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The Bridge to Heaven or Nowhere

The Bridge to Heaven or Nowhere

(Here forthcoming today will be a departure from the holistic reductionism of the underlying philosophy of physics presented by Peter Rowlands- this is a metaphysics of sorts or even a theological discussion of sorts. That author is not responsible for the thoughts on this post nor our disagreements if any)

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One should take care to make the proper distinctions between what is dimensionality as well as what is the meaning of dimensions.

We could distinguish between the powerful idea of symmetry breaking as local and non-local in the neutral and mathematical method of octonian algebras as perhaps a primary ground for physics rather than just a way to find the physics of that ground.

Stereonometry in a sense is the product of physics and metaphysics(philosophy)in these ideas of generalization helpful or hindering in the holistic reductionism.

Philosophic creation (anihilation), and the relation to the group quasic grids as scientific or quantum like reasoning is a holofraction of fundamental parameters and the question of the micro or macro influence of entropy is still open.

I imagine things beyond these foundations of Reality as the logical dialectics and absolute views, even what defines a concrete or virtual sea of vacua, as a more general result of dimensions in relation to dimensionality.

In a sense this explains our epistemological reasons we make human metaphors or parables or analogies, multiverse in the small and large or not, for greater mysteries for example although not found in the Bible the idea of a trinity and yes the relation to three space (Is not a proton composed of three quarks? Is not the emanations from the tree of life in cabalism ten and eleven fold and Newtonian? Could we not say that the second person, or one of the quarks is relativistic?)as one of oeconomics, that is a godhead group like, a physics of sorts I call quabics.

But are such structures the stuff of reality itself or such as if holistically the philosophers God of nothingness who eventually loads the dice and walks away?

In a sense then the West Wind that led to the advancement of science tied up with the idea of liberty may surprisingly be verified as a better political system philosophically. But on further extension some of our seemingly outdated ideas, as Newton with his astrology, and Bible code prophesies, and working hypotheses of universal gravitation, he as Rowlands points out a holistic reductionist able in looking at foundations to see further than most thus know the limitations of his own theory, we may find a bridge to what can turn out a reality of some of our more religious ideas (yet not in our limited sense a formulation or charatication of what is God- He as a translation of Heaven cannot at this point be shown that such a reality is distant or something within or becoming the reality in our "space". This like what is useful in the nilpotent verses the idempotent foundations can be a higher level yet opaque or dark uncertainty of mirrors in a wider reality than we now know but suspect.

What sort of fundamental parameters would we add to the list which are as elemental as the first ideas of Platonic solids? Love? Ultimate Freedom (the italic gamma)? God, spirit, mind...uncertainty, nothing? This epistemological question may be worked out after all, the memory in matter may be accessible to our senses.

(idea temporarily lost in the complicated presentation...)

Oh, in a sense in such a higher topology the same formalism of nilpotency may contain the preservation of what may appear as an absolute past infinite transition of a unique and cohered individual system (soul?) requiring the passing thru the global and personal anhillation. Can there be a mind without first a brain? Can there be an abstract physics without first a concrete group theory and structure? In what sense is an individual like unto the idea of creation as the weak force- the local identity creates the world multi-fold over of what it is not in the virtual space as well the other or universe of what it is not is multiply annihilated (in perhaps a quantum absolute sense).

This view of things, admittedly a matter where philosophy meets the physics, comes home to me more so as I feel or contemplate my life path and time, my aging and consideration of as if a measure of survival. Even on some level the Christ was fully human. It is as if in this project, reluctantly the cup, I was destined to address these issues to unfold them to the world (but then that is a goal of science since the Greeks too) but I am free to ignore this strange wisdom. Or maybe somehow while the living any pattern may come together for a unique and seemingly universal physics. Certainly some of the scientists like Newton,Decartes,even in a way Einstein- thought this one of the consequences of their theories or at least the stated unifying purpose. Was my adopting and defending such a universal purpose early on the self fulfilling prophesy as a consequence of this stance of purpose?

Perhaps we should not be torn apart in our age that so emotional over the creationist and evolution ideas. The destination, at least irreversible and imagined teleologically and transcendentally of a Heaven and possible mystery of which perhaps a dummy parameter of faith or faith in method may do) can also be seen as a nothingness. Either way we find the compelling intelligibility of mixed or extreme theories- one man's artifact of intelligent design is another man's blind watchmaker. Nevertheless we feel there is some reality in the fact and design of the watch! It is not always from a post modern view that if we approach some ideas of life and how to live it asymptotically we write ourselves out of the play.

The compelling idea of symmetry and it breaking or its compounding of structures should be looked at deeper. Monopoles? if we have the phenomenon on higher than a grounding level does that justify we can find it on that absolute level? (my background illustration of yesterday shows the pic of monopole-like pairs and also take the lattice of tetrahedra as if the metacube of what is inside or outside in say a 4-D analog to the octahedron. Surely the intelligibility of Rowlands philosophy can help us keep a balanced view of thinking as we sort this out. The null laws of thermodynamics as the zero law is about a cycle of the idea of the temperature where a can be hotter than b than c than a... and surely there are more thermodynamic and perhaps intrinsically irreversible laws to come.

Beyond the idea it is mysterious fiction somehow and the arrow of time indivisible is a tightrope of broken symmetry, that in a sense it is not clear that the south pole is as strong as the north pole even on the most foundational level of physics.
Perhaps our need or possibility of concrete balance goes to this higher religious level where in the code of things and the unity of things what we become here or in the hereafter is also a bridge made of concrete math and physics - but knowing the what of it and the design of all there is and we perceive of it fundamentally is not necessarily the ultimate understanding of it- yet. But that there is an intelligible possibility we can look again at things this way as scientists should resound with hope as much as caution as we design and evolve ourselves and this world.

Again, if God did not want us to use our mind He would not have given it to us.

Next day after reading the footnote references of Rowlands Book- one day I may point out some alternative views- an amazing book! Maybe the dualism of the grids and the physics can somehow interchange as if the virtual and real in the universe of the Neotericontinuum and here the Theotericontinuum. I love the principle that things are only one way like matter over antimatter by our viewpoint out to space as within it, or in a way we are outside an atom so it appears spherical- I like the view of a unique string of numbers or sequences as an axiom. If his idea is that of a 4D shell around an 5D quantum space then it certainly is the quaternion like around the octonian like quantum like quasic space- but there are more quasic dimensions- yet any deep objection save perhaps that a point has no space or thermodynamic properties, or even a line for that matter as to the time ambiguity well- he did discuss the speculations in almost every case- including perhaps the other theories for 136 and the nature of standard theory. One can find contradictions but these seem over a more philosphic nature than the physics and in a sense the QCE as rather fractal like does balance well- and apparently he was fond of Hoyle also- in a rather infinite universe more of a zen or Poe like conception I called the Ultranscontinuum. I note also that in matters of tachyons that as if perhaps a teleology of sorts was not included in his holofractive physics. In general we agree very closely and I am amazed we reached similar conclusions about such things as gravons and high energy cosmic ray origins and so on- not that I thought this what was it all about in or current physics and the depth of it. I take it seriously that the continua can from some view be seen as continuous if mass or charge and also be contiguous- but I am not sure that which is consecutive reaches out or not beyond the averaged entropy of an open if not totality of a universe.

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