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Nessedal (Valley of the Elves)

Nessedal (Valley of the Elves) L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 19/20, 2011

This post is a stretch but that seems to pass fast. For it is but a short lag a the foundations between the myth and the science, the emptiness and the physicality.

Lubos supplied this link yesterday which discusses a paper on what do we expect if we make contact with the aliens:

In this climate post: the general issue of which in terms of hard science or not is my topic of the day- after all like the weather it seems some advanced formulas can be used to predict where there are pockets of crime and that has gone down where the police have used the program.

Today he writes on the consistency of string theory as one of its strengths:

Another blogger wonders if nature chose a code that was not random of all the possible amino acids:

Kea speaks as does Pitkanen of a mathematical program:

These issues (again from my view there is a lot wanting in this sort of geometry in a mere 6 space, and again I am not that worshipful of Witten. Lubos even shows the linear situations as do some of the other bloggers in the context here.

discusses the science of consciousness.

Also my comments to Santeri on his posts I have reconsiders somewhat as to his stance on the nature of transcendental numbers and loops and such- for the issue in an arithmetic and geometrical program is for me now one of uniqueness- and if that is not primes then what other models are there in nature? So the valley of these mythical beings is the spirit of what we may become. Is this remote speculation a matter of science? Is the so called Big Bang not the past but the future that starts the next big bang? Is the universe zero and unity and no concept of absolute negative zones in its arrow at all? Of course for me that place is central and timeless... my myth of Far-rockabye in the Journeys of Olney to the quasar era.

So, Santeri, I brought up the comment that we are well beyond the post modern philosophy of science here. Now Lubos link to the aliens reads very well as something worthy of publishing as science- and yet it really solves nothing or tells us little that the average person may not already have discussed and ran the ideas to the ground or said it was some conspiracy of state power and so on. It does matter if aliens are physically there or not as to shedding light on what we may be and act in out history to come if we survive. The bloggers I link to that discuss the UFO community issues in my opinion are a lot more honest in their contemplations than this fake formal paper, and such honesty culls out or is aware of untruths.

A post modern paper on the other hand can sound very scientific with big words that also tells us a lot of nothing at all, or something that appears surreal that but seems to make sense- after all words are a most relative thing, the waste product of thought and culture, a tool to change or fight for our evolution to come and control it.

Is it not a small step to think that if Penrose is right then it may not be simply a cycle of universes and so on? The next stage may be what some seem to sense, that there is a Heaven to which what we are in the universe so become. And there are ghosts and angels and elves that in the background help direct the world as if the unique and conscious things in it are protected and guided by such airy spirits.

So, is such a paper scientific talking about things beyond the scientific realm or does the creationist and UFO aficionados overstep their bounds by talking about the science outside their reach? In either case the remote remains remote so that the immediate physicality seems all the more unique and real, as do their visible spirits lessens the spirits in the dark that really describe the climate of our minds. Not to push such spirits or gods or not well behaved equations so distant is to undermine our sense of reality and grasp of struggle for our unique being that constantly needs reassurance it is meaningful in this world- or the grace of the beyond may so take the burden of viewing the light that it is real for us.

* * *

Anyway, what is mathematical or scientific in the illustration of notes is the treatment of or counting of the "motives" or in general the z directions and xy directions as if we think of differentials, partial differentials, vector properties and so on... In color space as if these are particles themselves or fields that can connect as at least a partial reality in the random climate change seas of entropy by such logic that also underlies the reality (Otto-Motil statistics) of scientific truth. How these intersect at certain points, much like Pikanen planes that connect or like those purely Euclidean things (with the scalar grounding) assume that we can jump the values of pi in slices of Riemann multiple density of geometric shapes- and yet from some continuous view, there is not observed jump even to the quintics or less than Pythagoras of which the young Riemann asserted was not relevant to the complexity of his system or to observed physics.

* * *

The odd thing is that some of these esoteric considerations really reach and touch some of the people in the coffee shop as if to have them understand or awaken to their own seemingly trapped human condition. Of course it is easier if they say have some knowledge of things like Zen philosophy via marshal arts or some such higher concerns. As I understand it, today on the science mags we have to rewrite what we know say of chromatin - how much do we still not know about such a basic and intimate part of us? For example beyond the scope of zen debate are we more prone to suicide if that is in the family tree? Where does the idea of karma come in or not? Can we escape the history of our own past? Well, if the remote big bang is the future and not the past this is a possibility of sorts. Now in the mags there is an article that says some people figured out or intuitive knew how to beat the lottery with say three of the numbers (now of course those lotteries are "toast" as the article says. And it seems the old debate is there as to what extent of free will or determinism and the responsibility for it of the individual is there. So is all a randomness of some degrees no matter how intricate of chance, synchronicity, coincidence outside the expected norm? Is all determined or ultimately random? Is a person not special as much as they may feel they are unique or is the failed uniqueness something they have to protect to be in a relation to the world? Can it be in the still unintelligible mathematics of it all that the world only makes partial sense (assuming we do not just live in our heads, another core debate of long struggle to understand) that there are only degrees of pseudo-random numbers when it comes down to it.

So mixing red and blue marbles half of each in a pail by stirring theme around left handed with a stick, the reverse right handed does not but can order them separate again- this is basic- yet on the average they are never really totally separated into randomness.

What can I say but have new thoughts like being aware and more intimate of forgotten things in the perhaps welcome oblivion of life as I have lived it- the living that keeps fears away that life is possible- that I renew contact with things as simple as how muscles and digestion work, how the feel of my hand upon my wrist is a miracle that tells me something of the unmasked and unhidden physicality of my being and more- that in the ongoing awareness and not the memory we can appreciate and should the depth and value of the touching and touch of others taken so for-granted in the living it and the desire of it as if we by chance want to drink of the fog.

We still crave the recognition at a distance, groupies to those we otherwise would avoid and now join the crowd crossing the street to bask or be a special part of their fame- bragging rights maybe, a learning maybe, a seeking of the wiser one. But I had he singular thought today that what would I feel if after so much wisdom say if I had mastered the paths and credentials in a physics or biology career that the world has changed, no one has the answers today, and that all I would have learned was wrong. Yet, in many ways it is good to clean the chalkboard and start again.

* * *

Why after all of this do I remain so optimistic for our futures? If we imagine an eternity of darkness before us most unconcerned yet do so for an eternity of darkness after us, how much more the distance of our sense of well-being if there is no such past darkness or if it is it is intimate every moment so as to be invisible and innocuous- all that we measure is just everlasting and only partially stable and unique in its own day. Yet, I know that such questions of ends and origins have little to do from some higher perspective with our ideas of futures and past.

* * *
Memo: posted Aug.21

Automatic e-mail reply from Princeton saying "out of the office until Monday" and an emergency contact number...

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