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Super Trivial Non-extraordinary Evidence

Super Trivial Non-extraordinary Evidence
L. Edgar Otto Apr. 30,2010

L. Edgar Otto on facebook: Sometimes if we just see and not yet understand the symbols, formulas, they incubate and relate to the spirit of thinking in the world, and we understand.

If you doubt you understand the quasic theory then you understand the quasic theory. I offer this as a compliment to the quip:" if you think you understand the quantum theory then you do not understand the quantum theory. "

What sort of theory is it that every thought or thing it touches is as if a simple and exact answer falls out of hard equations?

One idea we admit as a principle of physics (in counter to Rowlands admittedly single metaphysical principle- that fermions create their own vacuum) is that light and matter in their motion leave behind a black hole, or such emits them, or there is a sort of conservation, even a motionless potential involved, a balance in a steady state. So the nothingness generates everything- or its all the same on either side of the yin-yang; to either direction of the arrow of time- Janus faced its attractions and repulsions- for it feels obvious and trivial, so extraordinary it seems to shift or stat the same as the all too familiar ordinary, that the world was here before our brief time and likely will be here after us.

We seek then our origins and life's extension, imagine the importance and need as an explanation for a Creator, story. We have wondered about this in numbers and words, before our sentient age of reasoning, before even the "new age" and perhaps before that threshold across the world at the beginning and possible end to the alpha-numeric age.

The I Ching endures, and was older than the monks who endlessly applied it to the sky and worried over its secrets in sequences with the thought that ancient souls and beings- we banished from the garden into the sunlit meadows and brooks- the big picture lost of the universe's music.

The monks arranged the hexagrams in circles and lines, ten and twelve-fold their matrices and magic squares, atonal music, so with there spirit animals made war, stances a metaphor and dance. So from the historic beginning they divined the genes and quantum formalism.

Yet, why does the I Ching move, the four fold yin and yang fixed and moving lines, collapsing to a lesser binary message the field of 64 and the 384 spin of hypercubes and six fold the days? Does it really foretell, albeit neutral toward all wishes, some unique prediction among the endlessly repeated finite 115200 or so futures?

Do we sense that if the world and Pascal's triangle extended to alternating seas of Dirac's filled negatives - that the nothingness not there as much as filled is a driving solid infinity? If this were not so banishing them without normalization would not show us our solutions were on the right path to the correct - and if these wider ghostly spaces non-existant, our answers already exact and intelligible.

Why do our cosmology dreams make any intelligible ultimate sense in the 21st century in their inflationary era and the possibility of endless worlds, fractals ( yet quasics doubts fractional dimensions and non-steady state scales so thus suggests quasi fractional dimensions of microtonal measures) that when in the growth of trees and squares (psi squared waves anyone?) the branches touch at the inverse of the divine proportion (appearing everywhere trivially or its spiral phyllotaxy as much real) leaving the holes of golden rectangles in the space until it seems too much to fuss with ultimately about the fine Cantor dust?

More so the basic and trivial properties of numbers- given empirically 632.8668 and 237.32506 discovering their quotient is exactly 8 thirds- the division by phi already vanishing by both sides of the equation of the whole numbers given already- but is the arithmetic something then in itself and dimensionless- I mean if the language of the universe or God is differentials from whence and where does the information go as it is subtracted in shifting place values so as to divide? Can the cold division geometry of space not be likewise hidden in its heart the trivial descriptions? Some might call it and many feel this akin to common sense.

The product of teh coordinates of two hypercubes each with 8 negative and 8 positive counters placed differntly, symmetric or not symmetric, in the depths of the 8th dimensional quasic grid finds somewhere compliments of binary symmetric points or pixels, moreover the holon or tetraparametric four spin like a windmill through all four quadrants at the lowest cell state dimension. We sing against the dark and the wind- and in the end down to earth Sancho has to give Don Q his dream back again.

But is this a triviality of truth, a priori or hidden assumptions that we illegitimately deduce-like God load the dice before we walk away - perhaps it is an ultimate proof but too intimately with us - Old Einstein saying we should make our theories simple but not too simple beyond some point? What after all would God hath need in his Heaven for a theoretical physicist working on creation's foundations?

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