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Tornadoes and Tori

Photo of same house after catching fire last year: (I really should cross reference these themes as it was hard even to find it in a listing of images.)

Tornadoes and Tori L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

The condensation of absolute matter (or the notion of it, today after seeing new speculations and getting to the heart of some physics with such truths as our alternative principles- the numerical nature of "points", the reach into space by the braids, the questions I thought best to ask and begin to answer by raw thoughts expanding our grounding in philosophy to accelerate further progress) the extenza of Descartes in the Omniverse could result in a condensation over remote time of a true Higgs particle in an intelligible crystalline like manner with internal structure.

The multiverse has its analog visibly and perceptibility distinct to the n-body problem- these strings extending cosmically in depth or span, linearly while seeming to eliminate dark matter as spin for its imagined (by recent bloggers) remote ideal roles. (Indeed, this simple question of spin in the depth and field, and especially the long wonder at why such things flow in a certain direction is part of the conclusion here which may relate, where there is a difference in the rotation, to what is not yet clearly stated or known about extreme weather.)

There is no longer a meaningful prestige in the social rewards of the Nobel Prize, perhaps an economic one only - yet a very powerful and original idea could merit it provided it is realized a universe of such discoveries make previous awards pale into our limited vision of declining and fragmented obscurity.

Gravity, like mass can be so described, in GR dynamics, may be simply a global and thus dimensionless but constant property of the multiverses on intrinsic curvatures.

The universal or existential scales times the Einstein into a Newton condensation is at least the case.

The shell structure, an atmosphere as flat, a linear source unto spin and jets, the weather fronts, the chirality and mirror vacua, thus the bias and direction of spin, electric and mechanical braiding, we find the origin of flat-particle like entities as a general direction of into the depth over the span as if a two dimensional black hole. A question then of the structure or mechanism as momenta transfer or condensation, as with water and its bonding issues all for complex space focus, heterodyning and amplifications. (A Hurricane is more a span analog and the Tornado a depth in reference to the flat and infinitesimal or flat at the infinite plane of this sphere of earth...)

A black hole, in relation to actuality in the multiverse, naturally toroid-ally decreases and decays to such multi-spin focus at singularities (or the singularity complexes where the notions are really one for general space and here for some ideas of higher consciousness definitions) as if inversion of holograms.

If this model is true, taking the space structure with it, considering the energy of the storms involved, how can we contain or reverse these tornadic entities?

A fatal assumption is that we depend and believe in experts who know answers and what they are doing and how the world and people work.

Can ice discs (certainly as also electric components- and here we may reconsider the ideas of some bloggers as to the relation of black hole like objects and lightning or lightning balls as a science and not mystical spiraling, may be considered as galaxies on the simple geometry of hailstones.) as a sort of quantization , h bar and so on, in shells of higher dimensions have black hole analogs for four space matter and would that not default, as singularity complexes over time, the needed hologram symmetries as constant even considering the universe as such a black hole?

* * *

The following is a poem to be expanded, an except of Olney speaking at a distance through his cornucopia conch shell screen to the wise ones in Far Rock-a-bye, in a time when such dreams can be seen at a distance with dialog unto the learned ones in the lounge and tea shop atop the university, appearing to them as if an airy hologram while they debate why the creamy foam floating on their coffee forms cores and spiral arms, or at the last of their Earl Grey, they try to read the arrangement of the tea leaves.

Maelstroms Long Hidden Under the Seas L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

In the living our life may not be an act of prayer, yet it is a communication with the God or gods.

We are the blurry eyes of God and like a rabbit stopping in its turn, responding to the eons of hawks, our lives close or far from Him are blind when He can see us hidden in the debris. Yet, sometimes we are invisible by motion.

We can build up treasure of the soul in our Heavens of physicality.

Faith is a paradox that blinds the God, sometimes the greater our faith the more we give God dishonor.

On the great shores of wisdom we should not be humbled by the immensity of phosphor stars, not proud that we have circumnavigated the globe - such equality or not is beyond the stars for we are not the sea or shore. Nor that in putting our awareness into a bottle, that bowl and canopy beneath greater skies are we the bottle.

If we think then that we can reach the many and single mote of God whose compass is free and without dimension in His all knowing sea of dots - not the eyes but the spirit we cannot discern if its grounding there is full or empty.

We may read the words, the world of logic's frames spoken into creation, and what more can be said?- but we are not the message either.

We at the apex of youth and immortality run on the beach, around a small island between the Turks and Greece with our companion, the short lived wolf, his loss brings me down to as great a sorrow as the loss of a child. His death in my arms. my narrow world finds joy in roundabouts as if a forever spacious journey and in my darkness sees God's tears as if my trial and punishment.

* * *

A Look Again:

I would like to remind possible readers to visit for there are a lot of parallels to my simple but composite counting. He has the Tolent number 8 of these primes: 1, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 & 29, but everywhere in the factoring I find numbers from my view of things--- interestingly, in the primes as Ulam spirals and the factoring as a pattern of the quasic plane we do sort of see the 4 fold quasic symmetry. I wonder what Mattis take on this in realtion to p-adic primes and I wonder if Lubos knows that also shows up in the arithmetical distribution pattern of his graph as if a holographic plotting.

I got the feeling also from reading their posts that is it a matter of taste as to if we apply some ideas as extending to some sort of idea say a line or string to an internal or external infinity as to what is the top and bottom of perceived scales. But from my view, these sorts of ideas (and they do not answer the idempotent idea of a unity as in Boole nor questions of similarity, not all electrons seen as one quantumly, nor the center singularity everywhere as if a dream or thought in the grounding observation of the universe as if a God) is but the 64 idea of what I called the Ultranscontinuum (Uxcm). That is, these notions of the bloggers seem rather primitive to me for some cosmic models- yet some of the questions are rather deep where the models work together or compete.

* * *

In matters of the remote in physics, the dark and light fractal and holographic frontiers, in metaphysics we weigh questions of what boundaries are defensible...

Olney Seemed so Real for the Fisher-folk were still in Dreams L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

When Olney walked as a shadow and spoke among the fisher-folk, the Townies they asked him "Are you a ghost that has come to tell us of the last edge of the endless beach that cannot contain the sea?"

I am further along and remote indeed, in a place where the middle sea is full of donkey herders pushed into there, those wondering souls of slaves... And in the inland desert the camel headers walk homeless and aimlessly. As all such souls who die in violence are left to explore, find the way, or forever wander. I am not wanderer nor is my path to be plotted by the compass and the stars, I am already at the center of everywhere. I am not ghost but then I am no miracle either.

And the chief of the fisherman asked about all such lost tribes and those who seem to have been found and held special in the eye of the gods- "Will they ever return to their homeland again or will their brothers crawl back up from the sea?"

"Kind Sir, All deaths are violent..." Olney replied as a stray bolt of lightning rolled past him in a ball and the shadow of his lost companion wolf inside it yelped and said hello to him- and bid him to come to a higher place so as to run."

* * *

Bored still, not many around on line or the coffee shop while the change of semesters and graduations here, I made some comments- this one to Ulla relevant to the recent trends of the cross discussions between my sphere of bloggers, indirectly. It was most refreshing to see Kea post again, with very important things to say.


Interestingly I followed a lead last night may 25 which did not get me very far and there was no better method than drawing things in the flat two dimensional case (with the understanding of course higher dimensions were logically represented).

So there was a posting not on this suggestion I had made earlier for it seems that beyond say fourspace we really do not gain much by viewing thing in multidimensional or natural dimensions of a matrix. It does raise the issue of what is clearly communitive or not when we take the roots of things.

Lubos has a post today on the dipole and shape of an electron. The may as well be toroidial in shape for what we can see and interpret. Anyway, I smashed an ellipse into a circle in a symbol on my post of kepler's second law- this is the case when we reduce things from the outside into ideal spheres or taking infinity into account as important we have the same old problem of viewing stretches where the congruence of such ellipses intersect in areas.

Thus, at some stretch of infinity as if seeing cosmic strings we are limited in our notions and perceptions to a universe centered on ourselves and it is not clear that either the big bang view is helpful or any sort of inflation model.

Such strings can only be understood and comprehensive of a more general space if we used the practical methods of Kea, and the numerical insights of TGD. Other than that I am not sure what else may be there save that I remain more advanced only from the standpoint of longtime familiarity with notions of the metaphysics and what I imagine from Aristotle's lost book on three space and the thought of everything in it, his Stereonometry.

The PeSla

* * *

I just saw this one so I really have to post it:

Of course I am not sure what we can read into it, but it is about hailstones- the biomass perhaps as an active alternative theory. Maybe we should keep in mind Lincoln's comment today on sciencechatforum about the nature of groups that there is no evidence (beyond the standard model) of these sorts of connections. Certainly not the 5 one- in his replies on E8. Still, poetically there may just be something here to consider...

Back that night- I knew there was a poem in there somewhere!''

Rotation at Zero Meters Touching Down Without Warning
L. Edgar Otto May 25, 2011

Just as the cycle climate of clouds help the world to breathe, carbon corals under sea
Or the rain forests on the land, so too the line winds meet in gnarly shells were dwells
the soft tissues and muscle if not in their seeds of left hand spirals for transcending homes.

The ice pearl shells around a germ
twisting, melting, freezing saw blade hailstones
Life that moulds the world, its triple space
barred and spiraled, pock face moons
A Ninja's blade thrown with magic made of Haggle-runes

Ten trillion viruses in a teaspoon, hyper-sea and salts
iron miners of the core and veins, fault lines, plasma and defaults
While ashes back to ashes ethereal and bacterial
return all to the dusty ground and in the sky in somersaults
The bivalve of infinity once free now fixed the waters filter
irrigation's rain barrel diffused we pocks of toxic irritations

The maelstrom as the earth breaths, spins down
its third eye, hot and cold the hormone mudflats moan
The debris rolled into a ball, a scythe levels the city to fertile'
ground again, its razor nicks on tranquil oaks like matchsticks.

* * *

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