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Anti-Partition Mixing Vectors of Five Variables

Anti-Partition Mixing Vectors of Five Variables
L. Edgar Otto 05-06-11

Welcome to a rather abstract exploration of the five-fold patterns in higher space using my quasic methods. I make no interpretation here as to the dynamics or what this means for say the physics of particles- this leap of abstraction is still new to me. Admittedly, the resulting representation in natural dimension space is tetragonal so the total symmetry may be in the ensemble of these holofractal regions. Indeed, it is thought that in 5 space 40 spheres may close pack a central one. In a sense this extends the idea of the quasic grid much as in the string theory partitions of numbers apply, and in number theory the same integer may have different representations as far as a free ranking of order of things go.

I suspect that in a sense we have a sort of continuity of these quasi-discrete entities. For as 2^R is a continuum and if a group the subgroup is vastly larger than the group R, perhaps 2^2^R is vastly greater again. Continuity would mean that there is at this level (the super Conway or Cw' matrix) this is a unified theory among a range of many others.

A Philosphical Note:

I thank Yuri for mentioning the difference in the 3:1 concepts and 3+1 formalism issue is that from philosophy, Parmenidesian Spheres and Heraclitus's change. We reach an impasse with these archetypal stances as surely as that trap of dualism in which the mere synthesis of the concepts as well as the exclusion of one or the other is no clear resolution.

A general remark then on those who here have aspired to and occasionally found original and fundamental knowledge- especially as outsiders. Such independent theorists may be essential to scientific progress if they persist and survive.

It is also clear that a special term, such as TGD or my use of the world quasic, is perhaps the only term to describe the contribution and if some do not listen they may be put off by the repetition of such terms.

In the things I read or found in isolation (not knowing for example if anyone was interested in the idea of n-dimensions as a geometry study, nor that Coxeter would become mainstream far from a worn book I found in the library) also were independently applied.

In the mythology of physics, as with any drama that is akin to a faith, we have for the popular consumption certain general concepts which gives a sort of grounding of ideas to those encountering them but not necessarily with the needed depth and comprehension. Some things are not discovered and some so discovered are not applied. But are the shared things, that we all can find, not more solid and scientific than the myth that underlies them?

The idea of entropy as not the strict disordering of things, Prigione as mentioned in one of the link PDF's as well as Parmenides in relation to Zeno and so on- I mentioned or read and so posted in the philosophy chat forum long ago- that is we really do not know what someone does or does not know and we are likely to dismiss that we do not understand as so many well educated people here seem to do when from some view they are each other's peers. It is better to encourage and new idea rather than discourage progress as if to enshrine some last century concept of the survival of the fittest theory- even of universes some have said.

Let us not over-estimae or underestimate some ideas, at least from a Lockean perspective give the inputs good weight. But in question of survival and what freedoms or limits determines this world- let us in an era of new and prolific theory not forget to question the foundations then bring them down to earth.

I suspect this highly abstract idea in this post is original and fundamental- but I do not know if it is there already in some form and it is on the frontier or fringe wherein I myself do not know its implications or if it is a worthy post. Yet, one thing that has driven me (other than boredom in waiting as I cannot leave here yet hence the BYE in the window of my last post's illustration) is the impatience over long decades that obviously many things are not applied if ideas like this are there which would have made a difference to us all- not the least of which would be equal opportunity to enquire and to some degree understand the worth of human life.

As outside the institutions of the body of learning, as a creative blog, I post this idea no sooner than it falls out of the senses of pattern from my mind- and that seems to be a rather fast transition lately.

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