Friday, August 19, 2011

Seven of Nine Theory

Seven of Nine Theory L. Edgar Otto Aug.18,19, 2011

Just a restatement of the color cubes in triads 9 in point like and 6 in string like complimentary spaces. Imagine trying to color a set of 15 jack stones and having to choose of three times as many sets of four colors and all the inverses. This cost and practical problem in my actually buying and painting jack stones long ago was the inspiration for these types of what I think are "motivation" orientations, if that is the term. Of course the real interest into three space from four space would be worth the extension of our cubes and matrices.

Another realization (and Hey galatomic, what do you make of Penrose seeing the Big Bang as the future for a new cycle of the universe? You and I did always debate on what direction up or down in the depth was the past or future.) Is that the E8 type structures apply as the same pattern or group of things- but it is only quasi-homowhatsit, I mean that the pattern is universal does not mean it cannot be found over a range of dimensions, 2 3 4 and so on of which the context it generates is a vastly different world as far as how we interpret particles and things as physicality. In a sense some of these ideas may remind those who look for an explanation as in gluon or group theory color will see some of these things in this almost too trivial counting of objects in latices and representations of space. Look a little deeper!

The problem remains for the triple alphabetical listing of the 15 or 30 cubes which in a sense describes a fractal like curve in the higher spaces and matrices of which of course here we need a triality of them to fill the space at infinity.

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Another comment to the TGD blog:

ThePeSla said...


I think we are well beyond the post modern philosophy of science here.

You are welcome to explore with us.

If you want poetry as such see my otherwise

See what happens when you say looped in the holodeck, "Computer, End Program."


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I sent an email to Charlene at Princeton to suggest if Conway is still there to nominate Kea so as to aid her work.

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