Sunday, May 8, 2011

Super Dark Matter

Super Dark Matter L. Edgar Otto 05-08-11 7:01 pm (realized)

I looked into the next level and had some startling speculations and rather interesting alternative (for me) reconsideration's of views and conclusions. It has been a very long time since early in my enquirey I have seen whole systems of thought break down- and sometimes, as much of our problems in physics today, I have reached a philosophic impasse, in that realm rather than the sciences- for example the nature of a purely reductionist perspective or one more from a transcendental or spiritual stance. These of course stages many go through, or perhaps have to if they are to understand our modern state of civilization and learning. Even in physics or sociology we have strong beliefs at time deep in our core views to which other views are indeed of the wall. No one ultimately knows, I suppose, and even with this grand speculation today some of our current but more unified ideas point to levels where understanding can only be intellectually approached as philosophy. Among those is the question of what or if there is a higher sense of mulitiverse and what precisely would bring it to a total vision- short of course of the Omnium- but that was conceived more as a philosophic sort of continuum.

In exploring the next level of things the key dimension like abstract motions were 15 or the prime three and five that initiated the patterns.

It is not clear this hierarchy of things goes indefinitely, Cw, Cw', Cw" for a rapid descriptive symbol (if one ever digs thru my notes). Thus we need 15 labels for the series in he quasic plane, much like my map of he Rubiks cubes in higher space as a sort of fractal of shapes, 5 15 45 136 405 1215 3645 10935 ... themselves in groups of four and almost a ridiculous trivial idea of numbers beyond the information or meaning they contain.

Observation 1 : it is clear that the idea of dark matter (and I mean it as opaque in all the senses we are said to confuse when in fact we confuse it with other physical ideas like super symmetry or dark matter. At the apparent ground level of things is Gravity bare and fundamental, (including its mirror forces of scale in the space time continuum, a concrete two rather than four) the next level is what we mean by dark matter... but to continue again there is the idea of a level I would rather not coin the term save it seems to convey some sense of the concept where it is used in todays physics, as Super Dark Matter. Presumably this could continue, but what seems to restrain this can be two things, number in itself and this other observation:

Observation 2 : Where the numbers and geometric theories can be ultimate questioned as to their extent and meaning in the widest scheme of things- it may turn out after all that in a sense, and even when extended into transcendental realms if any, that physics, the physicality, trumps the methods and ideas of mathematics.

We can imagine this because of fractal like shifting of the bare dimensionless constants in the quasi-color hierarchy of which we need to disambiguate how these are used (but it is tempting to designate the 15 quasic coordinate binary values as three group of five as A-O of my color notation in Cw.) There is, a hierarchy if not a super generational idea of such dimensionless constants. After all, Abel did investigate the special case of 15 things- but in what quasi sense might we conclude a rift between Abelian and non-Abelian?

There is a question also of what in detail Pitkanen may show for the p-adic primes idea if this can be mapped in such quasic grids and what it means for the totality.

Certain spooky or sci fi ideas may one day seem concrete from all of this. We may reach a whole new level of technology with this omnic concept of local symmetry breaking in what are essentially flat spaces.

I suspect the overall grid for such a level if indeed the rest of physics does not say the same thing and the grid does not go beyond existing physics once it is resolved, a guess, 4096 x 4.5 in the notation of a quasic coordinate in that super dark matter space. Are quasics a stepping stone or another part of things to vanish into but one of a few view as but part of the bigger picture?

Here again this may not appear too far from that gone before, not just a doubling of some things by either twistors or or other methods that are now thought to describe the same sorts of structures in different ways intelligibly. We definitely ask beyond ideas of the fifth element for example, the quintessence what limits other than some higher structures may be totally irrelevant and unobservable for us practically and totally now should we allow this analog into 16 fundamental octonion space many of the basic problems that seem to at least philosophically to be resolved. Without a theory as such how do we know some things, seen or not, from our colliders can be distinguished as black holes, Higgs-like, or other ideas of the field and conservation of symmetry and its asymmetric breaking, even a new sense of energy or entropy conservation and deeper, beyond symmetry, methods so to understand this?

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Illustration to accompany my reply to Ulla's comment below:
It is Noah's ark caught between a sea and the electric stormy clouds. But are these not one thing caught in the airless picture, and but one spark there of living things coming in pairs. What would be such a Goddess over all the destruction of worlds if she were not the Sweetheart of the Rodeo? Or the world herself if not full of us viruses or rumors of them, even if we ride the bulls?

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  1. I cannot understand your opaque dark matter. Why opaque, when invisibility and noncommutativeness is quite well describing it? We doesn't 'sense' it.

    Opaque hints at something 'real' in 'this real world' that we do sense. DM is not interacting at all, or very weakly (through photons, leptons?). So it is more like if there is nothing.

  2. Hi Ulla,

    Your idea of "perpendicularity" has
    "perpendicularity". And so on...

    At last I think I reached a point where I am the only one to understand this in the world. The next step is probably writing something I totally do not understand myself.

    In logic the fact that pink unicorns do not exist makes the old grey mare all the more real.

    I thought about this post this morning and from my first daring thoughts on a hierarchy of continuum to this, it is the same old intuition after all. Well, it was daring at the time and I did not know much about some complicated cosmology as presented by some religions of the world. So again the question is open as to if we can have an original thought.

    And for them memory and the like is in that "more like nothing" structure of the vacuum.

    Anyway, I feel a little less like there is room for the influences of say, God, although some of my first visions came in a personal prayer. In that sense we could imagine thoughts originating from "there". This feeling is recurrent as we learn more complicated theories like Hawking saying there now seems to him no room in the string landscape for God.

    Sometimes, given some fore-visions of what we may find in physics, how the universe works, I feel I have to convey some fact from the beyond as also given indulgence to think anything- like even if such a higher Being does not exist.
    It is hard work, and I am still not convinced, and only for my own questioning really, that a time will come when I present what I know again that the world is grounded not only in the message of physical reality, but of such covenants beyond.

    It cannot just be the powerful illusion that curvature is the sense of force in some varying geometry- inside atoms or in the global universe these things are but must be surpassed.

    I use opaque, or the idea of dark matter, not so much because such things may or may not exist but that the terms are confusing and ambiguous- blame them for is matter not energy?

    Still, I understand, hehe you are a philosopher!, or read this comment as if you have caught me in a contradiction- but this part of it was not hidden or I not aware.

    Perhaps Illusions can sense and interact with illusions- after all it is said atoms are mostly empty space or a fog of clouds.

    What is there to so preserve of what we are if not that which is physical as well as spiritual? That too a paradox of philosophy, is heaven a mystery we have material bodies issue?

    Now if in a sense gravity is the lowest form of such a hierarchy of dark matters- is it interacting at all?

    So, the conclusion for now, provided the gods are not mad at me or have first made me mad as they say before they destroy us, is that we sense all of this as we do the source of thought, original or original for us anyway.

    But I have not related this to such a hint of what may be our deeper description of consciousness.

    The PeSla