen for years and holding a conversation as if no time had passed at all.

Where you say some of you and your colleagues ideas are radical so take awhile to consider or accept mine must really appear much further out there. Whatever else your views I think the clarity of thinking you give in these abstract matters is a great value for our experimental and theoretical scientists. Forgive my enthusiasm when in a further level of complexity of learning I am moved by the great beauty humanity has achieved in such thinking. I did not notice at first your working with people in the particle physics field and I do hope we find something interesting. Yours was a small voice the reaffirmed my own doubts as to how far off and comprehensive some of our enquires can go if we do not ask the why of it beyond the computation.

I have not felt i achieved anything save perhaps some negative results as science but your book lets me think that maybe my explorations were as sound as we can reach after all, that our paths in life were not a waste- as Milton said how he has used his light.

So sure, check back from time to time and good luck on your efforts. i do recall in my luncheon on Clarkson Close with Hoyle him feeling stressed that students were all the time coming to him with this or that idea- part of the burden of teaching and research I imagine. His lectures on the BBC seemed he was so distant and hard to follow but in person there was cheese and bread and a big shaggy white dog and he was so human and personal. I sometimes imagine in his sci fi October 1st is Too Late that the USA airman he mentioned solving some of these things was me for his idea.

Significantly I had him sign his book on quasars as perhaps there is not just one big bang but a lot of little bangs- obviously he had a great influence on the fundamentals.

With great sincerity, The PeSla- the badlands map of a vanished nova, old baldy in the landscape, and the ghost of departed quantities. Now interested in your path as a person which maybe is as important as the science.

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