Monday, May 9, 2011

Radiating Decoherence

Radiating Decoherence

This continued speculation, to try to answer a question left still in this development of philosophic themes on super dark spaces and symmetries- I post as I wrote it in my couple of pages of notes... for myself and a sort of shorthand. But anyone is free to comment or ignore- some words are defined as goes chronology of this blog.

*0 Infinity q^2m superposition range
*1 Super Dark Wormholes q^2l
*2 Q^2s Unified Multiverse Superspace

*3 Q^2m + Q^2l = Q^2s

*4 Antinertia: Isolated (variably local) physicality stance Q^2m v Q^2l that implies Q^2s as mass-like or as TGD^2 as (Q^2l & Q^2m)-like...

*5 Singularity of WmH complexes as if mass-energy normalized (Arcadianly) as if Opaque tachyons.

*6 The Omnium (totality, monoverse again as a view, in the beginnings and ends, the alpha and beta omnia idea) may or may not be viewed as singularity or singularity complexes over dark spaces.

*7 Thus a quasi-directionality in the Omnium

*8 Can the dark states transforming totally so transcend the unified model if it is not an unrestricted one everywhere with dynamic singularity zero division?

*9 Can a region-complex store dark coherences?

*10 In BH like entities, omnically is there a range or weight at which they do not self cohere?

*11 What is the "creative" (to use the word in Hoyle's limited sense, Creation Field) relation of these dark generation entities? Can the threshold of energy, entropy... be grounded in this unified theory to organize Qm information?

*12 Assertion- out of phase may be derived from *11 long before issues of Transcendental or non-linear curvature, or it can be interpreted as only such curves as if aleph2 for example for Q^nm * Q^nl.

*13 Fractally & holographically can the idea of a self-recurrent quasi-infinite map or graph between 0 & 1 or -pi & pi, so to define potential infinity this way, as if determined at least existentially, implies its ultimate mirror in which case the issue is open philosophically for a singularity over its history of information (that is if it is lost in the indefinite time or complexity of things).

*14 Can there be a superdark statistics that:
1) returns all to uncertainty and chaos
2) or combines effects across Qs Cw^n generations?

*15 Is there more generalizations of the Omnium as totality and mirror totality with multiverses within multiverses beyond their contained ng and ngx (singularities and singularity complexes) or is this an ultimate relation that is Cw^n in itself and organized between QsCw" dark wormholes - or can such totalities to the furthest degree of continuity and discontinuity vanish with respect to all beings and existences reversing gains thru time?

*16 Is consciousness that which is defined as stable or invariant over all such models of this philosophy-physics including vanishings as in *15 ?

*17 Across all models can we know if this proves the universality of prime numbers in all of them as time patterns or steppingstones ?

*18 On the level of *16 in a sense can consciousness organize things, influence or direct them, in ways the Qm theory leaves only on the surface as undecidable or irrelevant as to the interpretation throughout all *15 derived or integrated creative fields?

*19 Does the age old idea of a prime Creator make some sense - even if all pushed out by theory as to the ultimate source, perhaps that also self-creating light?

* * *

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