Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of Charge and the Enlightenment Brigade (QXT genetics)

Of Charge and the Enlightenment Brigade (QXT genetics)


This is to tell you I looked over the genetics application of your approach and theory and posted a picture of my "quasic" grid where you have the center base pair of the codons that organize the four groups and I put symbols of the properties of which this is only the beginning of understanding those patterns. I essentially found the same pattern that I did in 74. From a given theory, unlike your directed search from something more inductive in my desire to classify themes of melody the structure was derived from consideration of the binary numbers as I labeled the cells of the grid (but the first cell can be 1 or zero and maybe a further null of sorts. Of course it is trivial or seems so to say I merely arranged a pattern but in thinking of this problem again after years of not having access to my original charts I understand there is also a holographic as well as fractal description of the grid. If the Dirac theory generates the space or the space the theory the reality is uncertain somewhere in between. I suspect also that the bases themselves are part of the picture of the global interactions on a much deeper but similiar level of the topology. One can of course in the quantum theory work things as duality or four fold so the principle holds of an infinity of duality multiplication which here allows for the exceptional group unto 1024 of two players in a chessgame an infinity of quadruple multiplication according to what I called Fermats recodondite number theory,

Since the initial vision which like PCR is one of the few discoveries that we know the exact place and moment, there is a lot to still be discovered as this is but a beginning and recently we know there can be a four base codon as a genetics-which of course brings us back to the question of 256 elements of the binary I ching information set. As you hint in your search for fundamental theories as a method of concrete speculation which does indeed find surprises not as much as if there can be predictions. But few things announced since 74 have surprised me and so there was and could have been in some cases very many predictions as to how the genome behaves.

I question also if space is the reason for the particle generations or that is the reason for the space, primarily. Then again you seem well grounded in accessing views. Now I do have the issues of counting and if we allow causality and counting at all or if we deny its relavance a lot follows including in remote speculations we can reach the mystical of the moment again or deny its existence- but we cannot at this time bypass it in a total theory.

But this is philosophy and I did take time to write it out in short poem form called the Purple Foxglove last night before I tackled these physics considerations. My illustrious ancestor of Coln, a mere grocer benefiting from the age of steel, did not in the end receive the patent for the Otto cycle engine because staring at smoke from a smokestack he conceived the addition of lead (all the end of radiation) to modify the knock in the engines- the physicists of the time did not think of your insight into the particle view being a sort of a continuum of matter. :-)

Perhaps the measure ! of a new theory is who follows and developes it due to the influence of the authors- I must say your book is leading me to new fresh ideas or at least the possibility of them- maybe like when I help people here with algebra it is more to reassure them not its utiility but take away their blocs of fear. Thank you I hope my correspondence is not unwelcome.

L. Edgar Otto

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