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Halo Physics

Halo Physics
L. Edgar Otto 05-14-11 Eau Claire, WI

This looks a little like the more usual approach to an idea of Quantum Gravity as unification. It is not clear that a loop of a string is a structure that can explain the gravity as it may "leek" into higher planes or dimensions and have higher values relative to such dimensions. But considering the "Halo" in general of quasic patterns if we interpret them that way, and the idea of Pitkanen where we pin down a quasi discrete solution from an infinite "sea"... Such looping certainly is observable in our own space (as if we were on the surface of the only "Brane".

This of course raises the deep questions, and for some uncomfortable ones, of the idea of multiverse- be it an idea of infinity as the remote or as a surface of sorts in the bounded but infinite sense, and all these paradoxes of the mix as if inflation ideas and regions of space replicating and so on... Even the radically finite ones of topology if we do not accept infinite sets and so on. It is not clear that on a local scale such multiverse ideas apply beyond the hierachy of Planck values, well perhaps a fourth generation (but which numbers 2^2^n - 1 would that be in the 16 natural dimensional case?)

This is not just a question of modular arithmetic and quadratic reciprocity when considering the signs of unity of the structures. These structures over a holographic surface like the "looser bonding" of some nucleons considered over the apparent or ideal spherical surface of a nucleus as shells of the halo. Alternatively the question just inside a black hole is life possible? In any case to divide the idea of such layers as if substances or forces as distinct does not really matter for a unification as to how many such substantial worlds describe the dynamics save what may limit one for other possible theories.

But it is clear that while the hierarchical sheets may be formed into a unified measure of an abstract distance or motion it is not clear that in physicality they necessarily do so but can have independent combination's of existence (In which case the CPT combination's are a more relaxed and much wider question than we now ask of these ideas.)

While, as I have maintained myself, the aromatic principles involved in the chemistry of life, including in three space as buckballs, superconductive considerations and so on... the geometry involved in the arrangement of the atoms whatever they are is a deeper geometry still- even from an Euclidean viewpoint. This level of super subatomics as structural information is also a halo or analog intelligibly in the quasic patterns as if ghostly particle resonances. If on this level there are braiding ideas or a definite chiral direction or the ability to influence at a distance the connections as mouths of wormholes- I have not investigated.

In a sense then we should try to define what happens in such a wormhole, that is, is it a quantum leap or jump alone as its description? Is it capable of being reduced to a deterministic (in a world where that may not be distinguished from a more chaotic or uncertain idea of free will- thus that acid test of philosophy becomes also the acid test of a physics theory) If the frequency of light determines the basic nature of such wormholes and effects between them that are not just dark energetic, then in a sense the topological entity is made of the same light in its "living replication" as the light it describes on a deeper level than some idea that a photon is superconductive or that matter(energy) and gravity are intimately connected in the topology and dynamics.

Cleary, some of these things, perhaps by default physical, perhaps the source an imagined place up from some idea of infinity or nothingness with amplification, some of these halo or generational (quasically defined) things are quasi-visible rather than just being transparent or dark as opaque.

So in some sense in this sort of punctuated mini-inflation a quasi-jump and the idea of dark matter are the same description. Again, in matters of measure even over a flat space things may not necessarily be commensurable or congruent as visible measure over our space generations.

Besides the descriptions of the points represented inside and outside of a sphere as models of the > or < ideas of Non-Euclidean geometry, we can regard and as a literal model in some z axial direction to preserve the Lorentz boost groups, we could describe such wormholes as pseudo-spheres with mouth boundaries. In theory in up and down z directions the particles changing these generations may appear of different mass values. Some particles may not legitimately be imagined to be quantized unto infinity even over the alpha zero transfinite... gluon perhaps. On the other hand cosmic rays, or light over time, may accrue mass or some principle where in the exchanges lasers may actually bring some particle to a more rest state and this better grounded than just the observation or vague quantum laws.

Such TGD like wormholes, like any quasi-physical but real connections, as in a cell or the primitive atoms that are forerunners to higher halo aromatic structures arise, or endure for brief lengths of time, adapting as if in spontaneity, even from the isolated cells and its analog to electric circuits.

An interesting post in new scientist involved the brain and orgasm as it was recorded with a brain scan. The conclusion was that we have altered states of consciousness not just a simple one, and that imagination can induce it from one direction but seems essential as we question what and where goes such senses of self and wonder at the local fact that the experience is one of short range FM frequency. But of the connections here I leave the readers to their own traditions of the level of the experience (like the Cherokee seven) or their own experiments. I mean, I was tempted to ask the multi personality lady in the coffee shop if she had multiple orgasms, but I did not.

One other thought of yesterday that should be addressed in these biology concerns is the idea of nucleosomes in relation to the DNA structure and the general biochemistry. Could that have been the only design as complicated as it seems that involves the surface of or halo of histamines? and the so on?

I ask also, in the information of flat worms where a gene determines which is the front or back and certain cells are there to regrow parts now discovered...well how is it these worms when chopped up and fed to other worms that the ones eating them also learn what they learned from going thru a maze?

A small footnote on a program on conspiracy theories, a new book Truthers I think, on a Public Radio interview. I found it very biased even where it seemed to make some sense. But I do not mean from a left or right political viewpoint.

On facebook I asked this status question yesterday:

L. Edgar Otto
If I can understand some of the work of others, then why can't the established physicists?
21 hours ago ·
Arian Otto
If I were the head of the Illuminati, and in charge of all governments and technology, I would only allow the advancement of those same established physicists. I would save the good stuff for loyal institutions in secret. I would intentio...nally sabotage the advances found by enthusiasts. I would use my elite physics to actually change the laws of physics in the universe in subtle fashion - just enough to keep everyone else in the dark.

Well, I thought I was asking an objective question, perhaps historically, but what the heck, at that author said some conspiracies are for real too. Guess that is why our best schools are in the military. For a cult of some kind to exist no one has to conspire with others but act as if there is some measure of a trend or action- and of course, in this open society of social nets of good and bad science, the bigger the lie the more it is believed- Goebbels, his principles of propaganda.

* * *

As I read the blogspots before I wrote these ideas down other than the barest words or stray notes I first posted some of these similar ideas and questions to Pitkanen's blog.

Dear Matti,

In what sense would "dark" elements on a higher Planck level be topological and not a matter of quantum uncertainty on many levels?

Josephson junctions is an interesting idea, in a more general space the connection actually of frequency with the structures. So in a way this reminds me of a sort of relativistic dynamics.

I asked in a previous comment, what is the distances measured between these levels of action?

I had the barest thoughts last night not reading of such junctions until this morning, but aware of the Hall effect.

We discussed what we called the Halo Physics and it was very vague and difficult in the dream.

There are other models indeed and this seems to take a lot more work than we have yet wrapped up. But we have come so far!

Consider the negative index of refraction and take the images as real. There is more than quantum going on in life space, and there is more than relativistic dynamics, and if the two came together we may not need these ideas of shadow or dark matter- but dark energy ideas are not as easily dismissed on the local level.

Yes, If we are clear we can build on ideas as is the usual citing and evidence of a new powerful theory. Of course DNA is a computation device- not necessarily quantum. And its expression as consciousness or its altering states does suggest that the mind is more advanced and just as inevitable in this universe.

But we need to ground these ideas a little more for some will seem obvious later, and some seem a solution but no longer as important.

Now, Can a worm hole be entered on one side of the hierarchy and come out say smaller on the other side?

The PeSla

* * *

One other small observation, that 89 and 107 are on or just beyond the upper right lower left diagonal of the quasic grid. And that the linear and circular patterns in a sense interchange when we go from 64 to 128, 256 to 512, or 512 to 1024 and so on in a two player or two point game.

The halo can be described as part of the orthogonal hidden structure of a singularity complex.

The halo is quasi-transparent, that is we can do experiments that do measure the intensity of varieties of light thru wormholes dampened or linear on certain primary levels of their physicality and being.

* * *

Relevant Links for this post today:

I was thinking Matti, we should think a little more about the thermodynamics of things
especially in relation to these halon like concepts:

"so-called "blackbody radiation" (BBR) enlarges the size of the electron clouds within the atom, though to a much lesser degree -- by one part in a hundred trillion, a size that poses a severe challenge to precision measurement."

Flatworm reference:

These guys on one of our right tracks: Just part of the quasic grid concepts and a deeper understanding of what we mean by spins and so on...


From May 12:

Interesting that rather than seek new theories the Higgs idea is set a little more remotely requiring a few more years of gathering and accommodating the data.

* * *

Another comment to Ulla and Pitkanen with spinor like things as Halonic Physics perhaps? I am not a fan of zero point theory as it is imagined today. The difference of energy thresholds and the count of quanta- that makes sense as well the numbers that go inward or outward in the relativity- but are there singularity complexes or not as we try to imagine a single point particle, and is it not obvious from the geometry and count that the hex systems and such complex numbers are an intelligible part of the big picture regardless of the physical structure?


Compare this to other article as to what is energy and so on.

"So how about the electron's intrinsic spin? It cannot be a rotation in the ordinary sense, as electrons are point particles with no radius and no innards. Instead, like pseudospin, it might come from a lattice pattern in space-time itself, says Regan. This echoes some attempts to unify quantum mechanics with gravity in which space-time is built out of tiny pieces or fundamental networks (Physical Review Letters, vol 106, p 116803)."

Things are going at a rapid pace and in some ways the blogger hiatus of may 12 broke the continuity of dialog.



If there are levels of Planck's constant- would there not be a wider concept of Zero-point energy? especially if these clouds without innards or radii as the electrons in the article seem to default to a grounding where the energy gain is at best zero from a QM vacuum? Such effects would still be distant to see. But why would there have to be an energy source to kick start life if it is part of the overall topological dynamics?

The PeSla

* * *

And again- this time in relation to quantum observations and particles of some size broken or not in the information as if a halonic or quasic symmetry. After all what is a torus in some context but two bubbles together as if we do not see the other six in the background in mere 4 space? No theory of automatia can explain the origins and process of life or consciousness, even as abstract mathematics, without a deeper grounding of the context of pure topology and arithmetic. From this we derive the physical effects that does connect to the more abstract theory that influences the physical effects- a little deeper idea of homeostasis and feedback.


Homeostasis and feedback seem a little outdated to me as once powerful fresh ideas. Minimal cognition is a reasonable question but I do not think we can reach the deeper explanation of consciousness as pure chemistry alone, nor base the deeper properties of memory on it.

While it is good to consider what happens in oil drops, especially the math of surface phenomena and what may be going on in its restrained innards... How does one explain that sometimes a quantum pool of Helium will not boil while
it is being watched? Or that our watching objects of a certain diameter can add to the order of things despite popular ideas?

In any case, an older theory suggests that clay is a catalyst for life involving its dimmers as if interlocking circles.

Sometimes I think it is better to go back to the drawing board than to be burdened with ever more growing obsolete ideas.

Yet, learning somehow maintains a memory over our awakening.

The PeSla

* * *

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