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Debris Ball and Polar Bare Charges

Debris Ball and Polar Bare Charges
L. Edgar Otto May 23, 2011

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Interesting Matti that our humble theoretician posted on this after you have and I will post on it after Lubos. And Ulla, your reference also is part of the picture. But clearly what Lubos proposes is very much TGD-ish and even reminds me of what math puter programs may draw in my quasic plane. Holography as a principle is not quite everything.

Anyway the formula on the illustration as a generalization of the inverse square law (why things are round, Ulla, and why space is three dimensional mostly)is but a vague suggestion for the dark matter, depth and span of space and time, and the inverse very much TGD-like but I added the dark energy here as plus or minus unity. :-)

No wonder it is hard to understand global warming without at least the TGD in the new physics!


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(and from Ulla there):

Actually, it looks like Lubos is coming around to a wider theory- as all such theories said to need modification and tweaking of our experiments cannot be one that is fundamental.

A flag should Lubos find original and fundamental knowledge in the evidence. The inner sphere is Kepler's law but fixed on a circle of smashed ellipse and it does involve at least the fourth power or root as the segments at right angles superimposed. Now does the breakdown of information in a hologram at a certain point such that the whole cannot be described by the curvature of a fragment mean that in a deeper sense we need to fundamentally modify gravity as in Einstein too and generally relate it to quantum laws if not some Thermodynamic models?

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If it seems as we distinguish climate from weather the data seems to say that things like earthquakes come in clusters. This in itself is a principle of nature if we look at the foundations and are not politically biased in the paradoxes of the right and left. But because of this natural quasi-disordering it seems to me it would be difficult to establish a certain theory modeled beyond the scale in real time by any of the quantum statistical models that does not have a deeper foundation. That said, which was the last thought of this philosophic posting I continue with extreme speculation as to possible explanations and technologies and the relationship to our ideas of consciousness from a transgenerative perspective, TXD.

*0 - Consciousness Cn directs structure Sr that directs Matter Mr and conversely.

*1 - the depth and span of space, time, and spacetime times CnMr equals the Sr.

*2 - Can God be considered unto Mr the absolute "otherness" on some XD level where in general reality even each absolute point may be seen as a Cn ? [comment: historically a new concept of God or debates on that leads to new physics] This considered a noetic point or node in a TXD particle field.

*3 - A range of Spirit (St) as Cn divided by a singularity complex or a singularity may ask what is the last general iota particle transformation- evaporation? Is the singularity as un-Mr a form of active or passive transgenerative over time memory?

*4 The more aware (longivity) the greater the span of concrete consciousness over time (mostly in the past direction in depth of Cw^0 (Conway) and other branes or sheets or braided vector orthogonal planes and so on to at least infinite power of potential infinity.

*5 TECH: p-adic sphere shells (capital lambda, and Casimir not just cyclicly in loops) to detect Cw^n relations such as gravity or neutrino generation changes and mass, over netural or inert material structures (plates, spheres, nano second scaled,
to make a sub-space difference viewer of such. Consider the 5 or 6 mirror arrangement with holographic reflections or ideal fractal ones in the "infinity box" also as a simple first mechanism. Show that such abstract structures arise in proton or parton shell structure.

*6 Is there degrees of singularity x Sprit x Consciousness accessible by *5 Cw^Cw^... partonics and will this temporally thus entropic-ally ameliorate chaotic probability?

*7 Why is i9t difficult (if possble) to store energy in lightning? Use *5 as condensers (Capacitor-like Hyperarks)... Endless but cool light bulbs? Neutrino bulbs?

*8 Across Xgenerative self-Galois dynamic observation looping feedback and driection in the depth-span may define Cn. or Grounded over 1 and 0 (existent and not, possible and not) over Xgen time... Are we like St there in our subspaces and this way self awake as emergent but static creativity and creation fields?

*9 In GR there is a conjugate relation of space and time and spacetime. We imagine then, if something congruent and centered in space with no time, then something can be so in time without space, philosophically.

*10 Herein, in the depth and span, we begin to consider the realm of these objects in abstract force translations and rotations transgeneratively. We thus consider one roughly particle like, the other energy like (note that in some realms the idea of subjective and objective may reverse or mix, coexist or alternate, or half exist.

*11 These natures under a flat background (a DM fractal or Gravity holographic one for non-differentiation and the other as a variable (even modified) dimensionless scale, with the idea of discrete time also, is a generalization of the wave particle duality that also may be quasi-discretely alternating. [I added the bold after reading links on Lubos post: it is clear that, "hyperdimensional" or not, where does the unobservable part of the universe go in flat space? You see, if holographics were the only principle in such a world full of black holes then no ideal fractal differences would be needed where it is dark matter... A bold and grandiose claim perhaps... that we are limited in some ways like this.]

*12 This abstract state of such abstract motions and rests is the force or source of substance and sustained consciousness wherein it can be self-aware and imagined self-creative.

*13 As if a subjective space or dreaming space, the remote view is possible yet the concentric and collapses while awakened in actuality restrains.

*14 A pure iota pint as an end to a pure string, a pure ray, may be at times irrational (transcendental) imagining as well as concrete - locally or universally or alternatively, thus it becomes deterministic as if freely willed (QM theory is paralleled here in matters of indeterminacy) as the creative force and field (Hoyle).

*15 A psyche with frailty possibly could not be aware of its reasoning and actions (behaviors, purposes) nor be derivatively conscious of them in feedback loops which themselves may bind awareness- and one can be aware of his reasons and actions yet not influence them as if possessed, even irrationally directed by them.

*16 The unmetaphysical control of behaviors, in actuality but not directly in a virtual schematic, may exist and be implemented or interfered with on higher Xgenerative levels by a global state, some frequency and those stable enough or innocuously unstable can wage such as subjective war.

*17 To consciously influence a physical object mentally depletes the range and amount of the mental entity and its subjective force or it can accrue globally and with perpendicularity to Cw^n... as a substance or grounding of memory.

further margin thoughts:

*Not all things but some things said are obvious from self experience and some theories by the observation and interpretation of the actions and consciousness of others are likewise.

*Consider in one's theory the challenge of a richer model with its inner logic or universal truth as if such a theory.

*The depth-span is not necessarily fixed as a quasic pixel coordinate but is quasi so in space, time, and spacetime.

*Global warming (source and sink) is a TXD issue if the facts are to be understood.

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In the illustration, the omnic background as more general than the arithmetical- topological models, we may consider the whole analog formula (a hint from the days where Einstein and Dirac did not include nuclear forces in their unification and where magnetism and electrostatics were so unified) the formula there may itself require like a mirror the addition or subtraction of the Cosmic Constant Lambda. But in any case we are dealing here with some form of even higher multidimensional spaces and the reduction to some sort of absolute ideas in regards to what exists or may exist.

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