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Composite Representations

Composite Representations L. Edgar Otto May 24, 2011

Condenser Spaces and the Extremal Geometry of (Celesticontinuum) Symplex Physics and the Role of External Observation and Grounding Observation of Dream Systems Between the Extremes In Discrete Concrete Physicality Topologies and Thermodynamics.

Lampion 1 - The holographic principle in terms of information as observed from a higher plane or in the dynamics of a lower plane of process is not a complete idea when different representations (arrangement between "matter" pieces in a grid of "space" cells obeying simple Logical coherences) contain the same information expressed in different (Quasic) laws of motion.
(Thus If only from the view of holography as the main emphasis the remote equations of physics of infinity reach a point of breakdown or a ground of emptiness which is the usual formulation of Boolean and arithmetical axioms) We also need the considerations of Fractal like positive spaces and the relation to holograms to which some may indeed imagine as the stuff of consciousness and unity possible in some states with the physical.)

Lampion 2 - In the transition from one representation to another the connections (such as braids or TGD wormholes) carries with it a grounding that is not necessarily non-linear, empty, or replete with transcendental and transfinite notions of sets and numbers and spaces.
(Nature thus expresses intelligibly or coherently and logically herself in the idea of generations, of say particles. But these have a certain perpendicularity in which the dimensions of motion also distinguish the styles of particles.

Lampion 3 - Kepler's third law is an example of the virial principle of this change of representations (which is also a change in the content of meaning and information) which lead after his intense observations to Newton and the inverse square law to establish that a^2 in some sense equals B^3, specifically that 8^2 = 4^3 = 64 which begins to think about numbers in four and eight dimensions of symmetry. (and for me the discovery one can play on a 4 x 4 x 4 board the 8 x 8 chess which is a sort of holographic principle, the Odo64 discovered long after the Higher chess games in the attempt to explain such divisions and restrictions where in a normal space one might think it is a matter of N^n cells of dimensions.
(Yet there are ways to see certain composite representations where one might get a different background or systems of backgrounds to make certain binary numbers primary. This Feymann or Dirac way of considering information or the way by notation where it is obvious for a coordinate system the octonion-quaterion differences. In a sense TXD and TGD differ only on such a primary emphasis. In the explanation of TGD wormholes, even as braids of braids, and in the work of Kea which senses the differences (quasic) of this condensing theories, say between 4 or 5 natural dimensions. Both theoreticians sense the asymmetric and quantum uncertainties that may be in the dynamic background of dark and fractal like theories.)

Lampion 4 - I suggest or assert the representations 2^6 (simplex connectivity where for me all simplexes reduce to a Celesticontinuum, Cscm, and others try to base things primarily on this continuum say in a hierarchy of triangle structures that describe as incompletely as holograms the structure of space.) 4^3 and 8^2 correspond to the neutrino generations. 16^1 and iota as if a null state or a point ^n as a singularity not a complex on the observational extremes in four dimensions.
But in five natural dimensions in ways Kea abstractly has shown in the matrices which corresponds to the quarks where in effect, and rather holograph-like actually
we have four generations from iota to 256.

Lampion 5 - However, just as the natural number sequence has composites this ideally extended levels of representations has them for the divisions of the algebra and the way in which ideas of symmetry are generalized and not as prime irreducible as some would have us believe is the only limiting case of our concepts in physics for group theory. I fact here we have in 5 space of a third generation, and hard to put into my usual factoring binary notation, the case of 8^2 x 2^2 = 256 objects. This of course fits well with Eddington's Uranoid ideas in his quantum relativity of 1929 as to how we may relate the 2^2 of those representational coordinates and his idea of the simple derivation of the fine structure constant at this 256 level. Thus one sees the reason in composite representations I form the series Odo256 Odo1024 and so on for 3 and 4 dimensional chess games of two players. It is worth noting in the things in plain view hidden (like my trying to grasp space and numbers this way) that if we continue this representation 8x8x8x2x2x2 we find the 512 or 8^4 case.

Lampion 6 - It is not enough to see powers in the continuum sets 2^N as a sort of Clifford finite dimensionality. There can be certain integrations and differentiations, partial and total, of these generative powers such that we do derive the special relations of matrices like 2^9 x 2^6 or 36^2 or by addition in the quasic definition or view of dimensions the role of say 4D x 3D as where the number 12 fits into all this.

Lampion 7 - Lastly, I tend to agree with TGD that certain particles (both the three and four dimensional ones present) in the composite representation are composite particles or what some bloggers have suggested are Higgs impostors.

[Well, I have failed to make it so simple anyone can read it but had to get some form of the information down in these insights into my my own intuitive decisions and why I had made them long ago. The page was really just half a page long in the manuscript. If anyone needs or wants to question me or add to the ideas email me at LoversOfWisdom@yahoo.com Upon awakening and with seeing Pitkanen's post and after Lubos explanations and privileging the holographic idea yesterday I found again that I did have more to post. But, Justin who reads occasionally my "esoteric" physics, the theme really is here how we grab hold of simple but complicated notions, especially for your suggestion a few years ago in my poetry to take up the theme of consciousness.]

* * *

Comment posted to Matti Today on http://matpitka.blogspot.com/2011/05/p-adic-physics-as-correlate-for-boolean.html


I am posting what I hope will be the passing of a clear but abstract concept among other concepts.

It is difficult because there are other concepts that are as powerful like the holographic principle.

As far as I can understand your post today it relates, and is a surprise to me as part of your area of research, that I see it as such a difficult concept in which I tend to agree with the structures if not the exact implications say for consciousness.

We should always be ready to question our ideas especially if they seem to restrain some theory or physical process and we assert it to be so.

Composite Representations on pesla.blogspot is the title to see and before reading your post was meant to be a terse note to try to convey what is really a simple idea of space and get input on what I myself want to assert about it.


* * *

Footnote: My illustration today has a Cartesian grid background of the window screen and on that raindrops which distort and magnify the grid as if bits of the so called compactified dimensions. With that I added a turret from a turn of the century house with a "lightening rod" for the relation to electricity and a structure of simple geometric forms with my obsession for arrangement of overlooked connections, with rays from coffee stirrers to make the higher symbol of perpendicularity of our notions, focusing on the apex of a light cone or diamond as it were. The symbolic orthogonal plastic pieces here uses again for issues of technology.

* * *

Stray Thought Left Out: Lampion M - the paper Lubos referred to yesterday where the description of a and a sub zero, things were left out- that is nothing inside something like a black hole in his graph of such spaces- I can understand this as a basis for wider freedoms of the dynamics- but how does it explain what accelerates the spin of black holes over time? To see space as hologram only is thus a comprehensive but incomplete picture that the process or notion itself has deeper explanations- it is odd that when asked why there were tornadoes for example as a child I questioned the explanation of the mixing of the cold and heat.

* * *

It should be clear, eventually, to anyone that such abstract ideas and ideals of quasic motions within and between representations not only show the reason for natures generations from many viewpoints but as far as their application to particle physics actually ground the describe the possibilities of their differences in being and structures.

* * *
An interesting question on newscientist about turtles (whom in theory may respond to five space orientations with five receptors- in relation to heat direction:

Yesterday morning I had a talk with the artist of the dioramas on his use of mirrors and what projects he wanted to do with them. I told him some things to expect in some cases of curved mirrors and tried to explain how it relates say Escher and perception and Escher's study of such symmetries, formally and accurately in his drawings (confirmed by Coxeter) and as inversions with the butterflies his discovery of a new crystal group.

But I learned something too, someone has made an expensive mirror, two at 45 degrees in a way that reverses left from right. The artist wanted to purchase one. He said that when people view it, because there is no seam dividing them- the achievement of the mirror maker, that they experience a sense of vertigo and nausea.

Thus I think of Pinker who tried to explain, in evolutionary terms mostly, how it is we can see or relate to the directions and dimensions, and how at the borderlines of such perceptible space the flat places are very fuzzy as they outline the volume to at least our ability to see and orient things in three space. This borderland is the issue here talked about as to the role of holographic ideas. But it occurs to me that by eliminating the ideal line where the mirrors meet that the origin of this nausea is that remote sense of turns and twist at the breakdown of nothingness and infinity wherein we center ourselves and orient our perceptions, confuse the left and right at least that still less developed and open to confusion at some ideal point or line of projection on such planes replete with condensed dimensions. In other words it seems to or almost directly touches our ability to perceive and relate to our-self in perception as if we went to infinity and back and merged the volumes with the surfaces and the inside out of gloves in superposition.

Then again I always thought, with practice, we can see and orient things in more than three dimensions provided we see it as Nature herself does. The source of art as well those lone stars left in the twilight is that we on the beach where life arose by watery shores is the ground, shifting sand or not, and the gaze into some greater and endless infinity. We but a blip in spin that can go what seems so far at the time as if we a skipping stone.

* * *

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