Saturday, April 10, 2010

On Pairs at Event Horizons

I have little to say today as I am mulling over new perspectives but nothing new. I notice the question of quasars and time dilation has come up on Lubos TheReferenceFrame. I recall at the discovery of quasars the issue if they were nearby or not, or were reflections or not in self mirrored universe- so these ideas also have been around awhile. The suggestions of Hawking also comes close to some of these alternative new views of physics such as those in Zero to Infinity.

Hats off to Lubos for bringing up current event concerns- he has a delightful youtube of the Movie Two Who Stole the Moon has info on it also.

One thing I am thinking about, philosophically, is the issue given this view of things what does it actually mean beyond the physical and mathematical interpretations of what is here or left of our bodies and our dreams.

Let us feel the sorrow in the spring of Listopad... Ja Kocham Ty

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What does it mean that in our history's little steps we treat the parity of time differently than that of the inversion of space? Or that somewhere the one and two sided things are the same place as the meaning of things reaches for a more general indistinguishably and intelligibility.

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Browsing New Scientist this article also seems to relate to applications of the new physics view- I have often thought such Pointillist applications to the quasic grid could do a better job at picturing by say a more determinist algorithm than the random matrix to give better and more rapid three dimensional representation.

Here I suggest the point like pixels to 2 x 4096 grid of 2 to those dimensions. In a way we are roughly mapping things as if the points were ambiguously independent in any choice of coordinate system (can we ignore Tissots law there fore example?)

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