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PeSla's Conjecture (and Memorial Day Rant)

PeSla's Conjecture
(and Memorial Day Rant)

Some of my friends have finally made it off the grid- and then I sometimes feel I have for all practical purposes vanished off the grid myself, but it was not my choice. On the other hand the ability to speak on line is a whole new virtual world and identity- yet is not a powerful or significant force in the sharing of communication and influence on the world as we usually think it will be whenever a new medium is introduced. Of course I regard these friends and if not new back to the earth homeschooling hippies at best then rather whacky in their evolving conspiracy theories. It was a strange feeling and ending telling them but who knows if I know what I am talking about after a long rant which held them at my feet spell bound. But I tried to get the conversation back to useful things, some from the thirties, that would make life better for them on their farm. The topic of course was my earlier post on Aristotle's farmers, teachers, and healers to which they agreed in this society are soon to or are starting to fail.

Well, today is Memorial Day, for the parade anyway. It was just to be another day to get to the coffee shop and post perhaps, or just read. Avoid the hype and politicians and things like the Army and the Case of the Soldiers in the Chosen Few group in Afghanistan on the show Dateline. I should not have watched that.

So, there is nothing much to write today, I faced a blank sheet of paper. I ate some chili and had a dream about Memorial Day in a disturbing mood with the realization that even in my active protesting, spontaneous actually, I have never dreamed about such individual things as what happens to us cannon fodder. Oh yeah, is it a dozen or so suicides after a tour over there lately? Name me one vet who had anything to do with the veterans administration and hospital who is not falling apart and are much younger than I? Thank God I was in no position in the military where I had to hurt anyone.

Now, in that part of the dream (the other part was a mathematical conjecture, one small one with no time to follow the thought as the Memorial dream interfered) I asked myself if there was not something in between "The obligation of the constitution we swore to defend that if there are mistakes the government is responsible for them, and in fact I am entitled to all the years of money I would have made if the Veterans administration not fouled up my schooling more than once- and that if I could be off the grid at least to be left alone I should at least even if I get no compensation at all now from my time in the military, serving honorably and not disabled, that I should be in danger of being homeless again as I have been intermittently this last decade despite asking for help." well, it was said in the dream with a fewer words and more emotions so as to awaken me in the middle of the night.

However, the work goes on in the background in the living, we aware of it or not. So, I offer PeSla's Conjecture (this term supersedes and replaces what may be there on philosophychatforum where I may have used the term for a differnt conjecture.)

PeSla's Conjecture :
In these new (meta)physical models of how the natural idea of dimensions relate to physicality and to transfinite numbers, it should be that just as we can double the numbers in complex spaces, that we can divide or half the aleph-n's into sub-alphs where this division acts as if finite number systems such as the fundamental theories as of arithmetic.

(Today I seem to read Pitkanen and think that this conjecture of last night, and based on my own flow of themes posted here lately, that this may be like what he is talking about. But it is not exactly about simple hierarchies or the probing by intelligible methods into them- the braids of braids and sheets and planes and so on- it is a deeper sense of what we almost cannot imagine about say aleph-4 broken down as far as some idea like curvature is concerned, int say two alephs-2. We are like the fish discovering the seashore and climbing out then awakening that there are stars.)

* * *

Let me rant this some more for it is the real purpose, the formal mature purpose inside this post. On top of everything else PBS discussed some psychological test research that studied criminals and labeled them psychopaths as far as if they ever leave the prison system on parole. The inventor of this test works against this use that he feared can be misused science.

I was accepted and trying to straighten things out with the VA so there would be no problems a third time they diverted me to concealing saying if I went they would fix it so I could go to school. Not so, I took tests, it took months before I could see the results which they showed me with a lot of them standing over me and I having to sign a paper as to what I would use the information for. The test results were unremarkable, average is all. But by then the so called deadline had passed.

Of course now I wonder what good is the school, at least for this generation, but I also wonder if the people are seen as criminals- that is we label them even from the very young age in grade schools as some sort of psychopaths. It seems btw that people evidently not caring for others as much or without a sense of guilt and remorse do on the average much better in business. I guess, well they treat the veterans as if they were criminals, guilt presumed before hand, now it should then be clear that ALL BUSINESSMEN ARE CRIMINALS At least those who do better in our competitive environment.

So, is it really productive for science for us to call each other crackpots? and who is doing it but those entrenched in the institutions or universities such that the students cannot think for themselves? A generation not knowing what rights it has lost? Freedom is free, it is greed and selfishness a treasure one needs to defend.

A couple of years ago, on and off, I was told there was a pension if I were on the street (temporary) and when I gave in to check on it I found the service officer here in Eau Claire County WI had lied or did not know the law- for to get it one had to be disabled and take a lot of psychological testing. Of course his pet projects is expanding the vets homes usually populated by ex meth and alcoholics that as far as I can tell this had noting to do with their service. Heck, one man in there but just over the 180 days has for 20yrs got 2500$ a month and has 15 bottles of medications. His black Sargent made him give him a blow job at gunpoint he said but I have often wondered why when he did go to college all his friends and roommates were gay- of course, not knowing he schizoid, lying and drugged out, not really and accountant for the farmers, and linked to me for the start-up candle company- well, I just walked out when he put his hand on my thigh one night on the couch. Turns out he was not all there and not clear what sort of romance he wanted anyway.

And of course two memorial days ago I confronted Representative Kind in the park I being there by accident when he mentioned his new homeless program (like the one of three years earlier) I being homeless at the time. Now, what am I to think when he wants to run for Senate and I get an email asking for money? I simply replied that I was not longer active in the party and if anyone had listened I would have money to send. But it does not matter, such mail - you can only feel good or fool yourself into feeling good- It is too late for me to opt out of the grid anyway but damn, sooner or later they must realize I have nothing more to loose.

* * *

Some futher comments to Ulla, see her blog for her interesting replies:


I recall reading a book around 1966, Thirty Years that Shook Physics.

It said that after 1930 or so there really was not much progress made, that the theoreticians were stuck. I suppose more subatomic research and the string theory looked like a great breakthrough for awhile.

But do we not still come up against the logic of all this, the same OLD logic in new applications?

If God is the ultimate observer, and not a subjective being, and the laws of physics very wide with lesser subjects in them or not, Could God make the ultimate multiverse of Lubosi disappear?

This gets a little fuzzy as we approach the surface of some gravitational object and try to divine its hologram and so in self analysis find the light shifting and dimming to ourselves or others- which is truth?

In the Revelations it states that "at the end times we hath no need of candles for God supplies the light, and the mystery (secret) of God will be finished."

Where does the candlelight ultimate vanish as it goes out into the expanse of time and space? How many light years is that?

Hmmmm- sorry I got the quotes and the comment on them (en)tangled up. But oddly my replies above seem to fit.

One point- the biological view, as a philosophy or even counter to some religions, some think a lesser philosophy, came way before the quantum discoveries.


* * *

Status Comment on Facebook Today:

L. Edgar Otto
You cannot go home again for there is no such home any longer, Jobs and School, businesses and a place to live with a little peace- not grandiose Memorials. I wonder when I move on like the 18 per day WWII soldiers the dozens a day suicides from the gulf wars- If I will even have a burial flag to hide our shame behind.

But think not as laws change, societies and the relationship between people change, the viability and promise of schooling and wisdom, that we are victims of the decline by our age and no longer fit in- most likely the society like a raisin from a fallen grape it that which has left you and not you the party. In that sense though, there is an irreducible optimism to which our frailty in politics and social engineering, we ignorant, stands out for what we can and will do as we carry the ball of enquiry and are intimate to the ways and limitations of our time.

* * *

Hopefully the parade is well over, the weather here is finally getting muggy and it is rather a ghost town with the students mostly gone. I begin to wonder if it was such a fortunate idea to live around so many students in a university town where they become a major part of the economy. So I think a little more about Ulla's last posting and make this comment:

Ulla, this relates and shows the status of things where they can.

I is still a problem to me how in the use of standard ideas... even p-adic, and so on, that we can be limited by these hard found words which may not convey the higher insights.

Where the perpendicularity seems to have perpendicularity (in our more philosphic sense) it is natural to compare the anti-symmetry and the anti-matter otherview ideas and perhaps show the connection.

If, as a simple anlaogy and model here, we can determine things from the "Big Bang" as to this ratio of He and H, would it not be reasonable for some other concept of an initial beginning that the quark-antiquark ratios point to some higher level where we have to consider too that the universe in a sense has hierarchy (that nevertheless the data seems to show it too reaches some evidence of resonance).

It remains physically a question as to why this difference, and perhaps Kea's observation points this out depending on what level the math, such as p-adics, applies to what level of the otherness. 2 and 6 (thus 36) certainly have unique problems of constructable (fault lines) properties of numbers as in the dominoes in6 x 6 blocks of which no other numbers so have this property.

We deal with cubes in space which are essentially 3x3x3 but as in the report on the soma cube news there are other puzzles from such pieces that we can select coherently a different set to make a cube, even as a matter of dice probability. Nature obeys such rules even if it has the hidden bigger picture as so we do. Of course in the matters of 24 or 27 or 30 or 32 ways to organize things, 32 and 64 for example, it is clear that we should keep the numbers and geometry and dimensions straight if we are to probe the reality successfully in the down to earth effects to expect as TGD and Kea et all seems to promisingly do.

But let no one discourage you from your contemplations for you are getting there along with the rest of us mere humans who dare to think.


* * *

A Biological Speculation inspired by the PeSla Conjecture:

Again, from the quoite on the comment that suggests the old physicists are not comfortible with biological examples:

*We primates seem to have evolved in our perceptions of the space around us and our description of such general spaces into the emphasis on the verticle as depth, the linear symmetry snake like instead of the span more lilly pad like.

*Compare this to the dolphin brain that may get clues from the degrees of freedom afforded in the sea as if an analog to weightlessness and consequently we understand such models of space where the molecules in an ensemble have say 6n degrees of freedom. Such creatures may indeed have problems navigating where the world and their paths become subject to more linear considerations.

*This this seems a matter of perceptions and adaptibllity of consciousness in life as semmingly more complex than what we organize in our purely reductionist mathematics and physics.

*This concept, the conjecture, on a lower level of dimensioned directions and perceptions- all generally potentially there to relate to in the mix, as a linear continuum of the natural physical possibilities, of the negotiating of higher set theroretic analogs to points, lines, curves and beyond in for us even more unclear concepts far from our familiar environs... as a source of supersymetry like freedoms and their resonant loops and closures and buoyacy and density

*We after all at least bicameral and bilaterall in the symmetry- that there are different ways to divide or duplicate as in the topology of such super manifolds our systems of evolving brains and emphasis of perceptions.

*Part of this seems to me intimate with the nature and sub parts of an organism on the chromosome level- especially in matters of halving and duplicating them.

* * *

More Ulla, as I am still in the coffee shop- Hey it is really neat to see on the stats what contries seem to be viewing this- Finland, and NZ and lately England, and the Asian states--- if the map better the Czechs and Jordan- but I find it interesting that Iran showed up- what the heck can they make of this I wonder? It seems the views are over then thousand now- but without the ability to accept the cookies in a public computer we cannot discount the views of the posts from the author as when I add more. In any case there should be two more listings in the count for this month I could republish from the drafts but have included in the next posting so as not to disturb the growing direction and continuity of my thinking. But the count does not matter because a great many postings could have been divided with themes and illustrations. The bright stars in Lyrae can be seen as double doubled upon closer examination. Anyway, Ulla it does help to find a comment here now and then to know, as closed and unadvertized as this is, I am not talking to empty space so thanks for your comments. One day soon I may make a way for us all to interconnect more logically on a domain, an art one really, where notions and statements may not get lost in the complexity of it all.

Interesting insofaras we are actually following each other...

The cube thing was asserted as metaphysics really, but as an example or model we can make some sense of, yet it is after all about this question (some say is not a question) of what after all is classical and where it begins in any hierachy. Which is to say Euclidean and flat.

The fun begins if you try to make four dimensional "cubes" from such a set of possibilities and trying to decide if there are higher forms of curvatures involved.

In which case, regardless of what is a spinor or spin for that matter, the reach of some linear or more quantum like method, or the n-adic ideas, or braids even, is not a much higher reality of things than we now want to cling to.

Sorry if I did not read the decay modes in detail finding them primitive and boring and a great underestimation of our sense of space.

Perhaps you will like my biology speculation on the Dolphins in my last post.

If we are trapped in some terms and the notions behind them, well, intellectually one must consider that even the "experts" have understimated (except emotionally for or against) the new physics. And that is TGD too and to the extent it is quantum deterministic over the more general ideas- they underestimate it exactly like they tend to overestimate what we know applying physics to biology.

The PeSla

Read it as not much more of a higher reality than what we now want to cling to

or these do involve a higher reality than what we are used to

to clear what I meant up abit...

The PeSla

* * *

What Parade?

* * *

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