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Generative Space and General Stereonometry

Generative Space (The General Stereonometry of)
L. Edgar Otto May 21, 2011

The Unmetaphysical Principle: (A Physical Principle) - Over a certain range or compass of general space what is cannot be said to not-exist or be metaphysically part of the non-existence it creates as other, if a neutral place, currents, expelled or interactive symmetry where only it is real and not remote or vaguely multiversal, or in theories of broken symmetry and compactification- that as to what is as physicality is a range of thermodynamic space quite besides the speculation as to what is the non-physical nature of the cosmos. Energy, space, entropy and light as thermodynamics is roughly local and thus we have a separation possible of space and light.

In matters of synchronicity, and thermodynamic morphogenesis as if an action at a distance, the "Transgenerative epigenesis of the Transgenerational Genome is a physicality as quasi nonlocality over the quasic hierarchies of depths and field. This of course the concrete realization of organic things and possibly brain and consciousness as a nucleation of cephalizations. Such "memory" extends beyond the genome of one generation and most likely the freedom of RNA differences is the mediator. This narrows the definition of what is the qualitative state of higher life. Clearly, the reading of such genomes and genome complexes is akin to the three generations involved with the concept of particle expression.

*1 Combine continuous and Discrete Fourier forms into an intelligible algebra.

*2 umu (Pitkanenn): entities that only distinctly mix of a greater set , e and mu for example includes "electrohadrons" of partial subset combinotorics.

*3 Apply Kea's methods (braidy bunch) to Qs-TGD and convert into matrices

*4 Holographic x Fractal; x Conway matrix hierarchy, iota as point like is equivalent to General Relativity or as string like is the quantum theory and analogs- There are tori ^tori^... umu^umu also as fractal quasic context. Holograph-fractal^2 x Kea ^umu all divided by Qs, I almost assert. in this multi-brane dimension set, umu^Qs

*5 "*" = product x summation signs, wild card= circle plus or circle x

*6 there is a variable discrete Fourier field (as if a density) over and of nodes considered.

*7 the interchange of signs to n dimensions of the Conway hierarchy is a jump or bridge between the continuum^continuum and the discrete^discrete.

*8 what happens to the e mu tau lengths and subsets as energy and partial generative change of energy and photons in say novas?

*9 there is an ambiguity over three gen space thus light and gravity in a grounded relation and Lambda and space also grounded thus.

*10 phi^n connectivity also determines the connection and independence of trans-generational effects expressed across generation space in combination's as far as physical structures go unto the dimension. The idea is that we define invariants better such that something like the spacious paradox of two photons in opposite directions have a net speed as the velocity of light and not a more classical view of adding such velocities or which is at rest or not, which accelerates or is understood as outside the question of general acceleration and so on to show that such a thing or question arises in the freedom of physical reality and our notions in the first place to which we may try to solve or propose as evidence against some theory, much like the brilliant and controversial work of Zeno.

* * *
It occurs to me as I am writing this that this may be a case where the original notes and its special symbolism may be help or even be more easily decode the notions herein (if anyone ever strives to do so):

Clearly there is a side issue there beyond the physicality as the Reality Principle or a side theorem-notion. It amounts to the concept that a symbol cannot just contain meaning and information in the Shannon sense as conjugate. That is, that some codes may contain a lot of information or little information to which we are expected to be skeptical of any direction of interpretation or to infer some meaning when in fact there is no clear meaning in the theory there. Moreover, we may be asked to rely on a pattern of reduced but complete and simplified information that limited in itself does not convey or may obscure the hidden information and even its resolution to a unity.

This illustration-photo says it a little more clearly a more fractal view of photons in general space... The goddess in he corner was already there but I made it expanded in detail as a reminder (a sort of anti-gargoyle for cathedrals, that of life there is a limit in the living in the light to soul if only humble.)

Ulla sends me a link and the information of the numbers certainly add up there, with simple models like the classical radius and so on of the electron in simple space. I do not know what she wants me to defend or infer from the link. To the extent the theory is informative is also has totally missed the meaning on the qualitative level I expect us to try to understand. In the comment to that forum link from Ulla terse comment link on my last post (she most likely knows I would find it interesting and is really objective on what we should read into the data) again, the simplicity obscures the deeper notions of what is the real-especially in the organic realm- the model of which I speak as transgenerative (and of which TGD strives to model and make natural conclusions) is best thought of as what happens and why when amoeba divide, normally, one of the pair vanishes with the errors, or the errors are shared until the whole line of daughters are too weak to survive- or perhaps as in anthropology this explains cases where human species vanished- certainly the Neanderthals had a much higher burden of the need for fuel for their metabolism.

It is clear also that what is written here may not be distinguished from incoherence- but to that I hold up some informative posts of our Lubos which from my view are fragmented and incoherent beneath the apparent unity of the issues- and this takes the form of what if scrutinized amounts to at least contradictions at the end of the eclectic world views without scientific and objective judgment as if a trial where the case is made from the beginning of jury selection. It not clear to me this carries over into the reality of our political world- especially the gains and loses of the last industrial century (where to stand tall is not seen as much the power of evolving as violence but a general inheritances gain over a few generations- the sins of the father and so on...) Are the 67 borders of Israel indefensible? What right did the socialist Czech democracy have to keep a minority of Germans in the Sudetenland in the name of defensive borders? Does Israel have that right to control borders or in this example Lubos shows do we expect if we take the road of peace and appeasement that those who would claim such a minority, like Israel, take the rest as surely as did the aggressive first strike Nazi Germany?

* * *
In this photo-illustration from the diorama series by the owner of the Joynt bar whom I made a photo sketch record- art for arts sake! - he mentioned the Escher like one that with a mirror behind it adding to the difficulty of the photo that in viewing it one finds themselves in the center- and Lo, I fond myself in the center taking the picture... in flatland water flows uphill and we call it an illusion but it is really a part of perceptive and physical space as if an illusion thereby it seems as simple as two three dimensions superimposed on a six dimensional space. Can we not imagine this notion for time, and in perhaps a more complex fractal like way?
Ulla has a most interesting post on her blog today on consciousness. A quote from Penrose and one that in a qualitative way relates, albeit vaguely, the connection between the physicality of something consciousness and the processes or decline of it at dying. These may be a little beyond the science of it all in some senses but the science when we look closely handles the relationship of meaning an information hardly any better- save perhaps where these universal notions, our biology and our minds the essential reality to which reductionist physics are but the laws of grains of sand in free fall to our intricate spirals, houses and boundaries, depth and endless beach, role of the wheel of fortune clinging to a narrow bandwidth of salt and light on the littoral of a wider sea to which we may navigate and return or fall off somewhere as we sailors do crochet and knots or give in to such falling dreams.
* * *

Maybe tomorrow I will write on our multiverse of consciousness, perpendicular everywhere to the unmetaphysical her higher radiations and halves and doubling as if the creature in the half-shell, Antares (anti-ares or Mars) is the blossoming and source of divine proportions of which the shell is but her image.

* * *

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