Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poetic Nature, Quasicity more Foundational than Chirality

Just Logging on I found a relevant quote in the blog I follow:

dark current

Price-Whelan made a remarkable discovery today—which may be false or an error of some kind, so don't quote me—that commercial digital cameras do not always subtract the dark frame, and the dark currents of the pixels are significant and vary from pixel to pixel. If this is right, we are going to be able to vastly improve the sensitivity of the cameras we have. Time to start writing the paper

Last night I took a look again at my informational notation of the "quasic plane" and intellectually considered as I am not comfortable with the idea, of a certain minimum or maximum of a quasic region of space structure I called- a "Pixel"

* * *

Crapola My Old Man Says April 22, 2010

The clockwork universe comforts
those abandoned by their gods
Dreaming of them, yet to keep them distant

Others demand of the Old Geometer
He has a heart, only is stuttering ancient tongue
Speaks and counts, imperfect impotent calculus of indifferent stars

Some demand as well a living life force,
heartbeats, a universe of compassion
Creative in its composition, rimes with passion

The heretic with rhetoric no hypocrite and
yet an actor begging alms in the street theater
With false tears the gnosis and audience in hypnosis

He rants and curses remote his sensing wisdom, you so long
My dream lover, his daughter, your skipping empty time made flesh again.

* * *

Dark anima, your seal over time awake
an amazon that subdues a tyrant king
Became your trinity of nurturing virtues

Why did they awaken you in your sleep walking
to intervene, self-styled stewards of your troubled dreams
Your pulse quickening with romantic imagination, teeth, neck and blood?

Last time, midway where our lives clashed and crossed, light's diamonds
I your vague brief stranger half recalled, you my constant starlight
I with daughter issues waiting for you to grow up

Do I dare, foliage and snow cover gone, the way clear in spring
to tunnel thru the plasma void, our now lesser touch to drink of you?
You forgave my shadowing by itself your innocence

I must admit vicariously I craved you too, through his thin foxgloves
When all along you betrothed in ghostly dance, he lived his first love.

* * *

Old Einstein, ironic anti-hero once legend, genius, cursed a rare curse on his
Deathbed while scribbling unto the last of blogs his time-in-shells formulas

* * *

A quasic pixel or cell can be thought of as a minimum or maximum region (symbol=*)including some variations of h, 1, minimum distance, duration and so on.
Here the generator of numbers is not 1 or 0 or even i. It is *. Only in the second level can we distinguish two forms of chirality left and right, I call the for all practical purposes a positive element grid, punch and slice- that is circle and line of the fundamental quasic motions. These four hands can of course make a holon gird of potentialities in space and its representations themselves. Clearly the parity and chirality is not distinguished on the * level. And the abstract program of Conway as well the fermion-vacuum distinction is not there yet. Now, in the representation of tracing the handedness of motion in a quasic space in three dimensions we have extended the cells to at least four but the quasic grid supplies the information beyond four. In fact, the quantum like discreteness is intrinsic here where the fourth or t direction may imply a jump over the hidden continuity. Moreover, the chiral or treating the time as if a fourth space coordinate is also valid and on the * level indistinguishable.

I imagine in the flat representation unto four generations of formalism to encode a certain distance like dimensionality relevant to our measure of mass or force in physics and this to be adjusted by the location in the depth of the grid or at different depths between coordinate points including the pervasive idea of * gravity- perhaps a rather brane like conception without the absurd idea of leakage. This then a possible reckoning of "distarality".

A quasonic pixel then may contain more than n, that is an infinity or an infidecimal quasonic grid. While potential infinity plus potential infinity is equal to potential infinity and zero plus zero is zero- in a sense of measure and shift of frames this is not exactly the case among the quasi transcendental cases. We note also that pi and its inverse as a sort of inertial pi in one dimension can in a sense of a limited (therefore friction idea) conjugate sum to the nilpotent null when we consider summation over a limited but unbounded probability curve if we consider it as if a higher space rotation, chiral or parity wise. 0 x infinity x * then related to the life of a particle or system thermodynamically, and a certainty of sorts as an actuary table innately quantized to the quasic normalization where the world in its possible varieties overall seems positive and stable in its intelligibility. We also note in conservation ideas the quantization seemingly trivial of certain angles.

The sum over chirality implies that at the surface of a black hole creative object we can have a coincident shell structure of the quantized collective of the quantized pixel units which can join effects to others by opaque symmetry considerations. Certainly in overt light structures realize such shell structure.

Ceneon or Cainom - Neocene or new-new space of * to the * or 2 to the 2 to the * and so on may ask of minimum quantization if it can be extended into higher spaces of sphere systems as if a general Kugel group of quantized meridians of a grid composed of more than one natural dimension.

The "distarence" dst can be such a measure (symbol in Cherokee three loops in an ^).

These were the thoughts on my mind last night- and the noting to remember in my last posts the idea of entropy as also the contiguity of things like geometric objects where significantly the grid itself is a duality between the quasic pixels.

* * *

Do prime numbers relate somehow to these flanged or coinciding shells? Reality is everywhere nonlinearlly potentially local uniform and centered chirally that in a sense makes it at least unified and stable and at least evolving mathematically (that is the primitive idea of neoteric - now ceneoteric, learning as intelligibility).

Western science and society although multidimensional in its orthogonality- the streets built into an idealized Cartesian grid, is nevertheless a poetic metaphor where we build things in three space as if a hidden orthogonal grid and do not have to consider the parts adjusted to the theory since there are standardized ones to some degree of approximation for things like housing and automobiles. Engineers need not in the workaday world be so theoretical save to keep in mind industrial error.

I had a passing thought too that quasics was the reason I understood pointloops ideas on the sciencechatforum when others did not- but now I understand the need for such a chiral and local form of looping although simple alternative assertions did the job and the chirality and parity differences analyzable ad hoc added.

See previous illustration for the 256 quasic grid of two particle generations in this blog and the philosophychatforum .

One small other thought- in the soma puzzle the T tetracube is a surface one 3+1 and the corner one is a volume one (consider the holographic idea here) 2+2 and in this sense one is parity friendly and the other chirally friendly in the viewing.

* * *

Today around 5pm : In sense there can be a meso or central level of some quasic grid pixel in a universe of discourse. Such a space can be dynamic and expand or assumed to be expanded or contract and so on- for the sequence can go into the micro depths or the spans- thus the chirality as a principle can reach directly to the macro and microcosm as a principle and not just a casual state of things and not just a causal state of things either in the * potentiality. If as some speculate with an incomplete understanding of filled vacuums as only a metaphor to quasicity and as such a sound interpretation, about the opaque or dark matter-energy ideas of such symmetry and its breaking- that some sort of zero point energy could take something from another level or parallel universe- if there is such a source of energy and entropy it is more diffuse and not so restricted to the unity and intelligibility of universe nee multiverse as a primitive null potent idea. We sometimes crate in a descent our own paradoxes and problems of physics and philosophy. While the mathematics (learning) is wide there are more focused systems of intelligible design than we imagine now possible- likewise new cenocene possibilities beyond our present state of achievement. After all the growth of mathematics was a social thing of commerce in the alphanumeric age and the calculus we depend so heavily upon arose and sustained itself by utility of answers to resolve a few questions of its day. Not the least of which was incidence and directionality of what is seen by the underlying metaphysics and stereonometry.

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