Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toward Quasic Music Notation after All

Toward Quasic Music Notation after All

Later that day for a finer control and programming of micro tones (also macro extension as the quasic compass may shift) the simple quasic notation on even mixed states of binary powers, given a time sequence and intrinsic rhythm and the symmetries forward, backward, retrograde and reverse retrograde as in the 12 tone music we can compose explicitly or program the information on such a grid. Now we can go further and utilize the other symmetries of various dimensions when we read across the quasicity of the grids.

This was a first crude attempt sort of related to the dreams as motion and the idea perhaps that the topological shapes now used for string theory can be better contained or categorized where they apply. The gene code today is of course already in a sense a six dimensional (hidden ones) grid. The effect of the quasic idea is in such an arrangement as if discrete we find for all practical purposes a more continuous music (or whatever in the quasi continuous integration of a local field) Now, clearly my early recreations between the just and natural numbers as ratios and those of the transcendental variety and Fibonacci (and teleoscoping as a sequencing of second order methods and a hierarchy of roots and so on) number theory waiting to be made more explicit. Certainly someone like B. Franklin who in those Deist time could make great binary magic squares might have thought each system of stars had its own sort of Diety as an instinctive thing just as the Urantia as an alien story.

Just when does the ellipse become a parabola or hyperbola and where and how do we make the smooth transition? As simple as this music grid is does it not show us the need for a wider definition of mass even beyond the string topology?

In the accompanying illustration, a sketch really, the twelve of things I reversed in the first quadrant to show one of many freedoms of privileged motion variation. Is there an overall field of sorts that maps into flatness of sorts (here I consider intermediate spaces compared to my more fundamental and generals ones) What do we really mean by intrinsic curvature really even if this idea is thought to be a leap of sorts when we apply it to higher dimensional spaces? In a sense the grid between the quason cells, n-ply in density or its equivalents or not in simply connected regions is that place where flatness corresponds to some zero mass and tori with other paths or holes all quasically part of the five fold symmetry where we may indeed imagine continuity between regions- not just higher frequency strings in a more local granular space of discrete things- just where and how do we assert that the quason cell more than abstractly corresponds to say something like the planck length. We certainly do need to find more fundamental physics and when it corresponds intelligibly in theory and design it will be more a total theory but nevertheless all of these speculations are beautiful- and with a little thought they will be accessible to some form of scientific experiment and reasoning- the error of such testing or not possible is an error of our comprehension of the universes design.

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