Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The concrete in the hidden dimensions of virtual spaces

The concrete in the hidden dimensions of virtual spaces

An interesting post on thereferenceframe.blogspot today considering the issues I have raised here and the work of Rowlands et al.



that argues that both the strange DAMA signals and the recent CoGeNT observations may be pretty nicely explained by "mirror planets" as dark matter. That's a paradigm that the dark matter sector is composed out of the isomorphic matter as the visible sector but it is decoupled. Imagine E8 x E8 heterotic string theory in which both E8 factors break in the same way and give rise to similar Standard Models etc.
Have I not said similiar things here, Lubos, and in mathematical formats? and has the blog arxiv seen the worth of such non-newage speculation in the work of Rowlands?

Of course the idea of dark matter planets filling space and not in these abstract reasoning is rather a return to the dark ages- but then is not the same true of how we emotionally relate to our core metaphysics and religions- what symmetry breaks in the organization of our minds to show the effects of charismatic preachers (see the sciencechatforum posts on this today and a new poster who brings up the question of the holographic principle and information storage.

Anyway I had a profound dream this morning and I think it reached or is headed to a breakthru in understanding things better. In our space (if you want not a monotheistic space where the world reaches some maximum and shrinks again to the Kantian three space plus some other direction we can intermittently access. But as with dreams recalled along with there significance it is hard to state as my following facebook thought tried to do casually:

L. Edgar Otto We can fill the hidden place of dreams- not already filled with the infinity of night- and at times fall or reach into that place- underneath this world our dancing feet know not the need to stand somewhere nor whose face reflects the river nor how many are our touching the same river once, a thousand times, or we who cannot walk on water twice.

Our reach into the virtual where the space and universe in the small or long view seems describable as crystalline results in the possibility of concrete or quasi concrete particles in the dimensions of virtual particles and space. In that sense what is seemingly concrete stereonomically may indeed be somewhat without substance. Consciousness for the sane is the ability to enter and return from this space of dreams and that as we watch the same structures in others- a fifth if you will parameter CPT and so on... that is something a little different beyond the complex absurdity of faith only in experiments that abandons say Okhams razor. Something more flangulated rather than compactified (and yet we can imagine such a space where such dimensions do this- but we need a wider context to see it all.

Then again the exceptional groups E8 and so on were my first choice of unified theories as of 1969 when I discovered these alternative views on space structure.

* * *

I thought about posting a clean textbook sort of thing to the quasic conversation but as with all popular and changing books they to some extent become dated and obsolete while the writing. For the few of you who followed my theses in this informal blog and perhaps in one to one conversations I want to point out here a further principle, long realized on the view of a more finite group approach to space on the micro level- that in terms of orthogonal parity and inside-outside views of such hypersystems of complexity that the inner face of say a volume centered polytope is not only as if spun in right angles in all directions but is reversed in its last face chiral inversion to the whole- we take this into account for a total integrated but indefinite system and concrete constructable system and what we can imagine as human consciousness in learning (mathematic, neoterics) and what is a grounding of the reality, ontology. This along with all the problems our minds seem to be struggling with in say four space where we try to connect in a single line all the points as if they do not require in four space twice visited. Such thoughts are not some mirror space, concrete or as a virtual vortex influence of the matter and its self creation as vacuum and so on- this step will be the next one to perhaps if we can have a great symmetry, bridge, whereby in this world but as if beyond this world we establish a new and perhaps seemingly limitless new space and intelligible design of our reality. A principle of possible oversupersymmetry of such imagined multi-dualities. As far as such questions as the memory or cause or recording of any particular unique identity or path we clearly can see the evolution of it is the recording of it even in such creation and anhilliation of things and design systems- let us be consistent at least in the idea of renormalization as steps against that of the message is no definite answer so the concept is wrong- let us in other words not bury our enquiry into either the finite nor hopeless infinite view of Zeno and his paradoxes.

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