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Super Hyper-Multiverse

Super Hyper-Multiverse
L. Edgar Otto May 20, 2011

The Bousso-Susskind hypermultiverse at this link seems relevant today:

Lubos refers to the same sort of theme I briefly thought about last night. From my view his evaluation of such speculations seem contradictory or ambiguous in a way that is blind to any freedoms that may objectively find the case. His, like Einstein's stumbling view and black hole of his dreams plays both ends of a debate and comes out the other side thinking they smell like roses. In a way, although Lubos states and understands the principle, denies any solid objective influence to the nature of uncertainty while denying any ultimate changes of a well behaved reference frame and what principles do seem to apply somewhere. While he is right to curb some of the children in their enthusiasm, these are not children to which he applies his static world critique, such children should be seen and not heard. They are annoying and not from the old traditions blessed by the one and distant God.

What, when you think about it, did Einstein ever do that was original in itself?

OK it seems obvious does it not- that matter is intimate to gravity and ultimately space- a sort of Machian background principle. Genius recognized this. OK we say that light takes time to get from A to B even if the time is not an absolute accounting independent of space.

If there are analogs to such a general relativistic background that combines these principles at least, would light not take time to be adsorbed or emitted when we consider the subatomic level of things?

The universe itself, as if structured as a Proton, perhaps an immortal proton even when some may think the mass varies, would have generations of such velocity that could be seen invariant on each level of generation. But we know these can at least in theory mix, and we know there may be more generations or that at some point like singularity there is a certain distance or coordinate measure, a beginning from one view, an absolute, an Einsteinian Aether.

How else would particles in the main decay as if Nature does an experiment that repeats?

The super hyper-multivese is more like a pulsar or a nucleon with vibrational directions but the coherent orientations are not clear, not the basic rules that determine perturbations, combination's, and especially that heart of algebra, distribution. It is still not the widest conception there is of such multiverses- even when you exclude all concepts of consciousness and subjectivity.

Essentially, it appears the Dark Energy pulls the galaxies apart and gravity is not the great changing reference frame that describes everything. Yet, in the generational view we could say that the attractive or repulsive force of that holographic and fractal difference of tidal and opaque forces alternate across the generations even if extended beyond three. Matter itself, relative or fixed in any one state of the structures of universe generations, is the ground of gravity which is the ground of the dark force until this reverses again in such order and excesses or deficits in such order. Dark energy may become attractive if we find a more unified theory or philosophic underpinning of physics in ways that are intelligible.

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Well, let me just leave with a less of a rant wondering if I will ever not have the risk of being homeless if I ever could return to the land of milk and honey with the boundaries of 67 in a world now framed and referenced to three of the Great Western religions at the source. But my world, then in relative peace in Europe, could not remain static nor the truth of what was happening in it transparent to me again after leaving the service. (I have to stay low on Memorial Day again before I raise too much hell and get in trouble.) I was in intelligence for Christ's sake.

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(96^3 x 4)/ 1152 = 3072; 3072/8 = 384; 2x384 x 3x384 = 1920; 3a x 5a, Fibonacci and so on... 1920 = 1/2 x 2^5 x 5! ...

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Today I saw a discussion thru links on Kea's blog on the idea that there could be 5 Higgs particles, two of which are charged and three not observed yet as neutral if this involves super-symmetry. Now I do not know how they deduced these things but I do understand that some dimensions in their model of broken symmetry are not directly observed if at all. Now there is also the idea of impostor particles. And the various interpretations of what these can be if not the Higgs- Pikanen's idea, Wu's, and as far as mass goes I understood Lubos made some predictions.

Of course the quasic idea permits something like super symmetry and in a structural way it too seems related to the Fibonacci ratios. But if this is the case we can say that to some higher level or super hypermultiverse like particles of which we relate these ideas of mass, dark and so on, in a simple intelligible counting manner, that beyond this 5 idea of some things we could say that some Higgs-like objects or particles would be there in higher rations of Fibonacci numbers, say we may see 5 then 8 of them and so on... dark generational levels can have wide freedoms to ground some concrete structures of the world and what stable limits there are is to be determined- perhaps in the simple mathematics of such generational ideas- to which its idea of space itself, and sign determines the older and new concepts of what we call as physics the idea of mass- and this needs not be confused with simply an idea of some exotic and unreachable parallel universe.

Again, the theoreticians as usual seem to skirt around the simple and obvious.

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What Empty Words Echo in an Empty Heart and Mind?

"Obama's proposals will either quickly die, showing that Obama is just a loser and crazy kibitzer who is disconnected from reality and whose big words don't mean anything; or they will not quickly die and Obama will work to realize them. In that case, I would find it pretty natural for Israel to try to assassinate Obama and any other future U.S. president who will threaten Israel's existence in a similar way."

Is Lubos suggesting that the Israelis whom wanted more than the 67 boundaries the USA helped establish in the first place and they pushed us closer to global nuclear war would threaten our president? A pox on both your houses then!

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This from thru xcthulhu
Forum Moderator whom I have always admired his scope of wisdom

Of course, with variations, I have posted some things along these lines and where the rotations and translations seem to mix in the generations of things we do seem to see nodes as in the picture when we consider the holograms of sheets and surfaces and so on.

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