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Quasics and the New Algorithm for Complex Networks

Quasics and the New Algorithm for Complex Networks
L. Edgar Otto 05-17-11

As far as I can tell from the links above, and the diagrams supplied- this is the same sort of methods which are considerations on this blog as to some fundamental mathematical methods. It is the concern of other bloggers that use ideas of the new physics. We see the quasic diagonal for example, and the simple arrangement of cubes and vectors in four space. I doubt this is new when there are so many other discoveries such as those in music- other than of course the details.

Well, Biowizard- after calling my ideas whacky and banishing me and others to the philosophy part of the chat forum you cant wait to apply this to your research? Well, if you look closely from early on what you expected from that research as merely a chance occurrence of the amino acids will one day have to deal with what I tried to discuss with you when you asked me to join- the applications of the Conway matrix. So, did your experiment every confirm your expectations? What are you doing these days?

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The news today showed a doubling of retiring professors at the local university probably because of the new conservative government in the state of Wisconsin. Across the nation, as now student loans cannot be put into bankruptcy it seems that many students are not going to seek higher education for all it gets them is a rather large burdensome debt and no prospect of jobs. Just as the banks own the houses worth less than what some could sell them for... this is a bad time to try to do art for arts sake or even seek credentials or job training. Now if the veterans will not solve my problem and they acknowledge the impact on my life any attempt to gain such credentials as I talked about here recently is pointless. All that are left now are corporate mercenaries and not patriots and no citizen army.

Foreign students can take the jobs and I can be bumped because of space for drug dealers and those from countries who are not friends of these United States who actually have plotted and done damage to our civilian population. So you can go back to those countries if you have any character or moral backbone- if we educate you and give you work- are you going to abandon your state and people? That strikes me as immoral if character means anything.

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I hand no deep thoughts but some rather uncomfortable insights so basic it could be embarrassing to admit- well, obviously our schools have been going down hill a very long time so it is not all my fault.

It concerns numbers and measurements- distance in particular and how we might be putting over some system too general the laws of the logic of it say for abstract algebra or group theory- the heart of the way we do arithmetic other than the simple count on our abacus and fingers for the simple commerce and check writing.

Some of such abstractions seem to vanish globally if not as in Feynman's simplification of particles be so limited as to hide deeper patterns.

A value and its inverse (where we assert it has an inverse) multiplied is unity.

But is this the case where we divide them? All such roots and divisions will tend toward unity from one set value. But in the process of where this dimensionless and scaleless unity rises on some invariant it seems to approach a pure unity of value as so does its inverse. These must be some sort of abstract algebra concepts.

The problem is nevertheless to figure the weights and distances in something like strings across such unities- even a hierarchy of values of physical constants that are not set to unity.

Thus the nth root of an nth root is not the sum but the product that resolves to the concept of n^2 and so on. Here again the concept of sum and product are somewhere to be one concept or confused.

On the other hand, on such simple concepts whatever their formulation, we have erected some rather fancy and complicated systems of mathematics that seems very far removed from the foundations but not really of more original and new substance.

The metalanguage, if we can call it that, of the metalanguage is abstracted here.

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Perhaps, in the excitement of the physics of the early last century before it bogged down, where the great new idea was the uncertainty principle before other dimensions as in the string theories were taken seriously- before that bogged down- the real problems in objective advancement in the sciences was one of subjectivity- that is a new math where the metalanguage was more important and expected to convey knowledge and learning better with what is more or less a social agenda like the old "New Math" ideas.

Lubos has an interesting post which refers to questions about Einstein and the relation to reality from perhaps a quantum view. Of course he said that he did not believe the moon was not there when he was not looking at it. But in the PDF linked there the quotes concern such subjective things as "spooky action at a distance".

In the first place the experimental proof of such non-locality is based on combinotorics of the turning on of colors of light and that is as far as the theory chooses to go in the explanations- it does not get at the foundations save as a matter of an indifferent tool to organize a probability theory of sorts. Even here it avoids the possible new physics of infinity and singularity in space structure.

That is, unless the experiment is done there are no results- it is in some sort of vague probability space as the interpretation of which Bohr and others have made their case which can be seen as but a matter of philosophy. In other words, if the experiment is not done the color is not chosen and not there to be seen. Physics said to concern itself with just what is seen. The moon is observed then even when we do not perceive it by the implied cold reductions of matter and space as if that replaces the concept of the guarantee of God as observer in the paradoxes of extreme idealism. So, the unnamed God... it is easy to understand that in theory as well as how we limit or see or even influence the experiments, as a subjective thing saying this is what science is and how we can trust its results- that relative to the view of say Lubos- from his perspective and its background some other theories do not exist- in fact, one is hard pressed to even view what some see as experimental evidence. After all, supposedly there is in the eschatology of Christianity a deceptive Messiah or anti-Christ which woos the world with Miracles. Yet what is a miracle that from a scientific view and logical view can be shown to have explanations or may have them such that it only seems magical and not slight of hand by an illusionist? Is the alternative just to keep with blind faith that also denies the artistic sense of what may truly be a miracle- namely life and the universe where at least on earth we can live better with its poetic values?

Lubos knows not what he does, evidently. The rest of us have a hard time believing what we know ourselves. So let us cross the T's and dot the I's and count on the spell checker for some arbitrary symbols to guide our presentations and thinking.

If the prevailing philosophy and religion is the general historical coherence of the traditions and race- these intimate and no longer said to be confused or used so as to play one view against the other in a debate- is it science to deny that perhaps such philosophy and religion strives to survive and endure and so color what we claim as science but it really a deceptively racist view that beats us over the head in the name of diversity and cultural relativism, a democratic philosophy of science?

Or is it objective for we can in the main predict the behavior of such people and species. There is not much room in our universities for both the feminists and the great books of mostly the great Jewish men of science and philosophy. In this plague of post modern shallow relativism the pink is indeed the new black and this diversion really allows in the background more of us to become slaves.

Looks like I will not be safe in the arms of Golda Meyer (at UWM) again, that library where I read at night homeless for so long in the Wisconsin winter while the years slipped away and none of the bureaucrats did the right thing- for we are all guilty or insane, again the gods declaring us mad by the evidence of circumstance while the other inmates who think they are sane abuse and oversee us in the schools and prisons that amount eventually to the same thing.

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So, John Baez article is out in Scientific American (I just googled it and found an interesting comment on primes that led to this website:

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Well, I looked at and found this interesting quantum article:

"Quantum entanglement1, 2 plays a vital role in many quantum-information and communication tasks3. Entangled states of higher-dimensional systems are of great interest owing to the extended possibilities they provide. For example, they enable the realization of new types of quantum information scheme that can offer higher-information-density coding and greater resilience to errors than can be achieved with entangled two-dimensional systems (see ref. 4 and references therein). Closing the detection loophole in Bell test experiments is also more experimentally feasible when higher-dimensional entangled systems are used5. We have measured previously untested correlations between two photons to experimentally demonstrate high-dimensional entangled states. We obtain violations of Bell-type inequalities generalized to d-dimensional systems6 up to d=12. Furthermore, the violations are strong enough to indicate genuine 11-dimensional entanglement. Our experiments use photons entangled in orbital angular momentum7, generated through spontaneous parametric down-conversion8, 9, and manipulated using computer-controlled holograms."

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