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Bogus Pi and Other Casual Musings

Bogus Pi and Other Casual Musings

Today there is not much formally on my mind. Well, the issues in the dream I mentioned keeps recurring in the background around the same sort of theme as if we do work out a lot of things in our subconscious as time moves on and while I do not know the importance of those thoughts in detail I know they reach deeper that what I have encountered up to now.

So messing around with the slide rule years ago I found the approximation (which for some is not too close but apparently closer than some of the ways we calculate or predict some particle masses.) The difference in using pi or e for the actual construction of a triangle by drawing was hard to see. It gave me some rather recreational and interesting thoughts and questions at the time- the actually relationship to who and the irrational numbers. Is there something there? Is there perhaps an alternative in a sense to the interpretation of non-euclidean triangles as if a force? I used pi as put into a line, a sort of inertial pi for some constructions.

Now doing things like solving the equations for 2 or 1/2 was something I was prone to do much like asked to draw vectors get the same answer using the time part of those simple equations. The teachers did not say it wrong as it gave the correct answer. I thought of this after reading Rowlands again on the role of 2 in the equations (half of which are still hieroglyphics to me but that is a great other half compared to these early puzzles) Didn't Fuller get the tetrahedral volume of a sphere wrong, that is not equal to five of them? In any case Rowlands explanation of the doubling of things where they only need classical and not relativistic formulas including the magnetic electron ideas of Dirac- is very convincing.

Now on the National Public Radio yesterday, casually turning it on, a lady had written a second book on the mind, her last was the teenage mind and this one is the middle age mind. Mainly the point was that we used to think the deterioration of say our memories and speed of reaction was more likely when people used different parts of their brain to solve things as they age- she said the surprise was that those who use say more of left and right brain functions beyond the training to try to hear the input better was that they were the ones to extend brain function to old age- Also, although slower, the brain as if the health of the heart. actually can produce the first sort of brain cells.

From my view of the differentiation of the mind along the lines of those aspects of at least quantum theory and relativity theories I might conclude that we need to learn a more unified physics of it all as we age as just one of them does not endure beyond some level of maturity.

But in my conscious mind I received a book on the theory of music composition who got it for me at a book sale. I was trying to think of some way for a better notation especially as it applies to digital recording and to the microtones. Interestingly enough they divide the octaves into 96. This old story of why not that rather than say 90 degrees of a circle. Let us also think of why we count by tens and the newscientist idea that we have ten toes due to the stability! I was trying to work out a more quasic notation is all when I get around to it- again this relates to roots of two and to those sequences supposedly artful in the Fibonacci series.

* * *

Note to Lubos of the reference frame .com blog : I especially enjoyed your article and photos relating to how the bees see things at a certain focused wavelength as a way to show how they relate to entropy in a spectrum. But I have heard from coffee shop talk that one of the things confusing the bees that they starve is perhaps a shift due to something like global warming that they cannot find their food. Now this sort of level of how we tune or instruments or play old music seems also to suggest to me something more is happening, new or cyclically or not. Not the least of it is how we relate to the irrationals as say a just or tempered scale.

Lubos sas:

To show what kind of incredible mess my dear American readers allowed to thrive in their very own formerly exceptional country, I offer you the following link:

A human health perspective on climate change (PDF)

Twenty-one authors affiliated with official U.S. government institutions argue that global warming leads to the increase of cancer, mental and neurological illnesses, asthma, allergies, foodborne diseases, nutrition disorders, human development dysfunctions, heat-related and weather-related morbidity and mortality, vectorborne, zoonotic, and waterborne diseases, as well as all other diseases.

Perhaps we need to get a better idea on what things like cancer is. Is there not some correlation to living north or south of the Mason Dixon line and our susceptibility to MS for example? How might radiation affect the genes and how might the melting of snow have some significant effect on say viruses?

* * *

Of course if we stay isolated in the Bohemian crater in the dark ages of science we will not get sick but we will not build up our immunity to the plague either.

^ ^ ^

The above illustration approximation also raises geometric and algebraic issues that involve things more fundamental than our very streamlined physics theories. The use of the square root of three in particular also would have me fundamentally ask what the nature of three space has to do with this- I mean say the diagonal of a cube for example. Anyway the nice reply from Rowlands who met a coauthor with Hoyle led me to look him up - interestingly, the article said one problem with such a system and one that used some of Weyl's ideas, what what to do with the ghost particles- in a strange way that is precisely what my dream is about in the quasi-virtual ideas where somehow the circuit or handedness off and back to space reverses but where and when? And how, where and when do these sequences arise from the forth coordiante as distinct or timelike in that somehow they do loop but in a hidden manner. Of course the dream, all of this raw and informal, somehow is telling us something more about our mind than the experiences of nature- in that sense it is vital and interesting especailly to a generation growing older together. Well, even with new doubts we can have non aggressive and intelligent fun between each other- maybe we find something fundamental and obvious we missed- that is if and when and where our dreams as well as personal light are significant.

The coauthor with Hoyle related the Machian idea (which one should read Rowlands treatment as an underlying principle or method to consider) Does this apply to the topology (as discussed by therefereceframe article previous to the one mentioned above? It has its place but the theory in my opinion is not foundational although of extreme theoretical interest and beautiful sting potentials- but as pointed out elsewhere in a sense the topology is not the most general treatment and we cannot just push things to a second order space linear or non linear.

But for more formal reading I am still working on the roots and idioms of linguistics
so this one is just for the fun of it- maybe I will write some headline or telegraphic style poems to see how that relates to the translation and how we actually use time and how we compare from a continuous place our distinct vowels between languages- surely in the Rosetta stone of the cosmic code and the prevalence of binary numbers and nimbers we need further comparison of artificial and natural languages.

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