Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maxwell Dark

Maxwell Dark (On Spinning Reference Frames and Superposition) L. Edgar Otto 05-10-11

If we can imagine, even before Einstein, gravo-electronics as an analog (geometric so true as such intelligibly as analogical reasoning) in gravitation to Maxwell's equations- that a spinning mass has an analog to magnetism which some think may explain momentum transfer out of black holes, and at unity the only difference in the description is one is positive and the other negative unity, then we may extend again this notion into the dark matter and super dark matter realms. Indeed, it vaguely suggests that what is outside the light cone is such imaginary spaces where ultimately rotation and translation may interrelate and be one concept even less than if all were null vectors zero.

Some have said that if the universe as a whole spins, then the idea of dark matter is not needed or vanishes. The question is about mass, and ultimately as an energetic form of things, in relation to the idea of curvature, intrinsic or seemingly null or flat.

Thus, in the dynamics of it all, in the quasic idea of what numerical values to use as binary multiplications and divisions, or of directed paths as if linear solutions in an infinite continuous matrix, braid ideas point the direction, and these are at nodes of resonances that break at some point in the turbulence where fluid continuous things meet the solid discrete. Such may be the case if we consider p-adic numbers, partition numbers where intelligibly applied in string concepts, or of patterns in the numbers themselves, both in general and in the sub-nuclear realms to ground the trees and surface canopies as they effect their superpositions.

An example may be how the various creative or opaque entities organize jets around the supposed center of a black hole, torus phenomena as a field so organizing it in global directions, by other so divided black hole like entities. (See link to Leo's blog in my last post).

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