Monday, May 9, 2011

Beyond Octonions

Beyond Octonions

All the colors of May, up to Cinco de Mayo and the Sun of May. My normal dreams were rather lucid and visceral in old forgotten houses and basements. It takes a lot out me sometimes when time arranges itself that I have to hear the same old self centered stories from the same old people damn near get drunk from their second hand shots and false praise or anger for something not from me but in their heads I mean it has been too long being a bank shot for other peoples year long complaints that they cannot find or give up some lover. Point is this is just the direction I was going to explain these new things a bit but did not have the time to deal with the details. It is as if the winter has taken so much out of everyone around me and their vehicles- so it has been impossible to make a move.

It is not good when, distant in thought or real life, what is connected between people if it is lost from entanglement, falls into but fantasy.

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The following from Kea's blog I post for reference for similar new physics issues:

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