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Distaration, Macro Meso Micro and Nullpotency

Distaration, Macro Meso Micro and Nullpotency
(and the role of the irrational ration phi)

I recall reading a chapter as a child in middle school from one of the books lying around my father picked up- he a field engineer for RCA and a twenty year Navy Radioman who as a child worked on the model-T's and built some of the first radios. It concerned the similarity of the inverse square laws of gravity, electricity, and magnetism. I spent the afternoon trying to understand what I was reading and I did long before more modern books noted this similarity as a clue to a unified field theory. I recalled this again after reading Rowland and his relation to the number two and duality. At this stage of my blogging, as I remarked, the early ideas that come casually I do not claim as more than speculation as the area seems a little new to me at least in the application and thus may be rather raw and simpler than the final conclusions after mature contemplation. So let us look at some rather primitive analogies from last night- in particular the role of thermodynamics and entropy in particular in relation to the structures of black holes and so on (in fact the recent reference frame blogs on this is most interesting in how a commentary on a "creationist" (in the biblical sense) views life and entropy. Also in relation to the number Phi or the divine proportion as for example mentioned in Rowlands and as recently as 1990 in other places- that which I had long felt- some reason beyond the mathematics this number is so intimate to life. Now what we have in this ratio is a sort of casual causality- a sort of quasi non-necessity as an organizing principle for the phyllotaxis. But is this not the acid test of philosophy, when we debate the free will and determinism of things?

Let us also review the recent reference frame article on antimatter and the LHC and keep in mind the relevance to chirality and the filled vacuum states by Dirac.

Imagine if you will then (as this idea of space expansion and within or without of some such creative chiral structure in space embedded or not- my last post where we try to see such models and say apply them to things like entropy, black holes and stars, when we can make the analogy of heat to a single particle or only en masse. As in my lack of dialog and silencing by the young linford86 directly on yesterdays post- many have pondered these analog models long before our inspired zit faced youth- I in particular in my zit face-ness thought to take some of them literally in my questions of what-if) You know if we are not all alpha males it does pay in some pursuit like business, science, or woman for a little mutual cooperation- then again let the survivalist of the fittest live and die by the survival of the fittest.) that we have just a disc floating or not in space- a sort of indeterminate size or in a context of some scale pixel of all space, better yet a hyperbolic space within Riemann's projection on the complex plane of the equator of his sphere. What comes in or out of it would be roughly uniform- that is we imagine the heat involved and its transfer rather uniform throughout the disc.

We note that there can be analogous spheres around this disc- as if there are some sort of holes after all (or as Rowlands suggests the intersection of Klein's group bottles- or maybe not as Feymann suggests in the reference frame article). Already we see some sort of pattern, a disc or sphere of matter or dark matter ideas that may describe the dynamics and evolution of galaxies- certainly time arrows and entropy which where the miraculous spiral occurs is an amorphous casual causality in actually both directions of the spirals on Riemann's plane- and moreover the question of the golden irrational number here and reverse spirals, jets bars and cores and so on.) How then are these chiral in reference to * or a primitive proto-potential of symmetry. As the bare beauty Emily Dickens said seen by Euclid alone do we not have in a sense a poem waiting for the bare charge or that distance in all spaces from a naked singularity? But the golden number macro and micro has its unreachable ideal limits of quasic pixel distarality and dimensionality. Thus we imagine the finitely bound Fibonacci numbers.

These numbers in a sense of square ratios or Pythagorean triples of the usual algebra (it would be interesting to see how this relates to the Babylonian theorem)as a linear flow of punch and slice jets and chirality, parity but a different view where one can actually measure with signs say two meteres of time, are all equivalent only they appear not to be in a sunflower like grid of just two of the F numbers. After all the smashed loxodrome infinity is not dampered from the view of somewhere.

So, the sum of squares of any two successive Fibonacci numbers is a Fibonacci number as is known. Thus in a sense the duality as powers or the second power inverse as the number two, the dimensionality of three-ness seen somewhere holographically an illusion as well seen as the reason for physics to decide the math of it all as Rowlands might suggest) The question of matter or antimatter and so on in both the inverse x and the masses or charges attracting or repelling involve such numbers as some distance from the null space, quasically and complexly.

We could say that it is not the inverse square law as such but a blended series of such inverse square sums or roots of the Fibonacci numbers. The same description for the relation between charges and masses. The 2 to the * or that to the two until the properties run out to some sort of vacuum filled idea- maybe by the principle not totally filled but certainly closely so in matters of equilibrium, We imagine then a multidimensional spiral grid within the spheres and discs of evolving galaxies or any other thing of this general quasic background of space. There can be two parallel objects spinning together at a distance continuously, or we can decide one is in the opposite direction in which case they meet twice in a cycle in a more or less not quite discontinuous manner- such are particles.

I was going to call this lite speculation Amorphous Symmetry Breaking For one thing can we imagine or should we if we have the analogy of what we deduce as not embedded in time or space or casuality stars on a ball, would they be such flat objects- ones in particular that behave differently as do the black holes and stars?

We note also the 137.5 phi angles also involve the reading of phi applied to growth and life and well even information storage efficiency in computers or the branching energy of some trees for efficient distribution. But we should keep clear how we define or not round and linear things and what spins or does not as concrete.

But the mirror to all this is the within-withness (esoendoreal) for the moment to the extent we may conceive or the analogies and representation models apply. We note again the Fibinocci relation as the structural and dimensional cause of spontaneous symmetry breaking (but here as a discrete model with Pythagorean locality) In general between models more or less outlined in this article we can define in normal and in quasic space and between or within any such mapping of the dimensional representations at least two distinct types of distance or of time.

To what extent then does such amorphous symmetry breaking relate to ideas of what actually the thermodynamics is and how it flows more complexly in such spaces?

* * *

As to the title of this post- in a sense the Fibonacci spiral remains at a distance from the golden rectangles it is embedded in- distaration at the limits of what we imagine abstractly as the macro as well as the pixelation of the micro, that is beyond n for the counting from null (in a sense more fundamental than zero as if we imagine there is no year zero in the Euclidean plane that develops into a wider view of mathematics and geometry than just the deductive proofs of time. If there is no within or without absolutely or generally it is hard to incorporate our usual understanding of boundaries as if singularity and one system only and the remote laws of say conservation of energy- even if in the famililar or meso world where we can make inferences, abductively at least, of what happens with the intelligible balance for these issues of entropy, quantum carnot engines QCE etc and again the more fundamental theory idea of "life" or even thought as acausual or casual causality- that is if somehow nature is suggesting in the evolving and fixed scheme of things the phyllotaxis of design is a dynamic and intelligible system.

Now,as we imagine things beyond the phenomenal (that seen) mystifying or not, we can go further in our intuitive imagining once we have mastered certain levels of the complicated physics of the world. One thing seems for sure for me is that, as in the poems, Calculus is not the complete description of the laws of the universe and in that sense what Feynman said is a little dated that it is the language of God as mathematician. Physics in its stuttering creativity should seek restrictions in the unification- but abstract or theoretical or not these should be questioned and justified as much as any new speculation, scientifically.

I keep wanting to get around to better mapping of quasic things and perhaps the pictures would be trivial- then again as different and beautiful as the fractals. How do we really know, especially the billion years or so left earthbound, if we really have covered all the possibilities of nature, of a physics, and know what there is as all there is even if we do not understand what it is to some level? I can understand the excitement of the first mapping of curves and its symbolic simplicity in pictures and notation- but all the results of those curves should have counterparts in my way of seeing the plane or phaneron, and in the idea of membranes. That is once I accept my vision there is hard work and review of past achievements by our mathematicians - if any of us had the time and were free to explore hopefully for the benefit of us all.

In one night the stars were poetic beings on one hand, and their shadows as if only to van gogh starry night eyes as he creative objects of the emptiness, then again in our quasi flights of imagination they also looked like stray bits of hot dust. Perhpa one thing we are not that clear of fundamentally is this idea of white and black holes- something a little more is needed to understand thermodynamic symmetry- and yet almost any model may have a physical reality somewhere as well some vague idea of psychology fit some minds- from the distant heights of a totality, omnium as if the surface only idea of a face of God- or that in our permutations of casual causal inheritance we are individually and species specific encountering say but a single base in a codon that determines how we see the colors of this world.

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